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Liza O Interview the book Tracing the Stars by CE Kilgore.

Today, I'm interviewing the book Tracing the Stars by C.E. Kilgore.

Space Rep: That cover reminds me of something...

Liza: Yes, a painting I did. 

Space Rep: No...I was thinking of the chapel ceiling that Siloconians stole from Earth.

Liza: Yeah, I never understood why they didn't go after my painting. Now this book needs to worry as well.

Space Rep: Where is the book?

Liza: It should be arriving in the Transporter any moment.

Liza: Oh, here it is.
*Opens door and growls*  Space Rep, why is there a cup of your favorite tea in my transporter.

Space Rep: I've improved it. Now it not only transports, but it heats stuff too.

Liza: Space Rep did you cook Tracing the Stars?

Space Rep: *Removes hot cup of tea, flips a switch and bangs on the side panel. 5.13 seconds later, a book arrives.*

Liza *opens the door* Tracing the Stars, are you all right?

Book: No...I was lying beside my author one moment and the next I'm in some god-awful junk heap talking to a mangy ape.

Space Rep: Word to the wise. Don't call her an ape. Earthlings are not proud of their ancestors.

Liza: Nor am I mangy. 

Space Rep: That's true. The humans wore their hair off by constantly putting on and taking off clothes. 

Book: I apologize non-mangy ape. 

Liza: Call me Liza, and I'll call you Trace.

Book: Is Tracing the Stars too many words for you to retain?

Liza: Yes. Now sit down and tell me about yourself.

Trace: Hankarron Eros has loved Tara since she had pigtails, but his fear of losing the strength and support that their friendship provides leads him to keep his heart's desires locked away. When the truth about his family is exposed and leaves him grasping to hold onto his ship, his crew and his sanity, words are spoken that can't be taken back and the presence he had grown so used to having at a convenient reach is gone.

Liza: That happens all the time. People think they have time to wait for love, but life is most uncertain. So what's Tara's perspective of how things went down?

Trace: Tara Flint has never denied her heart's attraction to the floppy-haired, brown-eyed Hankarron, even if he can be a stupid limik sometimes. Her strong will falters as she is forced to decide between a promise she made to her father, a boy she has loved since she had pigtails and the possibility of finding out what her life might be like without the presence of Hankarron always by her side.

Liza: What's this fetish over pigtails. Is it required for your characters to fall in love?

Trace: No. It is a gentle reference to their pre-teen years. 

Liza: Okay, but just so you know, humans have invented time clocks, so we rarely show up a half past a pig tail.

Trace: Let me continue. When you get knocked down--

Liza: Hold on! Are you threatening me?

Trace: No. I am trying to tell you about another character.

Liza: bad, proceed.

Trace: *Pages flutter* As I was saying:
When you get knocked down, you get back up and hit the other guy harder. Trip 'Wild Fists' Weston is a Runata'ji combat fighter at the top of his career with a fame and fortune he doesn't want and a Lucky Clover tattooed across his heart to remind him of the girl who is always just out of reach. When Tara's luck lands her in his lap without Hankarron on her heels, Trip wonders if this is his chance to capture his Clover, or if Tara's luck has other ideas in mind. Fate doesn't always give you want you want, but it will always give you what you need.

Liza: He sounds like trouble. Do you have anyone who can keep him in line?

Trace: Jennadri Szina doesn't have time for matters of the heart or trying to get two wayward agents back on track. She's got a mission to run, a Director who is dying and a mother who isn't easy to impress. When Jehdra sends her to save Hank and Tara, Jen takes her mother's mission on at full speed, but she isn't prepared to manage 'Wild Fists' Weston and his damn dimple.

Liza: Sounds like love trouble to me. 

Trace: They say that the stories of our time will one day be traced into the stars to help guide others home. Fate strings intertwine with skipping stones across the stars of the universe, pulling it forward and writing new lines in the night sky as the Corwint Central Agent saga continues to lead Ethan, Orynn and Jarren towards a collision that holds the power to change everything.

Liza: Hold on, you just introduced three important characters not mentioned before. However, I did interview the first book. If you don't know who these peeps are, check out my prior interview. The captain that wants to kill Orynn is Jarren.

Now, will you let us peek beneath your covers?

Trace: No drooling, dog earring, or bind breaking.

Liza: I promise.

Excerpt from Tracing The Stars – Chapter 1

Ethan is struggling not to run off in search of Orynn

Ethan’s eyebrow quirked upwards at that last statement. “What do you mean, ‘Hank and Tara are taken’?”
“I’ve got another angle I want those two to work.” Jehdra leaned back in her chair. “The Xen’dari might be tight-lipped about the location of Jarren’s estate, but I have a feeling not everyone is able to keep quiet when given the right incentives. I’m going to have Hank start putting some pressure on his local contacts and see where that leads. Even if Jarsen is able to locate the property, we’ll need a viable way in and some intel on what to expect. We also need to figure out what the fuck is going on at Central. My sources are dwindling, so I need to create some new ones.”

Ethan’s eyebrow lowered into a small scowl as Jehdra looked at him. “I’m not going to Central, Jehdra. I’m getting on the first ship leaving Corwint and heading for Lorentia Eteri.”

“Think for a damn second, Ethan.” Jehdra returned his stubborn scowl. “A Mecha can’t just waltz into Xen’dari territory. Besides, I won’t have you rush in there in your current state and blow the whole damn thing.”

“My current state?”

“You’re unstable.” She leaned forward. “It’s only been four weeks since you figured out how half of those emotions you’re feeling right now work, and she’s your wife. You know as well as I do that, in your current state of mind, the moment you catch even a tiny wind of Jarren or Orynn, you’ll run after them. There is too much at stake in this. I can’t have you near Eteri until you calm down and refocus. So yes, I’m sending you to Central. You’re the only one who can do this for me.”

His fists clenched at his sides as the truth of her words stung against the place in his core where his heart would be. It was a constant struggle to contain all of the emotions he was trying to process, and he knew he’d take any opportunity that presented itself to kill Jarren. “I thought we agreed that you’re not a Director anymore.”

“I’m not, but I’m still your friend.” Her expression softened. “I want her back, too, but more than anything I want her back safely. I’m asking you to trust me, Ethan, and I’m asking you to be patient, as a friend.”

Liza: Thank you for stopping by to share the third novel in this fabulous space opera. Space Rep, find me the buy link!

Space Rep: Found it and a links to get the first book free AND the rafflecopter code too.

Book Links for book 3:

Free Book 1:

Liza: Well done, Space Rep! I give you permission to go buy the whole series. 

Space Rep: But I don't have to buy book one, it's free!

Liza: I know that. Just go download the whole series while I'm still pleased with your excellent work. 
So Trace, is there anything else you would like talk about.

Trace: Yes, I would like to discuss my fabulous author: C.E. Kilgore.

C.E. Kilgore (1981 - ) has always had a love of romantic stories and science fiction. Although active in the writing community during her undergraduate studies, she chose to focus on her love of history and culture. Graduating with an HBA in History and a BA in Cultural Anthropology, she puts a deep emphasis on creating characters and environments within her writing that are full of both culture and history. The relationship development between characters and the worlds they live in is also an important aspect of her stories. Sarcasm, comedy, hidden "modern" references and subtle hints at underlined universal meanings are common within her writing style, but there is always plenty of action and a darker side lurking just around the corner.

Liza: So what you're saying is C.E.Kilgore's got it all.

Trace: Yes and she's got links too.

Author Links:

Liza: Well done Trace. We're going to keep you 3 days.

Trace: No one told me that.

Liza: I want to make sure Space Rep hasn't mucked up the Transporter before I send you back.

Trace: In that case, I'll be patient.

Liza: Thanks. Peeps, Leave a message! Authors like that. And Trace has nothing to do but read your comments for three days.


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