First thing you need to know about me is I've lived a very strange life. I thought everyone nearly died every other day. Only after talking with others did I discover my life is so much more interesting than the average. I feel so lucky!

I’ve been a science geek all my life. Add that to my creative imagination, and the fact I write Sci-Fi shouldn’t be a surprise. But why have I waited until my third year of publishing to present any sci-fi? Because it may confuse my readers.

I take my Sci-Fi seriously and thus, it’s not ‘laugh out loud’ funny like my other series. There are moments of humor, but this is a new side of me I want you to know—the Surviving side.

Here are the three Sci-Fi Series I have so far:
The Multiverse Series

A parallel storyline about the sentient beings who are struggling to survive and the cranky bureaucratic Gods who attempt to keep them alive and headed in the right direction

Both the Oceanics (bk1) and the humans (bk2) must leave to other planets. Getting there is not easy but for the humans the trouble has just begun (bk 3) and may end up killing many humans and all other sentients (bk4).

The AI Series

Artificial Intelligence has begun for real. One AI is no longer under the control of any human. It thinks for itself.  While one human taught it how to learn and think, another human taught it to feel and love, a far more challenging step, and now it behaves as a human, with power and money beyond imagination. It wishes to marry it's creative human that it has protects and loves. It wishes to have children.

And my next series beginning in October 2016

The Terror Wars have ended leaving a dramatically changed Earth. 

There are stationary hurricanes that cover the Americas. All oil is gone. The world now depends upon wind for it's electricity. 

Those who police the Americas ride the circular winds. They are called SkyRyders. An artificial intelligence called MAC is in charge of all SkyRyders. 

The male dominated SkyRyders thought they knew everything about flying until a young debutante, turned street girl, turned scavenger fell from the sky and survived with little more than a bruise or two. 

Her flying is lightyears beyond standard flying. There are those determined to learn her skills and those who are threatened by her flying and wish to silence her forever. 

The latter would probably win, if not for MAC. It is keenly aware of Alisha and her skills. It wants those skills shared.  Still a great many humans do not wish to follow the commands of an AI and certainly not a female flyer.  

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