Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Michelle Browne's Underlighters is FREE Oct 29 to Oct 31

Michelle Browne's book the Underlighters is free at the exact time this blog will remain up. So naturally I gave her the slot.

Space Rep:  I like the price, but what's the book about?

The Underlighters

Nightmares are bleeding into her waking world. Children are going missing. To save them, she must overcome her wreck of a personal life and a closet full of skeletons. She doesn’t know if the horrors in the shadows are real...or if she is going mad. 

18-year-old Janelle Cohen is an electrician in an underground city. The world above has been swal-lowed by mind-destroying Dust. Her small life changes forever when a dragon attacks her on the way home from work. 

Her friends worry that she has the Fever, Dust-induced insanity. As more monsters strike down citizens, they change their minds. A terrifying trip to the surface of the world, the ancient and abandoned Up, deepens the nightmare. With no world left above, she and the other Crows cannot afford to fail… 

Space Rep: I've interviewed a few readers to tell me what they think about it.

5 stars: “…You will be rewarded with a dive into the depths of imagination that may leave you questioning, breathless and inspired.” –www.TracingTheStars.com

5 stars: “… Engaging, ground breaking prose that is not afraid to test the reader’s boundaries. “—Sara Celi

5 stars: “…A wonderful read that is full of life, nightmares, fear, and dreams.” –Casey Peeler

Space Rep: That does sound interesting. Any idea where we can snare it?

Liza: Where do you think?

Space Rep: Oh yeah, Amazon.

Here's the Buy Link

Liza: You're a big help Space Rep. I really appreciate your help.

Space Rep: *Falls to floor in faint*

Liza: That's it. I'm never complimenting the fellow again. Well, go snag the book while you can. It's only free between October 29-31.

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