The God of Probabilities Blog Tour

The Gods

Blog Tour

Meet the Gods:

July 1
Zousan & Athena

Meet the Gods
Lucifer & Medusana

July 2
Meet the God 

July 2
A Godly Review
Devika Fernando

July 3

Meet Goddess Athena
Tara Quinn

July 4
Meet the God Second
Home Base

July  6-12 SFRBrigade Bloghop
Meet Marybell the sentient computer
 who serves you food
Home Base

July 7th
Time in Space?
Jessica Subject's Blog

July 8th
Reality vs Mythology
KM Fawcett

July 10th
Meet the Half-God Pane and his girlfriend
Maria Hammarblad

July 12th
Daryl Devore

My Sentient Dog

July 13th
AmyBeth Inverness

July 14th
Should aliens look like us?

July 15th
Meet the Oceanics
Liana Brooks

July 17th
Meet Athena the artist
Aurora Springer

July 20th
Possibilities for the Black Hole
Patty Hammond

July 24th
Pluto High Five &
Upcoming news on Multiverse Series

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