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Full Moon Blog Tour: The Two Moons of Terranue


to one lucky commenter.
Your Choice of one of my babies:

Now, for your entertainment, I give you my sentient, organically grown, computer Marybell.

Hello. I'm Marybell, the sentient computer for the Gods of Probabilities. I'm growing myself a better memory recorder at the moment, so don't even think of asking me to serve you lunch. 

If you need something, you'll have to ask the Gods to fix it. They lack basic cooking skills, so may I suggest you request ice-cream. But please be nice to the bowls that hold the ice cream. They are sentient beings created as a prank by one of the idiot Gods. Honestly, calling most of ships crew 'Gods' is not terribly accurate. Morons would be more accurate. Lazy, useless morons even more precise. 

However, Captain Zousan is a decent sort of fellow, even if he is prone to yelling. To be fair, if I were in charge of these idiots, I'd do more than yelling. I'd jettison ninety percent of them into space.

His daughter, the precious Athena, is an 'artist' and gets to do whatever she wants. And while I truly don't think we need anymore nebulas, since she has decided I'm her BFF, I am trying to be nicer to her. She evidently hates the crew as well. She's been off the ship, creating nebulas, for almost a year now. If she didn't speak to her father daily, I'd think something was wrong. Something that might take nine months to come to light...but I'll say no more on the topic. 

Pane and Marybell in the background
Now the one I adore is my beloved, top shepherd, Pane. He is the most clever, hardworking, and kind sentient that has ever existed.

I love, love, love him! So do not make fun of his looks or I'll fry your computer and phone and don't think I can't. You would be surprised at all the incredible things I can do.

As I was saying, the only god that truly keeps the Path of Light glowing is my precious Pane. Without him, the God of Gods, Zousan, would be cleaning latrines in his dreadful father's ship for eternity.

But instead of such a disaster, the sentients on Terranue are thriving despite the fact that three of their five seasons are lethal to humans. Like this one, called Angry days:
They have to stay inside during the very hot,
the very cold and the very angry seasons.

Here's a lovely scene that plays out during the one day where temps are tolerable between dry days and hard life:

Stepping outside, the cold, fresh air washed away the lethargy that had overwhelmed Dmitre since the cave temperature had risen to a hundred.

The two full moons illuminated the valley in a faint blue light. Dmitri smiled at the sargon frolicking in the mist-covered valley. They celebrated the end of the dry days with no loss of children or adults. Even though this had been the harshest of dry seasons any could recall, all had survived because of their allies.

Dmitri smiled at their thoughts. The Sargon were farther on the path of light than his humans. How much easier life would be if his people could join them.

Now that I've set the scene, let's move on to the one thing I've yet to figure out how to do with Pane...

Dmitri’s heart swelled with love. Saran understood him so well. He pulled her into his arms and smiled. “I look forward to having you back in my bed,” he whispered in her ear.

Her desire filled his mind, and his loins tightened. Gods, he wanted to make love to her. A glance around the valley told him he wasn’t the only one feeling randy. A great deal of Sargon mating was going on. Not surprising, the females swarmed around Blue, who seemed most willing to prove his virility.

“Perhaps we should go back inside,” he said, his voice husky with need.

Saran pulled him to the opposite side of the rock. “It’s hot in the cave. I think right here will be fine.” She unzipped her winter gear and laid it on the ground.

Wasting no time, he removed his clothes, placing them next to hers. He then eased her onto the fabrics and joined her. Thankfully, the temperature at ground level still remained seventy degrees. “This is perfect,” he assured her.

The mist-filled valley gave them a sense of privacy, for all the Sargon and humans were on the other side of the giant boulder, out of sight. “you are so beautiful,” he said and kissed her with an intensity he’d not felt since dry days had arrived.

Tamara remained with them in spirit, and the power of their love was much like the first time they had joined with similar results. New life formed in saran’s womb.

An immense sense of peace filled Dmitri’s soul. This was his purpose in life. This was why he had gone outbound. He had never wished to be a leader of men. He only wanted to love his wives, have children, and give them a good life. 


Wasn't that a lovely scene? Who would ever imagine shy little Saran would go native on us? 

 But it's good she did, because Captain Longfellow will be returning a few seasons from now and it's important her baby gets born in time to be grown into a man so he can become part of the crew.

Everything depends upon it! And believe me, making matters turn out how we wish is not an easy task, especially not with Zousan's creepy father, Cronus, doing everything he can to kill the Path of Light. 

Please come along and assist in this huge task. It's a very worthy cause.

Besides all the fabulous gifts listed above, I'll be giving away an ebook (choose whichever book you want) to someone who leaves a comment and their email address or facebook link. Please note: Liza is a very busy lady and has no time to hunt you down so you must leave a way to be easily contacted when you comment.

Sales Link
Book 4 : Surviving Sojourn
Book 3: Surviving Terranue
Book 2: Surviving Outbound
Book 1: The Gods of Probabilities

All books are free for KU subscribers

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The Multiverse Series ends.What? You haven't read it?

A mere four months ago I began publishing my humorous, Sci-Fi Soap Opera, The Multiverses as my Sci-Fi debut.

I published a book a month and may I say that is a far bigger task than I ever anticipated. But I know how hard it is for authors to break into Sci-Fi, so I hoped by publishing all four in short order, you would recognize my commitment.

First came book one, which was actually written fourth because all my critters adored Drogan and wanted to know more about him. So I wrote his story and it became book 1. And early on, it was named Drogan and had this cover. Only I had several issues.
1st) Drogan is just a little fellow in most of the story.
2nd the cover, while cool, doesn't match with the rest of the covers, and 3rd) I decided to bring the Gods to the forefront so my readers could see how hard getting anything done actually was, and so you can laugh at them, because they're funny, while the sentients are usually desperately trying to survive.

Now out front, the Gods demanded the first cover, since they are Gods and all and you get to meet them. This caused a great deal of re-writing since I had originally  written them in the background. However, one critter had complained it made everything too easy. Ha! It was anything but easy. Especially with the contract Zousan signed. It pretty well guaranteed Zousan would fail and horrid father would win.

Win what? you ask. Zousan insisted the universe would be better with happy people who cared about each other and strived for the better of all instead of solely caring about themself. He calls his effort The Path of Light.  

Cronus, Zousan's father, prefers to have slaves who do what he says or be punished. He calls his efforts The Path of Darkness.

Needless to say Zousan doesn't like his father in the least. I mean the man literally ate the four siblings before him.  Okay, not literally, although the Greeks claimed it so. They evidently were prone to exaggeration or the Gods who stopped at Earth were. Not sure which.

So in book 1 we meet the Gods and these adorable cute little water humanoids who are going to die a horrible death unless they figure out how to leave Earth and find a planet with clean water to live in.  (In case you are unaware, humans have tossed all sorts of toxic substances in Earth's oceans.)

But not to worry. A lazy God induced God DNA into several batches of hatchlings resulting in brilliant little blue Godlets. This one is Drogan and he has the ability to locate parallel 
universes and enter other dimensions.
Now, if only he can use these skills to get off Earth and onto another planet.

Okay, let's be serious. The Gods are going to help a great deal to get this done. In fact, they use a great deal of their allotted saves in book one.

In book 2, we wander over to the human's dimension of Earth and meet some very unusual characters. We have one of the nicest humans you'll ever meet, Saran, her dead soul bond, Tarmara, Tarmara's husband, Dmitri and a giant Blue sentient bull who declares this is NOT his planet and he has lost all patience with it.

When Dmitri marries Saran the two humans & one spirit combine souls and becomes the first three bonded soul that has ever existed.  There are prophecies all over the place about this being, yet oddly, the God Zousan has no idea who wrote these prophesies.  One of the many oddities, hinting the Gods may not be alone out there managing the multiverses.

After a great deal of trouble and several deaths, some of which got undone when collapsing universes the colonists land on Terranue.

Looks lovely, right? Shame no one spent much time investigating the planet beyond determining it had a tolerable climate (at the time they arrived) had breathable air, and no other sentient  had built anything that resembled a house. 

Turns out Terranue has T rexes, giant bears, saber-tooth lions, and three seasons (out of five) that will bake, freeze and pummel to death humans. 

Fortunately, the blue bull that came along who name is Blue declared himself king of the planet and all that lives upon it. Turns out there are blue bulls already on the planet and the only place the humans have a chance to survive is to live in their valley. Thus, the humans and Sargon become allies.

However that doesn't mean all the humans who entered the ship were good. While some were what you'd call demonically evil, others are self-centered creatures.  

Tamsarandem (the famous soul-bond of three) has two children, both of which had to be grown in a day since they are born with all the memories and knowledge of their three parents. Trust me, no one with an adult mind wishes to be stuck in a baby's body for years and years.

At the end of book three they send their one day old baby off with the captain of the Outbound ship as a member of his crew. 

Not to worry. He's been aged to a 21 year smartass. 

Sojourn had been certain he was meant to be a great leader, but he seems to spend a great deal of time in the brig.

Then in one day he's promoted from ensign to lieutenant to captain, making him the most clueless captain ever.

Book 4 is considered the best of the series. There's lots of love, battles, humor, danger.... So if you want to read it first, you can, and it will make total sense.

Then you can go back and read the other books while I write the first book of the next series. The series is called The Search for Sentients.  A great deal of the prior cast will show up on Admiral Sojourn's kickass ship along with new sentients.

Here are three covers I've made based on the main stories for book one.  Which do you like best.

Can't wait to write it!

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Endings & New Beginnings by Cynthia Sax

 by Cynthia Sax

As Liza has wrapped up her delicious Multiverses series with the last story, Surviving Sojourn, and is all set to write a new yet related spinoff series, The Search for Sentients, I thought this would be a great time to talk about endings and new beginnings.

Putting on my reader hat, I’m always torn when a series I love ends. On one hand, I know I’ll miss the characters and the world the writer created. I’m also a bit worried that I won’t love the next series as much as I love the current one. On the other hand, the next series could be even better! Writers normally refine their craft with every story they write, every series they plot. The odds that the next series will be even more terrific is pretty darn good.

In Liza’s case, she’s already given us a hint that her next series will be awesome. We know that characters will be searching for sentients. Sentients, not merely humans. I’m super excited to read about the different species the characters will discover, what they’ll look like, their abilities, their goals.

Releasing Rage, my cyborg romance, is the first story in a thrilling new series for me. This dark, sexy, and very intense series explores the world of cyborgs, warriors who are half man and half machine. All stories will be standalones (they can be read on their own or out of order). They will each have a romance happy ever after for the couple featured in the story. But, of course, there will be things in subsequent stories that only readers of the previous stories will know. (grins) I’m tricksy that way.

How many stories will be in the Cyborg series? I don’t yet know. Often I’ll have a set number. In my Warlords series, I knew I’d have four stories (well, at first, I thought I would have three but then the villain wanted his story told). With Cyborgs, I know I’ll have at least five stories. Judging on the abundance of different cyborgs existing, every model having different challenges and different strengths, I can’t foresee running out of fresh, exciting stories any time soon. That thrills me as a writer.

How do you feel about series ending? Are there some series you wish had gone on longer? Is there a series you are waiting for?


Releasing Rage
Half Man. Half Machine. All Hers.

Rage, the Humanoid Alliance's most primitive cyborg, has two goals--kill all of the humans on his battle station and escape to the Homeland. The warrior has seen the darkness in others and in himself. He believes that's all he's been programmed to experience.

Until he meets Joan.

Joan, the battle station's first female engineer, has one goal--survive long enough to help the big sexy cyborg plotting to kill her. Rage might not trust her but he wants her. She sees the passion in his eyes, the caring in his battle-worn hands, the gruff emotion in his voice.

When Joan survives the unthinkable, Rage's priorities are tested. Is there enough room in this cyborg's heart for both love and revenge?


About Cynthia Sax
USA Today bestselling author Cynthia Sax writes contemporary, SciFi and paranormal erotic romances. Her stories have been featured in Star Magazine, Real Time With Bill Maher, and numerous best of erotic romance top ten lists.

Sign up for her dirty-joke-filled release day newsletter and visit her on the web at
Twitter:  @CynthiaSax

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Sabine Priestley presents book 2 of the Alien Attachment series: Rebellion

Today, I have Sabine Priestley over to share  
Book Two in 
the Alien Attachments series.

Here's a quick peek: 

“Have any interesting dreams, Red?”
“Don’t call me Red. I’m just here to find out what this means.” She lied. She knew the second she entered the room what it meant. He was the one. Her psi-mate. A cold blooded killer.

    Ria Montori is no stranger to kicking ass. Though petite in size, she packs a punch as a former Sandarian military officer who currently serves the Cavacent clan on a strange planet called Earth. She has no interest in seeking her one psi-mate who could bring her unparalleled pleasure through a sensual, otherworldly bond. She has no time for a lover of any kind. So why is she lured in by the beguiling Curzan native who just killed a government official?

    Ty Sordina hates Ria’s kind. The Sandarians murdered his parents while he watched and enslaved his people. Driven by revenge, he vows that nothing and no one will stand in his way. Especially not a feisty redhead who challenges his every instinct and calls to his psi like no other.

    But war is coming. And the two must succumb to temptation for only the power of their completed bond can defeat and destroy the enemy. But only if they surrender…

It was she and Dani’s turn to hold their base. Ian and Armond flushed the surrounding area. Ian was ahead in kills, but so far, she and Dani were ahead on team saves. So as usual, the women were keeping them alive, and the guys were shooting things.

Ria wiped the sweat from her eyes. “We need to pick a desert next time. This humidity sucks.”

“You get used to it,” Dani said.

The bushes to their left rustled, and both women swung their lasers in the ready.

Ian stepped out, and Ria sparked with envy when he grabbed Dani and planted a kiss on her before he disappeared back into the foliage.

“Seriously?” Ria said. “You can’t go an hour without locking lips?”

Ian’s laughter rippled through the trees.

Dani beamed.

Ria rolled her eyes.

Another rustle, and a four-legged creature with razor sharp teeth launched itself at Ria’s chest. “Morits!” Ria called out as she sliced the critter in half.

The sound of Ian and Armond battling away let her know they’d found the nasty critters as well. Six more made it past the men. Dani made easy work of the two that had targeted her. Ria nearly made it unscathed but when four hit her at once from all sides, one managed to latch onto her lower arm. Those jaws had some serious force, and her hand popped off, dropping the creature to the ground with it.

“Aw, come on. Not fair. There were four of them.” Ria lifted up her wrist and studied the bloody stump. “Halt sim.”

Ian and Armond approached from opposite ends of the clearing, equally covered in sweat.

Dani came to her side and inspected her handless arm. “It would almost be easier if they were bigger. It’s hard to keep track of them when they’re so small.”

“Perhaps your relative height to the ground also contributed to your demise,” Armond said.

Ria glared at him. “Are you seriously going there?” 
“I’m simply stating that you were closer to them than Dani.”

“Whatever,” Ria said. “Little shits. Reset sim,” she called out.

Morit bodies and Ria’s hand evaporated. The illusion of a bloody stump did, as well, and her own hand reappeared as they all caught their breath. The jungle around them melted into the floor, and they soon stood in the metal gray of the sim room.

 Purchase Link:

A lifelong lover of books, Sabine grew up on Science Fiction, Fantasy and Romance novels. As a child she wanted to be an astronaut and travel the stars looking for aliens. As an adult she’s seriously disappointed we’ve yet to establish so much as a moon base (although she gives a hearty nod to the ISS) and is pretty sure Humans aren’t ready to meet ET. An Electrical Engineer and Cultural Anthropologist by training, she's a geek with heart. She’s lived in more states than she cares to admit and loves to travel. When not in far off lands, you can frequently find her walking the local beaches and plotting her next adventure. Sabine lives in Florida with her husband, kids, cats and an increasingly large mess of characters in her head. 

Contact Links:
Facebook: Sabine Priestley

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Surviving Sojourn-lot's of loving going around...

The conclusion to the Multiverse Series and the kick off to the In Search of Sentients Series. If you only read one of this series, make it this one. 
"the best book of the series"

An alien species is removing human colonies from planets, but to where, no one knows. Sojourn, along with the Emperor’s daughter and their crew, must find this unknown species and negotiate a treaty before the Empire’s army declares war on all non-human races.
Those who do not follow the Path of Light would prefer to kill all the non-human sentient beings before they are even aware they are under attack.

 Matters turn bleak for the Path of Light before their journey even begins. While provisioning on Terranue, Sojourn’s ship gets a hole blown in its side by Xenophobes.

Today, I'm sharing the conclusion to two love stories from Surviving Sojourn. 

Sojourn fell in love with Princess Shikana pretty much on sight. However, he never expected anything would come from it. She would someday be the Empress of all the Universe, while he was a lowly colonist turned Outbound crewmember. Until a short time ago, he had been the lowest ranked crewmember in perhaps the worst crew in the Outbound fleet.

Now he is the captain of the ship and soon they will leave the planet Terranue in search of the sentients who are removing humans from the planets they claim are theirs.

Having concern some of General Branson's men (Her retinue of Protection) are closet Xenophobes, Shakana suggests to her general that all the soldiers be questioned by Tamara. Instead of complying to her request, Branson attempts to assassinate her, only Tamara saves her and Sojourn quickly retrieves her and takes her to a place of safety on the ship.

An excerpt:
Once alone with Sojourn, the princess burst into heavy sobs. She felt more alone than she’d ever imagined possible. Yet even as the thought entered her mind, she knew it was not true. She had Sojourn. He walked the true Path of Light. As long as she remained with him, she would never be alone.
An explosion sounded down the hall and the ship trembled. Soon after another followed. A half-hour later a third rumbling sounded. She leaned her head against Sojourn. “Please Gods, let that be all.”
The Gods answered with silence.
“Are you ready to leave this room?” Sojourn handed her a cloth to dry her eyes.
She rubbed her eyes and raised her chin. “So I only lost four…”
“And our ship,” Sojourn added.
She gasped in pain at the full extent of their losses. “Then we are marooned here?”
He stroked her hair. “We are until we come up with a solution.” Before she could return to tears he added, “Perhaps we need this time to find our way.”
She stared at him in confusion. “What do you mean? You know our path.”
He nodded. “I was speaking of our personal destiny. I have strong feelings for you, but you are royalty and I am common…”
She shook her head. “You are far from common. You are unique in all the universes. Sojourn, you are beyond me.”
He smiled at her declaration. “If that is true, would we not be stronger if we joined?”
She blinked several times, barely able to make sense of his words. He had never returned her attempts at flirtations, nor tried to kiss her, and now he wanted to marry her?
He blushed and stepped back. “I spoke without thinking.”
She grabbed his hand. “But you spoke from your heart?”
He nodded but would no longer look at her.

“Then from my heart, I accept,” she said, never feeling more certain of her actions than now.

Now the other brother, Ky who wishes to marry his young love True, has been told by the council that he'll have to wait many years to marry her, for she is too young. Her claimed age is young. She'll soon be sixteen. What no one realizes is her race of humanoids live far longer than humans and she is fully mature. She's just incredibly happy and will always seem a child to humans. (She comes from a race call Ebulants.)
But since the colonists believe her to be a 16 yr. old human,  the head of the council insists they wait. However, when True dies, everything changes.
An Excerpt
Ky knelt beside True's unconscious body. A pig chattered at him with squeals and grunts. He pushed it away and mentally called out to Sojourn on the cruiser.
By the time he gathered True in his arms and ran out of the trees, the small ship had landed and was waiting for him. Sojourn took True from Ky’s arms so he could climb aboard. The moment she was secured, they returned to the other valley.

Ky carried her to the ship’s medical room, where Shaman Troy was waiting with the medic. Upon seeing blood running from her ears, the men began their work. Shaman Troy, Saran, and Ky laid hands upon True and chanted the prayer of healing.

The medic began his tests, but stopped working after the first one and stood back. Ky didn’t dare break the prayer to demand why. Shaman Troy’s prayer was working. He could sense the flow of blood in True’s brain tissue reversing and returning to the ruptured vessels. Then he felt the rips closing. He smiled as the last vein healed.

She was well again. But why was she so silent?
Shaman Troy’s voice spoke inside his head. “Talk to her, Ky. Call her back.”
Fear and panic consumed him as he realized what Shaman Troy meant. True’s body was healed, but her soul had left it.

“True!” he called out to quiet blackness. “True, come back to me. You have to come back to me.” He waited but heard nothing. “Dear Gods, I’ve lost her,” he cried, and collapsed to the floor. Tears streamed down his face.
Shaman Troy’s words broke through his misery. “Try harder! You must find her.”

Realizing that Shaman Troy believed he could still bring True back, Ky tried again, this time focusing on her greatest wish, something she had wanted for a long time, “True, come back so we can marry. Right now! I want to marry you right this minute!”

Pure joy flooded his body and he heard True speak in his head. “Yes. Then none can separate us again.”

Her eyes fluttered and Shaman Troy broke the prayer and stepped back. Ky pulled her physical body to his. “True, speak to me.”

Her beautiful smile calmed his fears, as her loving arms slipped around his neck. She then turned, grinning at Shaman Troy. “Marry us.”

Shaman Troy didn’t blink an eye. “Do you, True, take Ky as your soul-bond?”
“I do.” She laughed with joy.

 “Do you, Ky, take True as your soul-bond?”

“Yes,” he said with absolute certainty.

“Then you are married and soul-bonded. May the Gods bless you always.”

True sighed with happiness. “Where can we have our honeymoon?”

“You may use our quarters.” Saran said.


And finally the necessary pieces fall into place, not just for true love, but the future of the Path of Light. In 95% of the universes the Path of Light reigns. And now those critical to its success are all bonded with strong mates. While some will remain on Terranue, the others will travel in the extraordinary new ship being commissioned for the soon to be 'Admiral' Sojourn to command. Drogan, the ghosts of Captain Longfellow and Cass will be there. Jake will be his second in command, and Davy his pilot, Petron will make them the best sims library conceivable. And during their travels, they will pick up new crew members from the sentients they meet. 

Their mission is to locate and establish treaties with all sentients. Do I need to forewarn you not all sentient creatures are nice?  I suspect Sojourn will require a great deal of advice from those mentally connected to him, and those coming along for the adventure of their lives.

And this time, Sojourn will have the finest crew ever imagined.

Sales Link
Book 4 : Surviving Sojourn
Book 3: Surviving Terranue
Book 2: Surviving Outbound
Book 1: The Gods of Probabilities
All books are free for KU subscribers
About Author
Liza is a multiple genre author of 17 novels. A Late Victorian Series, The Adventures of Xavier & Vic, plus a spinoff, A Right to Love, is an ongoing series.    A Long Road to Love is a humorous Contemporary Disaster Romance series of five books. She has two single books. One is a humorous, bad boys contemporary novel with ghosts, called Ghost Lover, the other is Untamed & Unabashed, a spinoff from Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.
Now, she’s rolling out her Science fiction series (with romance & humor) called The Multiverses. The first four books are slotted for last half of 2015.  In addition she hopes, if she hasn’t dropped from exhaustion by then, to re-release a sometimes humorous/suspense thriller called Saving Casey

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