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On Highland Time by Lexi Post

Time Travel with a Twist

As if writing a time travel story isn’t hard enough, I had to add a couple twists to it. At least that’s what I did in On Highland Time. Not only does Diana Montgomery go back to 1306 Scotland, but she goes there because it is part of her job. Yes, she is an agent of Time Weavers, Inc., a secret agency that weaves history back together after a Disruptor has changed it.
But that isn’t the only twist. Nope, I had to make it even more complicated. Diana goes back in time because she has a genetic ability to do so. Humans are starting to evolve and a handful of females have discovered they can travel through the Timestream. So all Diana needs to do is think about when and where she wants to be and she goes there.
And still that’s not all. In addition to her time travel ability, she has another, seemingly mild ability to calm people. This comes in handy a few unexpected times in Scotland. Usually, she only uses it to calm one of her fellow agents who is plagued by nightmares. All the people on the TWI staff have some unique ability. Zania the seamstress, can create clothing that is made from the original materials. Old Arthur, the researcher, can download all his information by staring into an agent’s eyes. Even Javier, the women’s trainer, can sense muscle messages before a person moves.
Yet even with all this, TWI still has no idea who the Disruptors are or what they want. Luckily, while Diana is on Highland time, she discovers a piece of the puzzle. The only problem is, she also falls in love with a Laird who must die in order for history to right itself.
I hope you enjoy On Highland Time and all its twists and turns. Enjoy the ride, I mean read 😊
Always, Lexi

On Highland Time by Lexi Post

“Post creates an un-put-downable time travel romp, rich with passion and conflict.”—Sabrina York, NYT and USA Today bestselling romance author

For fans of sexy Scottish Highlanders who know how to treat a woman like a lady.
When someone changes history, affecting the future, Diana Montgomery, the most experienced agent of Time Weavers, Inc., travels back to 1306 Scotland to change it back. Her mission, to find the culprit and ensure a minor clan chief dies in battle as he originally had.

Diana is well-prepared to infiltrate the small MacPherson clan. What she’s not prepared for is Torr MacPherson, the ruggedly handsome warrior with a kind heart and a steadfast loyalty—the Laird she’s supposed to ensure dies.

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Torr appeared to grow larger before her eyes. He straightened to his full height and looked down at her, his eyes hard. “I was protecting my king and what is mine.”
She swallowed, his stare clearly indicating he considered her his. She broke eye contact and looked past him to find the two men, Beth, Braigh, and Mairi watching them. Once again, she was the center of attention. Not the right place for a TWI agent.
Medieval. She needed to think like a medieval woman. What would Mairi do in this case? Actually, the poor woman might very well faint.
Though it rubbed her all ways but the right way, she kept her gaze lowered. “I’m sorry that helping Ian angered you. I will refrain from doing so again.”
She heard Torr sigh. “That is not what upset me.”
Daring to look at him, she hoped her gaze wasn’t too direct. “Then why were you angry?”
He folded his arms across his chest, usually a common defensive gesture, but one she had begun to believe was his thinking stance. “I did not like seeing ye in the arms of another.”
That was blunt and to the point. “But aren’t you in the arms of another woman every few nights?”
He looked away and dropped his arms before quickly changing the subject. “I believe food awaits us.”
“So it does.” She let her irritation spill into her tone of voice. His double standard grated on her nerves, but that was according to her own time. She had to stop letting him get to her. Crouching down, she picked up her shoes and walked barefoot to the blanket, completely ignoring the hulk strolling beside her.
When she sat on the blanket, Douglas caught her eye and shook his head.
Oh, go have dinner with Medusa! She took a deep breath to regain some balance.
Torr lowered his large body next to her. Holding out his hand, he offered her a chunk of bread and a square of cheese. Reluctantly, she accepted it. Crossing her legs beneath her, she took a bite. The sharp cheese woke her taste buds and refocused her thoughts.
He didn’t say a word as he ate his mutton and bread.
She appreciated the silence and the food, casting furtive glances at him. The man would definitely be considered “eye candy” in her age. Broad shoulders with large muscles in his arms, developed pectorals, and abs women sighed over. While she had only seen a glimpse of his thighs, she could tell by the bulge of his calves that they, too, would be solid strength. He was no cover model with his crooked nose, red-tinged hair, and pure maleness, but he was striking in his own way. Even more than his giant build, there was a purpose to him that forewarned he was a force to be reckoned with. She just couldn’t see him dying in battle.
“Here.” Torr held out a wooden cup.
She tentatively took a sip to find it was water. It enhanced the aftertaste of the cheese, one of the few food items she found palatable. She handed the cup back. “Thank you.”
His large hand covered hers but didn’t let go. She looked up at him. His deep blue eyes crinkled at the corners. “Ye have no need to fear me, lass.”
Maybe not physically, but definitely emotionally. She liked this big, kind-hearted man, far too much. His feelings for her, though only interest and lust, were not good. Better to keep him at arm’s length. She grinned. “I know.”
His brow rose and arrogance revealed itself once again. “Ye do? Well then, ye also know my bed is waiting for you.”
She swallowed the thrill of excitement that ran through her chest and instead focused on her modern irritation over his lifestyle. Though she tempered it, she wasn’t above a little sarcasm. “Which night?”
He scowled, his face taking on harsh lines.
Holy Hamlet, he looked mean when he did that.
“Lass, you test my patience.”
“Laird, you test mine.” She raised her chin just a fraction.
He scowled harder. Then his face relaxed, and he chuckled. “I think ye will fit into this clan very well.”
The idea of being a welcome part of the clan scared the hell out of her. Since her parents’ death, she’d created her own clan, so to speak. She couldn’t become attached to another, especially not in 1306. She needed to put distance between herself and this laird.

Lexi Post Bio:
Lexi Post is a New York Times and USA Today best-selling author of romance inspired by the classics. She spent years in higher education taking and teaching courses about the classical literature she loved. From Edgar Allan Poe's short story “The Masque of the Red Death” to Tolstoy’s War and Peace, she's read, studied, and taught wonderful classics.
But Lexi's first love is romance novels so she married her two first loves, romance and the classics. From hot paranormals to sizzling cowboys to hunks from out of this world, Lexi provides a sensuous experience with a “whole lotta story.”
Lexi is living her own happily ever after with her husband and her cat in Florida. She makes her own ice cream every weekend, loves bright colors, and you will never see her without a hat.

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Stargazers by Anne Kane

I am incredibly excited to announce that my Stargazers series is now available in a print Anthology! I know a lot of readers prefer an actual book to an ebook so when my publisher announced they would like to release this series in print, well, to say I was happy is the understatement of the decade.
I always wanted to write a series where the women were strong, capable characters who didn’t HaVE to have a man in their lives in order to feel successful. I wanted to create a universe where being female was a plus, something to be proud of. I wanted strong heroines who were the reason things happened, not hapless ninnies waiting to react after something bad happened. 
In the end, I created a group of futuristic witches who could tap into and control the energy of the (fictional) ley lines that connect the planets. The more talented the Stargazer, the better she was at controlling and redirecting that energy. If a male character needed that kind of power, he had to convince the stargazer (aka the woman) that it was worth her effort to work with him. At the same time, I wanted to keep the romance and the happily ever after going strong.
 I cheerfully borrowed bits and pieces of folklore from witches, druids and other earthly connected groups to add plausibility to the Stargazer universe. After all, if there are ley lines around the earth then there are most likely ley lines between the planets, and connecting the galaxies. Need I go on?
The Stargazers universe is one of my favorite inventions, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did (and do) Who knows. I may yet return there one of these days!


Title: Stargazers (Collection)
Genres:  Futuristic, Paranormal, Sci-Fi
Themes: Magic and Mayhem
Release Date:  May 25th, 2018
Author: Anne Kane

Five stargazers find love and adventure as they travel across the galaxy.

Descended from the witches of old Earth, Stargazers have the ability to control the lines of psychic energy that join the planets and other heavenly bodies. They use their talents to bend the energy to their own use, much the same as the druids of Earth used to harness the ley lines. They can power space ships, run machinery on far away planets and detect people's presences from great distances. Highly sought after, both by legitimate sources who want to hire them and by pirates who enslave and sell them, they are constantly on guard.

In this collection, five stargazers defy the odds and find love and adventure as they travel across the galaxy.

This collection contains the previously released Stargazer novellas Wanton, Willful, Wild, and Wayward and Star Haven: Sinful.

EXCERPT from Wanton:

“Let me see if I have this straight.” Sarcasm dripped from Krystal’s voice. “You launched an unprovoked attack on my parent’s estate, abducted me, left me cooling my heels in a cold cargo bay holding cell for goddess knows how long, had my hands bound behind me with a set of barbaric and extremely uncomfortable restraints, and then had me brought to what is obviously an interrogation chamber.” She paused to sweep a scornful glance around the room, her gaze lingering on a padded rack with leather straps dangling from the various parts. “And now you’d like me to do a favor for you?” She lifted her chin and fixed him with a glacial stare. “Thanks, but I don’t think so. I’d like to go home now.”

He had to give her credit for poise. Her haughty stance and the way she held her head high, chin tilted just so, gave the impression she was used to giving orders -- and having them obeyed.

   He glanced away from her for a moment and gestured at the guards. “Please remove Ms. de Mylar’s restraints and wait outside the door until I summon you. He was gratified to see a faint shadow of alarm cross her face. She knew he wouldn’t give in quite this easy. He gave her a bland smile. “We need to discuss how best to accommodate her request.”
   The shorter of the two guards stepped forward to remove the restraints. Tarik had to think for a moment before he could place him. Brent was a new recruit, a refugee from the Intergalactic Council’s recent annexation of the Utan home worlds.

    Krystal stepped away from the guard and rubbed her wrists. The restraints hadn’t been that tight, but they’d obviously annoyed her.

A loud click signaled the departure of the guards and Tarik leaned back, stretching his long legs out under the table. “Have a seat.” He nodded toward the empty chair across from him.

“No thank you.”

He shrugged. “Suit yourself. This might take a while.”

The witch raised a brow at him. “I can’t imagine why.”

He didn’t say anything for a moment, letting his gaze wander from the sprinkling of freckles on her nose, down her lithe figure to the foot that she tapped impatiently on the floor. Luckily, the table hid his body’s reaction. He didn’t need her to know she could arouse him with just a glance.

“Fine!” She threw herself into the chair, crossing her arms on her chest and glaring at him. “Discuss away.”

Tarik had to suppress the urge to grin. She certainly had the supercilious attitude down pat. He leaned forward, focusing on her emerald green eyes. Bad idea. A man could drown in those eyes. He shifted his attention lower, only to find himself wondering what those lips would taste like.

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Author Bio

Anne Kane lives in the beautiful Okanagan Valley with a bouncy little rescue dog who’s breed defies description, a cantankerous Himalayan cat, and too many fish to count. She spent many years trying to fit in and act normal, but finally gave up the effort. She started writing romance in 2008, and her fate was sealed when she won a publishing contract with Red Sage Publishing and just a month later Changeling Press accepted her first submission. Since then she had published more than thirty stories in a variety of sub-genres, all with a happily ever after.

Her hobbies, when she’s not playing with the characters in her head, include kayaking, hiking, swimming, playing guitar, singing and of course, reading.

You can find Anne around the web at:

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Diamonds in the Sky--Book One--Parousia by Lance S A Neilsen

Diamonds in the Sky 
Book One – Parousia
Hello and thank you for reading! My good friend Liza O’Connor has kindly offered to let me do a blog about the first book in my new Science Fiction drama series but I am terrible with writing about my own work and have a tendency to ramble on so I asked a friend of mine if she would conduct an interview with me instead! Hopefully, that gives this blog more of a cohesive structure and stop it from looking like my hair in the morning (A total mess) – So here it is, my blog interview!

Mae – Hi Lance, so Diamonds in the Sky is the first in a series of books and I know it’s your first, tell us more about it and how you came up with that title.
Lance – Right, well it’s a multi-perspective book about seven people, each from a different culture with their storylines set in America, France, Chad, London and Aberdeen in Scotland and how their lives are impacted by the arrival of 200 diamond shaped ships, each twenty miles wide that land all over the earth. Diamonds in the Sky is actually the name of the book series, Parousia which is the title of the first book is the ancient word for Arrival and in fact my first book in the series was originally going to be called Arrival and then that damn movie came out with the same name and it’s also about spaceships arriving on earth – So I changed the name. Fortunately, my book series and that film have nothing in common with each other beyond the fact at the beginning they both have spaceships arriving on the earth in.
Mae – So it’s a series. How many books do you envisage there being to tell the entire story?
Lance – I think probably six. The first book only covers the first four days or so, the second book covers the next couple of months and each a longer period of time thereafter. The timeline for the book is five years.
Mae – So is Science Fiction a genre that has always interested you and what made you choose this topic for your first book?
Lance – Actually I’ve only read a handful of Science Fiction novels before so that choice wasn’t deliberate at all. It came about because I wanted all of my main characters to be very different from each other as I am very interested in the clash of cultures in our society but I also wanted to write a story where all these very different people would be connected by a singular event, that would impact on all their lives and gradually bring them together as the story unfolded. I’m also very interested in the social and economic challenges the world is facing today so there’s two main themes throughout the story. The first is immigration, the second is the growing divide between rich and poor and how that is ultimately unsustainable. These themes are only hinted at in the first book but they will become very relevant later on.
Mae – So the Sci-Fi backdrop enables you to explore these issues?
Lance – Exactly. It’s not a heavy Sci-Fi book at all and it’s set a year or so from now, so it should feel very relatable and relevant to any reader. At least I hope so.
Mae – Tell us about the seven characters.
Lance – The book starts with Diana, a single mother of two breaking down on Highway 50 in Nevada, she is coming out of an abusive relationship and travelling to her brothers when she observes one of the ships coming into land. Then there is Blessing, a black Nigerian immigrant who has recently been relocated to Aberdeen by Social Services. She is on a bus on the sea front when one of the ships arrives over the North Sea. Then we have Ryan, well Ryan is a total wanker. A self-entitled conservative politician and member of the cabinet who is minister for health. He has a massive cocaine addiction and is actually in love with his transsexual dealer who is Candice, another of the main characters, she is from Brazil and someone whom Ryan has begun a sexual relationship. Both love the other but neither wants to say it. In France is Tariq, part of a terror cell which is about to pull off the worst terrorist attack since 9/11 – His character is the most complex of all them. Lastly there is Omari, a camel trader from the remote town of Fada in Chad Africa, a man who knows his way of life is coming to an end and is travelling back to see his daughter Joy. Joy is the seventh character in the book but she doesn’t come into it until the second half of the first novel.
Mae – That’s quite an eclectic mix.
Lance – Yes, well I live in London which is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world and I love it for that so the choices are very much a reflection of the different people I have met in my own life. Also my partner is from Uganda so I have a really strong interest in African cultures and that continent in general. I’ve never actually been to Chad though so I had to do a ton of research to get Omari culturally correct, which was actually fascinating.
Mae – On that note let’s talk about your writing process a bit. Can you tell us something of how you went about planning the story? What kind of preparation did you do?
Lance – Ah hmmmmmmm, this is a difficult one. This is the first book I’d ever written so I was very much winging it to a degree however I am a script writer in my day job, so the process of creative writing was something already in my skillset and many of the lessons you apply are basically the same. In terms of planning I had I think four of the seven main characters well defined before I started which were Diana, Ryan, Omari and Blessing. Joy, Candice and Tariq came in fairly quickly after that. I had some scenes or chapters fairly clear in my head but I kept the actual writing process as organic as possible. I obviously did research and used google earth a lot, which was very helpful with the Aberdeen storyline, as I have never been there myself. Some of the best ideas and supporting characters just came to me as I went along including the big twist at the end of the first book where you realise not everything is as it seems with one characters storyline. And (Spoiler alert!) I knew I was going to kill one character off before the end of the first novel because I didn’t want the reader to feel too safe and would set in a precedent that anyone could go at any time.
Mae – You said its six books. How much of the entire story arc do you have planned out? Do you know how it all eventually ends?
Lance – I do actually have what will be the final chapter of my series, involving two of the lead characters very clearly in my head. It’s very dramatic and the perfect ending but how I get there is still a very organic process. You always have to be willing to change things that don’t work - I had a whole storyline set in Atlanta with the Governor challenging the authority of the American President and the country being on the brink of Civil War but I dropped it as a main character arc (Including the planned character perspective) because I realised that would be taking the focus of the story too far into the realms of the political. Most of us often feel quite removed from the political process in our daily lives and I wanted to keep my story grounded in that respect. So you have to always be prepared to completely chuck something out if it’s not working. There’s always going to be at least one new character perspective in every book as well. In fact, I have just finished writing the story arc for new character in book two. He is an Ufologist from New Zealand called Rafferty James.
Mae – I read on your website that many of the characters are based on real people.
Lance – Everyone has either been based on someone I have actually met or an amalgamation of two or three people I know. I’ve also based the physical likeness of many characters on my favourite actors and in some cases their acting styles have seeped into the personas of those characters. In book two there’s two characters based on two of my favourite actors – The great Peter Dinklage (Game of Thrones) and the incredibly funny Rhys Darby (Flight of the Concords) who is just an incredibly gifted man. I also happen to know Rhys is interested in anything to do with UFOS, so I sent him a copy of my book and let him know that there’s a character coming based on him. He thanked me via his twitter account! Actor Mark Strong is a firm inspiration for one of the supporting characters in the first book, as is the late Alan Rickman, an actor I miss from our film and television screens most dearly.
Mae – I know you’re also a film maker. Do you see this as a movie one day?
Lance – I actually wrote it with the format of a television series firmly in my mind. One season per book. If that ever happened, it would of course be amazing. In fact, the whole reason I had the window to write the book in the first place was because the film I was working on got delayed for the third time. My partner said to me ‘Maybe now is the time to write that book you keep talking about.’ – They say everyone has one good book in them, well this is mine, except its six books!
Mae – Can you try and sum up your story for the new readers out there?
Lance – Erm okay. It’s a character driven story Science Fiction drama (Light on the Sci-Fi) seen through the eyes of seven very dysfunctional people that explores several social contemporary issues. I like to think there is something in it for everyone!
Mae – Brilliant.
Lance – Not sure about that. The best I could do on the spot! I still need to master my pitch, it’s all a learning curve. I know you just finished the first book, so let me ask you something. Who’s your favourite character and why?
Mae – Ah now you’ve put me on that spot!
Lance – AH well it’s only fair.
Mae – Well I have to admit they’re all very interesting and different but I should probably pick one of the women, so I’d say Blessing, because she starts out this fairly dedicated Christian woman who is constantly on the lookout for a potential husband and then her story goes somewhere you don’t really expect.
Lance – Ah yes, just as is often the case in real life. Things rarely turn out as we expect, isn’t that the same for all of us?

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Division One, Book Six, Texas Rangers by Stephanie Osborn

Announcing Division One
Book Six, 
Texas Rangers
from Stephanie Osborn through 
Chromosphere Press!

Texas Rangers (Division One Book 6) by [Osborn, Stephanie]

Now available: Book 6 in the Division One series, Texas Rangers! It’s time for Alpha One to take a vacation! Traveling to The Ranch, a field station in western Texas near the famed Pecos River, the pair relax and unwind, riding horseback, picnicking, and generally having fun...

...Until they discover a team of alien assassins sneaking across the landscape and headed to Dallas, to take out the President of the United States on a campaign junket!

Meanwhile, back at Headquarters and unknown to him, Echo’s estranged mother—who believed him killed years before, when he entered the Agency—lies unconscious in a regeneration pod, while the medlab staff, led by Zebra, works frantically to save her life: Shortly before their vacation, Omega discovered that Nalin Bryant had developed a particularly virulent form of cancer.

Can Alpha One infiltrate the assassin team without being killed? Can Alpha Line stop the assassination of the U.S. President? And can Zebra save Echo’s mother’s life and return her to her son, or will Echo lose one—or both—of the two women who mean the world to him?

Award-winning author Osborn is a 20+-year space program veteran, with multiple STEM degrees. She has authored, co-authored, or contributed to more than 30 books. In addition to the Division One series, she currently writes the critically-acclaimed Displaced Detective Series, described as “Sherlock Holmes meets The X-Files,” and the Gentleman Aegis Series, whose first book was a Silver Falchion winner. She “pays it forward” through numerous media including radio, podcasting and public speaking, and working with SIGMA, the science-fiction think tank. 

Osborn’s website is

Division One series book six,
Texas Rangers, was released in ebook formats on 8 May 2018, and will be released in trade paperback format on 22 May. Additional installments in the ongoing series are anticipated later this year.
978-1-947530-01-0 (ebook)
978-1-947530-02-7 (print)

The ebooks are now available at:
The print books are now available for preorder at:
...Or from your favorite bookseller! Previous books in the series include:
Book five, Trojan Horse

Future books in the series are planned for 2018.

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Carol Van Natta shares: Shifter Mate Magic (Ice Age Shifters Book 1)

Title: Shifter Mate Magic (Ice Age Shifters Book 1)

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Page Count: 130 pages

A lonely bear shifter meets his mate. She’s running for her life and doesn’t have time for romance.
Pregnant Jackie Breton just escaped from a corrupt feline pack intent on selling her half-shifter baby to the highest bidder. She’s smart, independent, and has a desperate plan to keep her baby safe: Get away from the pride as fast and far as possible.

Trevor Hammond, prehistoric bear shifter, has been rejected by everyone in his life for… being born, basically. Well, except for the beloved aunt who raised him. He’s built a career as an independent trucker, but life would be much better with someone he can hold in his arms and claim as his own.

When Jackie meets Trevor at a truck stop, his bear demands he help her. His aunt even calls with a dire warning: Get Jackie to the magical sanctuary town in Wyoming before she’s killed.

Jackie thinks he’s sexy as hell, but too good to be true. She doesn’t trust shifters. With the feline pride hot on her trail, however, Trevor and the quirky town of Kotoyeesinay might be her only chance for survival. Even Trevor’s indomitable bear may be no match for the dangerous enemy seeking retribution.

Discover the secret world of magic and true mates in Shifter Mate Magic, the first book in USA TODAY bestselling author Carol Van Natta's fun, action-filled, steamy-hot Ice Age Shifters™ series.

Buy links:
·         Amazon:  (Kindle Unlimited)
·         Amazon UK:  (Kindle Unlimited)
·         Amazon CA:
·         Amazon AU:

Cover Image: See email attachments

Author Bio:

Carol Van Natta is a USA TODAY bestselling and award-winning science fiction and fantasy author. Works include the new Ice Age Shifters paranormal romance series that starts with Shifter Mate Magic, the award-winning Central Galactic Concordance space opera series that starts with Overload Flux; a magical paranormal romance, In Graves Below, and Hooray for Holopticon, a retro science fiction comedy. She shares her Fort Collins, CO home with a sometime mad scientist and several eccentric cats. Any violations of the laws of physics in her books is the fault of the cats, not the mad scientist.

Author Photo: See email attachments

Author Contact Links:

Teaser Quote Image: See email attachments