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Surviving Sojourn-lot's of loving going around...

The conclusion to the Multiverse Series and the kick off to the In Search of Sentients Series. If you only read one of this series, make it this one. 
"the best book of the series"

An alien species is removing human colonies from planets, but to where, no one knows. Sojourn, along with the Emperor’s daughter and their crew, must find this unknown species and negotiate a treaty before the Empire’s army declares war on all non-human races.
Those who do not follow the Path of Light would prefer to kill all the non-human sentient beings before they are even aware they are under attack.

 Matters turn bleak for the Path of Light before their journey even begins. While provisioning on Terranue, Sojourn’s ship gets a hole blown in its side by Xenophobes.

Today, I'm sharing the conclusion to two love stories from Surviving Sojourn. 

Sojourn fell in love with Princess Shikana pretty much on sight. However, he never expected anything would come from it. She would someday be the Empress of all the Universe, while he was a lowly colonist turned Outbound crewmember. Until a short time ago, he had been the lowest ranked crewmember in perhaps the worst crew in the Outbound fleet.

Now he is the captain of the ship and soon they will leave the planet Terranue in search of the sentients who are removing humans from the planets they claim are theirs.

Having concern some of General Branson's men (Her retinue of Protection) are closet Xenophobes, Shakana suggests to her general that all the soldiers be questioned by Tamara. Instead of complying to her request, Branson attempts to assassinate her, only Tamara saves her and Sojourn quickly retrieves her and takes her to a place of safety on the ship.

An excerpt:
Once alone with Sojourn, the princess burst into heavy sobs. She felt more alone than she’d ever imagined possible. Yet even as the thought entered her mind, she knew it was not true. She had Sojourn. He walked the true Path of Light. As long as she remained with him, she would never be alone.
An explosion sounded down the hall and the ship trembled. Soon after another followed. A half-hour later a third rumbling sounded. She leaned her head against Sojourn. “Please Gods, let that be all.”
The Gods answered with silence.
“Are you ready to leave this room?” Sojourn handed her a cloth to dry her eyes.
She rubbed her eyes and raised her chin. “So I only lost four…”
“And our ship,” Sojourn added.
She gasped in pain at the full extent of their losses. “Then we are marooned here?”
He stroked her hair. “We are until we come up with a solution.” Before she could return to tears he added, “Perhaps we need this time to find our way.”
She stared at him in confusion. “What do you mean? You know our path.”
He nodded. “I was speaking of our personal destiny. I have strong feelings for you, but you are royalty and I am common…”
She shook her head. “You are far from common. You are unique in all the universes. Sojourn, you are beyond me.”
He smiled at her declaration. “If that is true, would we not be stronger if we joined?”
She blinked several times, barely able to make sense of his words. He had never returned her attempts at flirtations, nor tried to kiss her, and now he wanted to marry her?
He blushed and stepped back. “I spoke without thinking.”
She grabbed his hand. “But you spoke from your heart?”
He nodded but would no longer look at her.

“Then from my heart, I accept,” she said, never feeling more certain of her actions than now.

Now the other brother, Ky who wishes to marry his young love True, has been told by the council that he'll have to wait many years to marry her, for she is too young. Her claimed age is young. She'll soon be sixteen. What no one realizes is her race of humanoids live far longer than humans and she is fully mature. She's just incredibly happy and will always seem a child to humans. (She comes from a race call Ebulants.)
But since the colonists believe her to be a 16 yr. old human,  the head of the council insists they wait. However, when True dies, everything changes.
An Excerpt
Ky knelt beside True's unconscious body. A pig chattered at him with squeals and grunts. He pushed it away and mentally called out to Sojourn on the cruiser.
By the time he gathered True in his arms and ran out of the trees, the small ship had landed and was waiting for him. Sojourn took True from Ky’s arms so he could climb aboard. The moment she was secured, they returned to the other valley.

Ky carried her to the ship’s medical room, where Shaman Troy was waiting with the medic. Upon seeing blood running from her ears, the men began their work. Shaman Troy, Saran, and Ky laid hands upon True and chanted the prayer of healing.

The medic began his tests, but stopped working after the first one and stood back. Ky didn’t dare break the prayer to demand why. Shaman Troy’s prayer was working. He could sense the flow of blood in True’s brain tissue reversing and returning to the ruptured vessels. Then he felt the rips closing. He smiled as the last vein healed.

She was well again. But why was she so silent?
Shaman Troy’s voice spoke inside his head. “Talk to her, Ky. Call her back.”
Fear and panic consumed him as he realized what Shaman Troy meant. True’s body was healed, but her soul had left it.

“True!” he called out to quiet blackness. “True, come back to me. You have to come back to me.” He waited but heard nothing. “Dear Gods, I’ve lost her,” he cried, and collapsed to the floor. Tears streamed down his face.
Shaman Troy’s words broke through his misery. “Try harder! You must find her.”

Realizing that Shaman Troy believed he could still bring True back, Ky tried again, this time focusing on her greatest wish, something she had wanted for a long time, “True, come back so we can marry. Right now! I want to marry you right this minute!”

Pure joy flooded his body and he heard True speak in his head. “Yes. Then none can separate us again.”

Her eyes fluttered and Shaman Troy broke the prayer and stepped back. Ky pulled her physical body to his. “True, speak to me.”

Her beautiful smile calmed his fears, as her loving arms slipped around his neck. She then turned, grinning at Shaman Troy. “Marry us.”

Shaman Troy didn’t blink an eye. “Do you, True, take Ky as your soul-bond?”
“I do.” She laughed with joy.

 “Do you, Ky, take True as your soul-bond?”

“Yes,” he said with absolute certainty.

“Then you are married and soul-bonded. May the Gods bless you always.”

True sighed with happiness. “Where can we have our honeymoon?”

“You may use our quarters.” Saran said.


And finally the necessary pieces fall into place, not just for true love, but the future of the Path of Light. In 95% of the universes the Path of Light reigns. And now those critical to its success are all bonded with strong mates. While some will remain on Terranue, the others will travel in the extraordinary new ship being commissioned for the soon to be 'Admiral' Sojourn to command. Drogan, the ghosts of Captain Longfellow and Cass will be there. Jake will be his second in command, and Davy his pilot, Petron will make them the best sims library conceivable. And during their travels, they will pick up new crew members from the sentients they meet. 

Their mission is to locate and establish treaties with all sentients. Do I need to forewarn you not all sentient creatures are nice?  I suspect Sojourn will require a great deal of advice from those mentally connected to him, and those coming along for the adventure of their lives.

And this time, Sojourn will have the finest crew ever imagined.

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Book 4 : Surviving Sojourn
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Book 2: Surviving Outbound
Book 1: The Gods of Probabilities
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