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Michelle Browne's Underlighters is FREE Oct 29 to Oct 31

Michelle Browne's book the Underlighters is free at the exact time this blog will remain up. So naturally I gave her the slot.

Space Rep:  I like the price, but what's the book about?

The Underlighters

Nightmares are bleeding into her waking world. Children are going missing. To save them, she must overcome her wreck of a personal life and a closet full of skeletons. She doesn’t know if the horrors in the shadows are real...or if she is going mad. 

18-year-old Janelle Cohen is an electrician in an underground city. The world above has been swal-lowed by mind-destroying Dust. Her small life changes forever when a dragon attacks her on the way home from work. 

Her friends worry that she has the Fever, Dust-induced insanity. As more monsters strike down citizens, they change their minds. A terrifying trip to the surface of the world, the ancient and abandoned Up, deepens the nightmare. With no world left above, she and the other Crows cannot afford to fail… 

Space Rep: I've interviewed a few readers to tell me what they think about it.

5 stars: “…You will be rewarded with a dive into the depths of imagination that may leave you questioning, breathless and inspired.” –www.TracingTheStars.com

5 stars: “… Engaging, ground breaking prose that is not afraid to test the reader’s boundaries. “—Sara Celi

5 stars: “…A wonderful read that is full of life, nightmares, fear, and dreams.” –Casey Peeler

Space Rep: That does sound interesting. Any idea where we can snare it?

Liza: Where do you think?

Space Rep: Oh yeah, Amazon.

Here's the Buy Link

Liza: You're a big help Space Rep. I really appreciate your help.

Space Rep: *Falls to floor in faint*

Liza: That's it. I'm never complimenting the fellow again. Well, go snag the book while you can. It's only free between October 29-31.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Space captchas

There are some highly annoying things that will never go away. One is the dreaded indecipherable, 'prove you are not a robot'  captchas.
Impossible, you say. Captchas will evolve into something easier. Seriously, when have things ever gotten easier?

No, the need to protect sites from spambots will result in ever difficult gatekeepers and more serious repercussions for those that fail

I'm in my junkheap spaceship and space dust has mucked up my main hard-drive so I had to replace it. Only the new hard ass hard drive comes with stricter, Life Endangering Captcha that hates robots.

Only I love robots, from the little guy who keeps the space dust off the floor to adorable David who reads to me in the evening.

But because some robots have a compulsion to sell you stuff, or give you viruses, the maker of my new hard drive has decided all robots must die.

And if a few humans die in the process...well it's not like we are an endangered species. So who cares.

So let's look at the captcha again- up close this time.
Okay, I can see the number in this one, but I've two problems remaining. First, I have to type correctly. According to my writing robot, I have never typed a page without errors...ever.  But this is only one notaword. My robot says I have a 48% chance of typing it correctly.

49% perscent?  Opps, I meant type 48 percent. I want to argue with my robot, but I fear it's correct.

But if I type one letter at a time and edit I could still live, right?

Okay, here we go:
410 aste...
crap, what are the last two letters?
Is it an h or a b?
And the last one, what the F*#$ is that? Is it an O with a twig in it's head, an upside down Q or the letter d?

The robot thinks it's a d, but this program is design to trick and kill robots, so if David the robot thinks it's a d, then maybe I should go for the O. 

But I could die if I'm wrong. Let me ask for it to speak the code.

Captcha voice: ferten aaaaahseeeeeewechahua

Okay, that sounds like a my rumba when Jess sits on it. I still have no idea.

I'm going with O. How bad can the shock be?


Rumba: bump bump bump *Human wake up, no smoking on my floor*

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Veronica Scott shares her Trailer fo Escape from Zulaire

Thanks for having me as your guest again, Liza! Today I’m back to show off my book trailer for ESCAPE FROM ZULAIRE, my latest best selling science fiction romance, and to talk a bit about how this mini movie got made.
I'm always thrilled to have a new book trailer to debut and it's such fun to work with the awesomely talented (and patient) Theresa McClinton of Making It Reel. There’s an ongoing debate among authors whether book trailers really are good promo, whether Readers are influenced by them…and I’d love feedback in the comments, if anyone would like to offer an opinion. Personally, I enjoy having a trailer since it may be the closest I ever get to having a “movie” made from my book! I treat myself to a trailer, you might say…and of course, it could always be the one that goes viral. You never know LOL!
First I give Theresa the book cover art, the blurb and any really quotable reviews there might be. Then we start by selecting the music - she sends me a set of suggestions, which I dutifully listen to and make notes about. Last time I got brave and went questing on the soundtrack site for a few more choices (fast tempo, drums - that's me LOL). Ultimately we went with her top choice but bookmarked my favorite for possible use on our next SFR trailer. It just wasn't quite the right "feel" for ESCAPE.
Then it's on to the images and video clips. She and I go back and forth on the stock photos as she has excellent instincts for what might work but ultimately it's my book and my characters and we authors are funny about the little worlds we create. (Which Theresa totally gets as she is an author herself
For ESCAPE FROM ZULAIRE, the requirements included the far future, an alien planet and some alien sentients. Without a Star Trek or Star Wars-sized budget, I think Theresa was quite artistic in choosing the photos that made the final shoot. There is a whitewater rafting incident in the novel and my characters do visit a monastery high in the mountains seeking help along the way, so we could use some Earthly photos to suggest the feel of those episodes on Zulaire. After all, Zulaire has to be quite Earthlike for my characters to survive without life support or spacesuits.
Luckily for us, the female cover model had other poses available we could use in the video but the hero, much as we both liked him, as far as we can tell, took all of nine photos in one session, once, and that was it. So we had something of a challenge in assembling a video that told the story effectively in about two minutes, using stock photos of the original book cover art models.
Once Theresa has assembled a rough cut of the video she sends it to me to review. First I'll watch the trailer two or three times without analyzing or commenting, just to get an overall sense for the feel of it, does it convey the feel of the book to me, are any elements standing out - good or bad - on repeated viewings? I make detailed notes for her, with the exact spot in the video that is affected, down to the second. Some elements are only a few seconds long but they all add up to the final product.  Sometimes I want the wording changed a bit and sometimes I'm not resonating with a particular photo or video clip.
I hope you'll enjoy our mini movie (and the book of course, which so far has spent nearly two months on the Amazon Science Fiction Romance Best Seller lists...)

Available on AMAZON for kindle and as POD paperback   Nook  Kobo All Romance eBooks   and iTunes     Smashwords  Xin Xii

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Liza O'Connor interviews the book: Shadow of a Man by Maria Hammarblad

Today, we have a beautiful book to interview: Shadow of a Man by Maria Hammarblad.

Space Rep: I love Maria Hammarblad. Why didn't you invite her over?

Liza: Because last time she was so forthcoming with dopey things about her life that Breaking News up and quit on me. So I asked her to send over her book instead.
And here it is. *opens door and finds cup of green liquid.*  Or Not.

Space Rep: Sorry, I was heating my tea. *flips switch* Ready for transport.

Book: That transport took forever. I hope my words reassembled correctly.

Liza: So do I. Maria hates typos.

Book: How would you know that? I have studied all communications between you and Maria and none of them discussed typos.

Liza: Because she is an author. And all authors universally hate typos.

Book: That makes sense. I understand you especially are challenged by typos and cannot correctly spell names longer than four letters.

Liza: Sad but true.

Book: Then you may call me Shadow.

Liza: Okay, I may have typing issues, but you my beautiful friend, have a counting problem.

Shadow: Nonetheless, it's what I wish to be called.

Liza: Since you are so beautiful, I'll give in. So tell me about yourself.

Shadow: My story takes place on an old and decrepit station called Borealis. There might be a place my heroine, Theresa, fears more, but she can't think of one.

Liza: Since I expect she'd remember if there was a scarier place, I'm concluding this is the scariest place in the universe.

Shadow: You could be right. The place houses all sorts of cruelty. It's also where her husband Dominic was imprisoned, drugged, and tortured. 

Liza: Is he okay now?

Shadow: No. He returned a mere shadow of his old self, scarred by abuse and suffering from the Uudon withdrawal.

Liza: Is that the drug the used on him?

Shadow: Yes. 
Uudon is developed by the Trans Planetary Protectorate to keep people obedient. It is extremely addictive, can be distributed in food and water, and most people who have been subjected to it have a very short life expectancy 

Liza: Well, that's in the past and they can get beyond it, now, right?

Shadow: I fear not. They must return. 
Dominic claims he has some form of business there, and in his current state of mind I don't think he cares too much what will happen. Between you and me, his mind isn't what it should be. 

Liza: I imagine Borealis is the last place Theresa wants to go.

Shadow: It is, but the one place she can’t escape. Dominic said they're going to Borealis, so they're going to Borealis.

Liza: So tell me about her husband.

Shadow:  He has turned into a womanizing monster, and will destroy anyone who gets in his way. I don't think even his mistress is safe. 

Liza: Sounds rather like my ex. Can we kill him off and get a better hero?

Shadow: There is Geo--

Liza: Tell me about him.

Shadow: He's her faithful and all too handsome bodyguard. 

Liza: Sounds promising. Anyone else?

Shadow: Sadly, he appears to be the only one on her side. 

Liza: Geo it is then. Tell me more about him.

Shadow: He once helped rescue Dominic by creating an insurrection at the station. As a result, he now spends his life on the run from dangerous enemies. 

Liza: Well, he sounds like an excellent hero. Not everyone can manage an insurrection. 

Shadow: True, but this might be a situation not even he can handle.

Liza: What does Theresa think?

Shadow: She fears none of them will make it out alive.

Liza: Well, I hope she's wrong about her and Geo, however, I'm willing to sacrifice Dominic, book unread. 

Space Rep: That's not fair. We have to read the book first. Like right now.

Liza: May we peek beneath your covers?

Shadow: Of course.

"I wish we weren't going to Borealis."

"Trust me, you're not the only one."


Captain Geo rarely answered when she spoke, even if he was right next to her.

Sometimes she forgot what his voice sounded like.

Why is he standing guard inside the room anyway? He's usually on the other side of the door. Oh well, maybe he needs company too.

Theresa turned to meet his eyes and lifted an eyebrow.

"Did something happen to you there?"

He stood right beside the door with his feet apart and his hands tucked behind his back, looking authoritative and unafraid.

"Something happens to everyone who sets foot there. You too. Am I correct?"

This time all willpower in the world couldn't suppress the shudder. How could she be so fearful of a place she'd never seen? Telling herself Borealis was built and inhabited by humans didn't help one bit. She still considered it one of the lower levels of Tartarus where souls were tortured until the end of times.

"You know. You helped get him out."

He nodded, but didn't have time to answer; his radio crackled to life. She couldn't quite make out the mumbling voice on the other side, but it didn't matter.

It wasn't for her.

It was never for her.


Geo's voice right next to her made her jump. His chiseled face was almost within kissing distance. How could he be so quiet and still move so quickly?

"I need your assistance."

The mere words made her feel fatigued.

"Oh no. What did he do?"

"He's setting fires on the cargo deck, ma'am. Fire will deplete our air supply."

Liza: If that's Dominique setting the fires, I say toss him out into space immediately.  Peep Rep: find the buy link for this fabulous book.

Space Rep: Yes!  Found it!

Liza: Well done, Space Rep. 

Space Rep: I peeked at another excerpt. They didn't follow your advice.

Liza: No one ever does. Heroes and heroines would have a much easier time if they'd only listen to me.

Space Rep: Why would they think that? Your characters are in constant trouble.

Liza: That's because they don't listen to me either. 

Shadow: May I leave now? I don't seem needed for this conversation.

Liza: Sorry, no. First, I want you to give me down-low on Maria. And then settle in. We're keeping you for three days. We'll want to read more excerpts.

Shadow: How many more?

Liza: From start to finish, I imagine, but first give us the scoop on Maria.

Originally born in Sweden, Maria moved to Florida late 2008, where she now lives with her husband Mike and their rescue dogs. She is most known for writing science fiction romance, but also produces contemporary romance novels and screenplays. Maria's main interest besides writing is playing bass.

Liza: You failed to mention her destroying a car-wash at all!

Shadow: She didn't destroy it entirely. They had it fixed a few months later, and I think its best forgotten entirely.

Liza: Clearly Shadow is not Space Investigator, so to find out more about Maria, check here:

Maria's links for legal stalking
Website   Blog     Facebook    Twitter

And those of you who have fingers that can type, leave a message. Authors love comments. We live a very solitary life, just us and our imaginary characters...

Friday, October 11, 2013



As the future becomes our present some things won’t change.
There will always be someone looking to make a buck with a scam.
I recently received a PRIVATE CALLER,  who, based on the background noise, called from a boiler room. He claimed he was from Microsoft and I had recently downloaded several serious and dangerous viruses which I needed to remove at once.
I had already heard of this scam and the hell one of my friend’s husband put the scammers through before they realized the guy was on to them. I wanted to play with them too, only I was behind schedule and didn’t have time, so instead I said, “Sorry, I don’t have time to play with you right now. You need to call someone else,” and hung up the phone.
Today I have time, but they won’t call back and I don’t have their number since it was a private number. Sigh!
But I don’t need them. I’m an author. I can make up my own scenario of our conversation.  I can even put it in the future and have them call my junker space ship.

So here is my version of Microsoft is calling to fix a problem you didn’t even know you had. All you have to do is give the caller complete control of your computer…or in this case, the ship.

Beep Beep……Beep Beep
Liza: *taps her ear piece*  Junker Heap One.
Mechanically Disguised Voice (MDV): Sir, I am from Virgin Atlantis. We have discovered you have transported onto your ship seven deadly sinister assassins.
Liza: Seven? Wow? Did the six people who don’t think Worst Week Ever is funny send them?
MDV: We don’t know who sent them. However, you need to give us control of your ship at once so we can discover and destroy them. Drop privacy shields and provide all your access codes at once. Your life depends upon it.
Liza: My life? Wait, I only have 6 hate reviews. Does this mean I have a 7th but that person decided not to write a review, but to go directly to the Kill Liza solution?  Killing me seems a bit extreme just because they didn’t like my humor and thus took my books seriously.  I think I better negotiate with the assassins, offer them a copy of Worst Week Ever. With luck they’ll be laughing so hard I can convert them to my side of the battle between serious and funny.
MDV: No sir, you must stay where you are and let us handle them. We are experts. Any attempts you make will only make the assassins angrier. They are blood thirsty murderers, who do not like humor.
Liza: Are you certain? I’ve known a couple of psychopaths and they seemed to like my humor. Although, now that I think of it, their laughs were creepy.
MDV: Sir, the assassins have located your position in the ship. Give us your codes now.
Liza: Okay, here’s my code: U R SCAMMERS N I AM PLAYING U.
MDV: It didn’t work. Try again.
Liza: Maybe it’s this one: I AM NOT A SIR N U R NOT VIRGIN ATLANTIS.
MDV: Not working. Go to your Primary data base…
Liza: Too late! They’re here. No, don’t! Stop! Someone help me! Oh the inhumanity of being pelted with digital books.

Liza: Sorry that’s my lunch. I can’t play any longer, but it was lots of fun. Call back anytime.

Playing with spammers never gets old.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Liza O kidnaps Jessica Subject

Today, I've space-napped an author. Guess who it is?

Space Rep: Englebert Humperdink?

Liza: Gads no! I said an author!

Space Rep: Can you give me a hint, because I think there's over a million authors now.

Liza: This author writes contemporary and sci-fi romance, ranging from sweet to erotica.

Space Rep: You've kidnapped yourself.

Liza: No, this is an author who has written about clones, sexy aliens, and now Santa Claus.

Space Rep: Hmmmmmm

Liza: And she lives in Canada, and is actually an 

Liza: Darn it, she bleeped out the word.

Space Rep: There's only one person who can do that. It's Jessica Subject!

Liza: Well done Space Rep. Let's welcome Jessica Subject to my junker ship.

Jessica: Liza, I was in the middle of cooking dinner for my family.

Liza: Sorry, but I want to know about your Hey Santa book.

Jessica: And you thought the best way to find out was to space-nap me while I was cooking dinner?

Liza: Yeah...but you cloned Trent's butler, he should be able to finish making dinner.

Jessica: He runs the ship like an army captain. My kids are terrified of him.

Liza: Trauma is good for them. It makes them better writers. Now let's discuss this upgraded model of Santa. From the cover he looks too hot and muscular. What happened?

Jessica: I like to improve things. Seriously, which would you rather kiss, the old stuffed drunk guy sitting at the local store or my Santa?

Liza: Point taken. So tell me about your Santa.
Hey, Santa
An Alien for the Holidays story
By Jessica E. Subject

Erotic Sci-Fi Romance

She doesn’t want a lot for Christmas…

Claire Otton dreads spending another holiday alone. When her best friend convinces her to approach the sexy mall Santa, she takes the chance and asks him out, hoping for so much more.

He’s waiting under the mistletoe…

Although Andreas Castellanos blends in on Earth, he knows he will never belong. But when the gorgeous woman he’d been staring at invites him to dinner, he has a hard time saying no.

All they’re asking for…

Can these two lonely souls find magic together or will their secrets steal their chance of a happy Christmas?

Liza: Don't ask me, I haven't read it. But since you wrote it, I'm guessing yes they can.

Jessica: Great! Can I return to my spaceship now?

Liza: Nope. I'm keeping you three days.  Space Rep. Where are the buy links?

Space Rep: Found them.

Available From:
Amazon US | Canada | UK | more

Space Rep: I also found giveaway info.

Giveaway information: 
Enter the rafflecopter draw for your chance to WIN 1 of 4 alien romances from Jessica E. Subject’s back list. The titles areCelestial SeductionSatin Sheets in SpaceCrash Landing, or Alien Lover. Winner will be drawn October 12, at the end of the Hey, Santa tour. No purchase necessary. Must be 18 or older to enter. Contest is international.

Liza: Jessica you have to say something nice about my latest book, Oh Stupid Heart.

Jessica: It's a humorous disaster romance that I 82% love and 18% don't like at all. 
I mean, nobody likes when the ex-fiance comes back in the picture. And as always, your sense of humor shines through.

Liza: Thank you. I guess I better warm up the transporter so it'll be ready when your time is up. Thanks so much for stopping by.

Jessica: I didn't stop by. You space-napped me.

Liza: Potatoes, tomatoes.

Jessica: That's not even the right saying.

Liza: Oh dear, I think your supper followed you to my ship.

Jessica: That's not supper, that my guard bunny, Hop. 

Hop: Return my pet Jessica at once or I will thump you unconscious with my powerful back legs. I also have long teeth, so don't mess with me or mine Pirate Liza.

Liza: Darn it! I left my dog Jess back on Earth. Okay, Hop, I'll let Jessica go if you promise not to harm me in any way.

Hop: Deal. Shake on it.

Liza: *shakes hand with Hop*

Hop: Release my pet already!

Liza: I can't until 3 days have passed. But you can hang around until then. I'm sure she'll appreciate the company.

Hop: But you promised to release her!

Space Rep: And you failed to lock her into a time. You got swindled by the master, Hop. Take it like a bunny and hop on.

Liza: Peeps, Jessica loves to hear from her readers. You can find her at jessicasubject.com and on twitter @jsubject. So stalk away.

Peeps, leave a message, otherwise poor Jessica will only have a talking bunny with an ego to talk to for three long days. She deserves better, truly she does.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Liza O Interview the book Tracing the Stars by CE Kilgore.

Today, I'm interviewing the book Tracing the Stars by C.E. Kilgore.

Space Rep: That cover reminds me of something...

Liza: Yes, a painting I did. 

Space Rep: No...I was thinking of the chapel ceiling that Siloconians stole from Earth.

Liza: Yeah, I never understood why they didn't go after my painting. Now this book needs to worry as well.

Space Rep: Where is the book?

Liza: It should be arriving in the Transporter any moment.

Liza: Oh, here it is.
*Opens door and growls*  Space Rep, why is there a cup of your favorite tea in my transporter.

Space Rep: I've improved it. Now it not only transports, but it heats stuff too.

Liza: Space Rep did you cook Tracing the Stars?

Space Rep: *Removes hot cup of tea, flips a switch and bangs on the side panel. 5.13 seconds later, a book arrives.*

Liza *opens the door* Tracing the Stars, are you all right?

Book: No...I was lying beside my author one moment and the next I'm in some god-awful junk heap talking to a mangy ape.

Space Rep: Word to the wise. Don't call her an ape. Earthlings are not proud of their ancestors.

Liza: Nor am I mangy. 

Space Rep: That's true. The humans wore their hair off by constantly putting on and taking off clothes. 

Book: I apologize non-mangy ape. 

Liza: Call me Liza, and I'll call you Trace.

Book: Is Tracing the Stars too many words for you to retain?

Liza: Yes. Now sit down and tell me about yourself.

Trace: Hankarron Eros has loved Tara since she had pigtails, but his fear of losing the strength and support that their friendship provides leads him to keep his heart's desires locked away. When the truth about his family is exposed and leaves him grasping to hold onto his ship, his crew and his sanity, words are spoken that can't be taken back and the presence he had grown so used to having at a convenient reach is gone.

Liza: That happens all the time. People think they have time to wait for love, but life is most uncertain. So what's Tara's perspective of how things went down?

Trace: Tara Flint has never denied her heart's attraction to the floppy-haired, brown-eyed Hankarron, even if he can be a stupid limik sometimes. Her strong will falters as she is forced to decide between a promise she made to her father, a boy she has loved since she had pigtails and the possibility of finding out what her life might be like without the presence of Hankarron always by her side.

Liza: What's this fetish over pigtails. Is it required for your characters to fall in love?

Trace: No. It is a gentle reference to their pre-teen years. 

Liza: Okay, but just so you know, humans have invented time clocks, so we rarely show up a half past a pig tail.

Trace: Let me continue. When you get knocked down--

Liza: Hold on! Are you threatening me?

Trace: No. I am trying to tell you about another character.

Liza: Oh...my bad, proceed.

Trace: *Pages flutter* As I was saying:
When you get knocked down, you get back up and hit the other guy harder. Trip 'Wild Fists' Weston is a Runata'ji combat fighter at the top of his career with a fame and fortune he doesn't want and a Lucky Clover tattooed across his heart to remind him of the girl who is always just out of reach. When Tara's luck lands her in his lap without Hankarron on her heels, Trip wonders if this is his chance to capture his Clover, or if Tara's luck has other ideas in mind. Fate doesn't always give you want you want, but it will always give you what you need.

Liza: He sounds like trouble. Do you have anyone who can keep him in line?

Trace: Jennadri Szina doesn't have time for matters of the heart or trying to get two wayward agents back on track. She's got a mission to run, a Director who is dying and a mother who isn't easy to impress. When Jehdra sends her to save Hank and Tara, Jen takes her mother's mission on at full speed, but she isn't prepared to manage 'Wild Fists' Weston and his damn dimple.

Liza: Sounds like love trouble to me. 

Trace: They say that the stories of our time will one day be traced into the stars to help guide others home. Fate strings intertwine with skipping stones across the stars of the universe, pulling it forward and writing new lines in the night sky as the Corwint Central Agent saga continues to lead Ethan, Orynn and Jarren towards a collision that holds the power to change everything.

Liza: Hold on, you just introduced three important characters not mentioned before. However, I did interview the first book. If you don't know who these peeps are, check out my prior interview. The captain that wants to kill Orynn is Jarren.

Now, will you let us peek beneath your covers?

Trace: No drooling, dog earring, or bind breaking.

Liza: I promise.

Excerpt from Tracing The Stars – Chapter 1

Ethan is struggling not to run off in search of Orynn

Ethan’s eyebrow quirked upwards at that last statement. “What do you mean, ‘Hank and Tara are taken’?”
“I’ve got another angle I want those two to work.” Jehdra leaned back in her chair. “The Xen’dari might be tight-lipped about the location of Jarren’s estate, but I have a feeling not everyone is able to keep quiet when given the right incentives. I’m going to have Hank start putting some pressure on his local contacts and see where that leads. Even if Jarsen is able to locate the property, we’ll need a viable way in and some intel on what to expect. We also need to figure out what the fuck is going on at Central. My sources are dwindling, so I need to create some new ones.”

Ethan’s eyebrow lowered into a small scowl as Jehdra looked at him. “I’m not going to Central, Jehdra. I’m getting on the first ship leaving Corwint and heading for Lorentia Eteri.”

“Think for a damn second, Ethan.” Jehdra returned his stubborn scowl. “A Mecha can’t just waltz into Xen’dari territory. Besides, I won’t have you rush in there in your current state and blow the whole damn thing.”

“My current state?”

“You’re unstable.” She leaned forward. “It’s only been four weeks since you figured out how half of those emotions you’re feeling right now work, and she’s your wife. You know as well as I do that, in your current state of mind, the moment you catch even a tiny wind of Jarren or Orynn, you’ll run after them. There is too much at stake in this. I can’t have you near Eteri until you calm down and refocus. So yes, I’m sending you to Central. You’re the only one who can do this for me.”

His fists clenched at his sides as the truth of her words stung against the place in his core where his heart would be. It was a constant struggle to contain all of the emotions he was trying to process, and he knew he’d take any opportunity that presented itself to kill Jarren. “I thought we agreed that you’re not a Director anymore.”

“I’m not, but I’m still your friend.” Her expression softened. “I want her back, too, but more than anything I want her back safely. I’m asking you to trust me, Ethan, and I’m asking you to be patient, as a friend.”

Liza: Thank you for stopping by to share the third novel in this fabulous space opera. Space Rep, find me the buy link!

Space Rep: Found it and a links to get the first book free AND the rafflecopter code too.

Book Links for book 3:

Free Book 1:

Liza: Well done, Space Rep! I give you permission to go buy the whole series. 

Space Rep: But I don't have to buy book one, it's free!

Liza: I know that. Just go download the whole series while I'm still pleased with your excellent work. 
So Trace, is there anything else you would like talk about.

Trace: Yes, I would like to discuss my fabulous author: C.E. Kilgore.

C.E. Kilgore (1981 - ) has always had a love of romantic stories and science fiction. Although active in the writing community during her undergraduate studies, she chose to focus on her love of history and culture. Graduating with an HBA in History and a BA in Cultural Anthropology, she puts a deep emphasis on creating characters and environments within her writing that are full of both culture and history. The relationship development between characters and the worlds they live in is also an important aspect of her stories. Sarcasm, comedy, hidden "modern" references and subtle hints at underlined universal meanings are common within her writing style, but there is always plenty of action and a darker side lurking just around the corner.

Liza: So what you're saying is C.E.Kilgore's got it all.

Trace: Yes and she's got links too.

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Liza: Well done Trace. We're going to keep you 3 days.

Trace: No one told me that.

Liza: I want to make sure Space Rep hasn't mucked up the Transporter before I send you back.

Trace: In that case, I'll be patient.

Liza: Thanks. Peeps, Leave a message! Authors like that. And Trace has nothing to do but read your comments for three days.