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Wendy Lynn Clark shares Liberation's Vow

Hi Liza, thanks so much for having me on your blog today! I’m thrilled to tell everyone about my new release coming tomorrow, July 1 2016, Liberation’s Vow. It’s the third installment of my hot, action-packed science fiction romance series. Each book features a different couple with a happy ending, so they can be read as stand-alone romances.

Liberation’s Vow features the third sibling ripped apart by the secret assassination plot of the Robotics Faction. Planetary governor Aris holds the power to defy all his adversaries, but this sexy playboy finds himself brought to his knees by an indestructible heroine with unexpected vulnerabilities.

Resa can’t remember her past, but she’s been programmed to kill the governor as soon as he gives her the information she needs. But the longer she’s around the seductive man, the less she can control her craving for his intoxicating touch.

High stakes meets high passion, from the glittering domes of the rich to the deepest depths of the mines!
I had so much fun writing their story. Aris is jaded by all the women who throw themselves at him and frequently uses sex to accomplish his goals, so he needed the wakeup call of a woman who can’t be charmed – at least, not at first! He has hidden depths as well, and when he realizes that Resa can see past his position to the real man beneath, she becomes the one woman he will do anything for – even die to protect.

I love strong action heroines, like Trinity in The Matrix and Leeloo in The Fifth Element. Resa is my first complete kick-ass heroine, and she will not be my last. In addition to being virtually indestructible, she’s able to fire any weapon, drive any vehicle, withstand any damage, and repel bullets. As a consequence, she’s constantly saving Aris from assassination attempts, outrunning building collapses, and fighting off other evil robots. Her only real vulnerability is her heart…which Aris soon possesses, along with her body and soul.

If this sounds interesting, check it out! For the month of July, I’m also running a New Release Giveaway of a $25 Amazon gift card for anyone who purchases Liberation’s Vow. Details, plus the first in series free, are on my website.

Liberation's Vow


Wendy Lynn Clark

He wants redemption. She’s using him as bait. They’ll sacrifice everything for one passionate embrace...

Aris is tortured by his past. The regional governor and aristocrat once traded his half-sisters’ lives for power. Seeking to redeem himself, he makes a deal with a shady agent that could get him killed.

Resa is a zero-class assassin. Her predecessor was a murderous nightmare, and she has no choice but to fill those bloody shoes. She attempts to infiltrate Aris’ life to draw out the android-corrupting rogue agent. The mission reveals forbidden desires that change everything.

Aris is using Resa too, but similar feelings cloud his judgment. With their passion unleashed, a secret may be revealed: the real reason the Antiata family has been sentenced to death. Resa and Aris are the only ones who can stop a human-robot war that destroys all worlds forever.

Liberation’s Vow is the third book in a series of sci-fi romances, and it can be read as a stand-alone. If you like android assassins, creative world-building, and sizzling chemistry, then you’ll love Wendy Lynn Clark’s latest roller coaster romance.

Buy Liberation’s Vow to fight for love today!

She breathed in and moved out of his reach. “As your head of security, I advise against a course of action that places you in the home of a person who has tried to kill you, and which may be filled with others equally motivated.”

“That’s one opinion,” he said, mildly irritated at her continued dodge of his touch, and irritated that he was irritated.

“As your new secretary, I note that no official business will be transacted, thus rendering your attendance unnecessary.”

“And as my girlfriend?”

“As your convenient scapegoat, aka ‘jealous girlfriend,’ I forbid you from risking your life in a dangerous show of bravado with limited gains.”

He stepped closer. Her eyes widened as she looked up to meet his gaze. Her lips parted. He brushed a thumb across her chin. “You’re not my scapegoat.”

She held her ground. “Then what am I?”


She swallowed. Her gaze dropped to his arm. Uncertain, and sweet in her uncertainty. “You said that before.”

“I meant it before.” He slid his fingers along the delicate line of her jaw. “When you are in the room, I can’t look away from you.”

She sucked in a breath. “What are you doing?”

“Touching you.” He ran his knuckles along her collar.

She closed her eyes. “Why?”

“I love touching beautiful things.”


Wendy Lynn Clark is from the vibrant green Pacific Northwest. She writes contemporary and science fiction romance with sexy heroes and undefeatable heroines, as well as sweeping epic fantasy and creative nonfiction. Her words are infused with wonders from her travels—teaching in Japan for three years, earning her MA in Brighton, and studying abroad in Greece. When she’s not hiking in the Cascade mountain range, she’s writing on her couch with a steaming cup of tea and her two snuggly calico cats.

Her books are a mix of soaring imagination, blockbuster action, and thrilling romance. They are recommended for anyone who enjoys a well-told story with a happy ending guaranteed.

For up to date promotions and release dates of upcoming books, sign up for the latest news at her website:

Author Website:

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Carysa Locke shares her latest Space Pirate novel: Pirate Nemesis

Today I have Carysa Locke over to share her space pirates novel: Pirate Nemesis. 

I had sent Carysa three questions to answer but she had evidently been kidnapped by pirates and could not respond. However, late last evening I received their ransom note...thus explaining the white strips. That's always a sign of pirates... At least they didn't ask me for money, and they responded with what may or may not be Carysa's answers. 

1) What type of pirates are your pirates?
Sexy and dangerous!

2) Do they have any special talents?
SO many! They have psychic gifts, like telepathy, telekinesis, and killing.

3) Which pirate do you like the best?

In the real world? Jack Sparrow is a favorite. In my books, it's really hard to choose just one. But I do have a soft spot for Cannon, my pirate king. 

Killers. Thieves. Pirates. Family. 

Mercy Kincaid is a fugitive from her own family. Her dangerous telepathic gifts make her a target. So is anyone she gets close to. When her best friend is captured and tortured, Mercy’s only hope is to reunite with the family that tried to murder her as a child. She trusts few among her blood relatives, but finds herself intrigued by an enigmatic and dangerous killer. 

Reaper has spent a lifetime watching his people die. He's vowed to kill anyone who jeopardizes their survival. Mercy’s gifts are the biggest threat they’ve faced in eleven years, since a biological weapon nearly annihilated the pirate colonies. But Reaper realizes her talents can either destroy them, or save them. He must decide if he’s fallen victim to her power, or if he can truly trust the beautiful woman and her compelling abilities. If he makes the wrong choice, everyone dies.

Reaper studied her face.
Are you rethinking your choice? There are others on this ship who could teach you. People who are not like me.
She probably should have stopped to seriously consider his words, but Mercy found herself smiling wryly. Now that she’d made the jump, her fear faded.
“They’re pirates. Are you telling me these people aren’t violent? That they have never killed anyone?”
No. He looked at her. But it is different for them.
“Maybe. Maybe not.” She lengthened her stride to keep up with him as they walked. “Look, nothing has changed. Out of everyone on this ship, you’ve had ample opportunity to kill me, if that’s what you wanted to do. You haven’t, so I believe that makes you the safest person for me to be around right now.” She paused, then shrugged. “Safer than family, anyway.”
He gave her an odd look, and stopped beside a door.
“What?” she asked.
No one has ever called me “safe” before.
Mercy met his gaze for a long moment before answering. “I’ve spent my entire life running from things. When I was four, I had nightmares about my grandmother trying to kill me. I used to look at every stranger as a potential threat. When you live like that, you learn pretty quickly not to let fear control you. I can be hyper-aware of danger without giving in to being afraid.” She switched to speaking telepathically. What you are is frightening, but I’m used to viewing everyone that way. You have control of it. That control makes you safe.
Reaper smiled, and Mercy caught her breath. He was a striking man, with hard, masculine features and pale blue eyes that seemed to hit her with adrenaline every time he looked at her. But the smile softened his face and added a hint of warmth that made him suddenly approachable. It took striking features and made them compelling. She had the sudden, irrational urge to lean into him, to reach out and touch him. Watching his mouth, she found herself wondering what it would be like to kiss him. His smile widened as he watched her, and Mercy remembered that he could hear every thought.
Don’t let it go to your head, she told him, ignoring the way her face heated. I just spent weeks thinking I was a dead woman. It’s natural to think of sex after coming back from the brink of death.
Were you thinking of sex? Reaper shocked her by reaching out and taking her hand. The second his fingers brushed her skin, her stomach tightened, and warmth bloomed down the back of her hand, seeming to spread over her entire body in an instant. He pressed her fingers to the door panel. I thought it was just a kiss.
He dropped her hand as the door slid open, and Mercy cradled it against her like it was burned. She glared at him.
“Don’t look so smug. It isn’t attractive.”
He laughed softly, and it was a startling sound coming from someone who usually showed very little emotion. “Liar.”

Carysa Locke is the pseudonym for writing team Carysa Locke and MaLea Holt, two best friends who have been creating imaginary worlds together for more than twenty years. Carysa is a high school English teacher, and MaLea helps support families with special needs children. You might say, they work as super heroes in their day jobs!

Their obsession with pirates and adventure goes back many years, when they started another hobby together - costuming. They regularly attend Ren-faires and Pirate Festivals. They currently reside in the Pacific Northwest with their families, where they still routinely roleplay and costume together, when they aren't too busy working on the next novel.

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L H Whitlock shares Matched and a bit about her next release, The Miners of Zalma: Oppression

Today, I have a new Sci-Fi author over.
L. H. Whitlock
Let's give her a happy hello!
First, let's check out her current release,

Matched: A Galactic Battle Series


L.H. Whitlock

Golan is pillaging the galaxy, Harvesting planets for their Synthnic, and destroying entire civilizations. The Renegade, a loose-knit band of thieves, warriors, and refugees, are the only force standing in his way. 

Lily is a commander in the Renegade and leads a small team that focuses on relocating civilizations before their planets are destroyed. During an ambush Lily comes face to face with Ulrick, one of Golan’s strongest generals, and a fire ignites inside her that threatens to consume her. 

Ulrick has lived his life trying to redeem himself; to ensure that his sacrifices were not for nothing. He has grown tired of the fear he sees in people’s eyes, and of the destruction, but the time has come when he will finally make his move. 

Ulrick had long ago given up on the idea that his match existed, until one day the stagnant markings on his arm begin to churn. 

While ancient Hilian rituals demand that the two are meant to be together, time and war have dirtied what may have once been a whirlwind romance.

Ulrick slowed his pursuit, his adrenaline coursing at a rate it rarely did. Excitement and pride swelled in his chest. It was her!
He watched Lily’s eyes jump wildly around the room, looking for her escape. 
He would give her none.
Her hair hung around her face, not her usual light blonde, but he could picture the color clear in his mind. The bold black bands circled, twisted, and spiraled over his arms, as though celebrating his capture. Though her markings were hidden, they called to him and there was no doubt that this was his mate.  
She backed away until her heel hit the wall. Her gaze fluttered to him and narrowed in challenge. She lunged to the right, attempting to squeeze past him. He matched her movement, blocking her escape. 
Her gaze locked onto his hands. Ulrick followed the line of her vision and noticed that he was still clutching the kitchen knives she hurled at him. Holding one hand in the air, a signal of good intentions, he slowly set the blades on the counter. How could he be so careless and abrasive? He could practically hear Mickaal’s voice in his head. “You certainly have a way with the ladies, my friend.” If his friend heard that his first encounter with Lily was cornering her against a wall with a fist full of knives he would never hear the end of it. 
Lily watched him with confused, untrusting eyes. He couldn’t blame her; he wasn’t exactly doing anything that would win her trust. He took a step toward her, his mouth suddenly dry and palms sweaty. Taking another step he reached out and circled her pale arm. 
She froze, her eyes locked onto him flashing between fear, confusion, recognition–and may the Lady Rie’Kue bless him if he saw a hint of lust. 
“Ja’ Keo Gruna. Tendora kuni ramora fixio.” His voice sounded harsher then he intended and he licked his lips in expectation of her response. 
She stared at him, idly brushing her fingers over her arm, no doubt trying to calm the dance and release the building heat. Why is she not responding? Is she unsatisfied with my proposal? He should have presented her with the hand carved necklace, the Grun’Jari. Once she saw the collection of gems and stones she would know how long he had searched for her. He growled, angry that he hadn’t provided a fitting proposal. Mickaal’s never going to let this go.
Lily tugged, attempting to break away, but he was unwilling to release her. Heat washed through his arm, hardening his body and deepening his breath. His Kensliegs flared, reaching for his mate, jumping from his arm to merge with her. It was happening. The merging of Kenslieg, the sign of a true, predestined mate. Desperate to see the blend, he slipped off the ring on her middle finger and her disguise melted away revealing pale hair, toned arms, aqua eyes, and chocolate brown markings. The intricate designs curled around his bolder black lines as they crept up her arm, claiming her, marking her as his. Her eyes widened and face flushed as she watched the swirling mixture of black and brown dance up the length of her arm. A soft gasp left her lips. Ulrick couldn’t take his eyes off her. She was perfect, everything he had ever desired. 
“How the hell are you doing that?” Her eyes snapped up to him accusingly.
In a flash Ulrick realized she didn’t know what was happening. Relief washed over him. She was not rejecting his proposal, she just didn’t understand and how could she? She was certainly a half-breed, Hilia had been destroyed one hundred and fifty years ago, there was no way she knew of these ancient rituals. 
Lily’s eyes furrowed and her tongue darted out to lick her lips.
Ulrick watched her tongue glide over her lip and with a low rumble he pulled her to him with an easy tug. Reaching around her, he wove his fingers in her hair, longing to capture her kiss. The light, silky strands had to be the softest thing he had ever felt and he found himself wondering if her skin was just as soft. Ulrick couldn’t seem to get enough of her and he leaned in for another breath of her intoxicating scent. 
Interestingly enough, she didn’t pull away from him and Ulrick wondered if she were as hypnotized by him as he was by her. 
His markings slowed to a sultry dance, his body growing hard and achy. Unable to resist he cupped her chin, tilting her to meet his gaze. “Ja’ Keo Gruna. Tendora kuni ramora fixio.” He paused for a moment thinking of a proper translation. “Match…”
“Master Ulrick! No!” The shout from the Keeper cut Ulrick’s advances off. Lily snapped out of her trance, going rigid in his embrace.
Ulrick, who was still blocking his mate’s small body from the Keeper’s view, slid the ring back onto her finger and watched as her disguise took shape once again. 
The Keeper threw herself between them, pushing Lily out of his arms. “Please! She’s just an idiot! I’ll discipline her! Spare her life!” the Keeper pleaded. 
Ulrick growled. Damn woman. I am so close. He forced a deep breath to calm his temper, he couldn’t bear the thought of Lily witnessing his anger; he only wanted her to see him in his best form.

“Fine, bring her to my room. I will deal with her later,” Ulrick snapped.  

 Upcoming release: 07/2016 
The Miners of Zalma: Oppression
A rebellion is forming, slow as it may be, and everyone has a side. Whether they know it yet or not.
Legend says that Lady Krass gave all of her children a birthmark, a way to know who their predestined lover was; so no one would ever be hurt like she had been before. This used to be a beautiful truth. But after generations of segregation, corrupt tests determining status, and government power, truth has become a dwindling fairy tale.
Lev had worked years to build his house and make a name for himself.  One of power, wealth, and luxury. Now all he needs to secure his houses’ position is a wife. After he submitted his request for a bride, everything seemed to be going according to plan. That is until he received word of a robbery in progress.
Thief. Street rat. Scum. Criminal. Clover’s been called many things; all of which she claims innocence to. She has spent a life working in the mines, living in a rundown hut, and barely making ends meet. It is the villagers’ way of life to help each other out, and Clover has tried her best to pull her weight. So, when she learns that her friend’s brother has fallen ill to a mysterious sickness, she knows she must steal the forbidden healing gem, letia, so he can recover. Everything seemed to be going according to plan, but then the shuttle she was stealing from takes off…with her still inside.

Lyndsay began her writing adventure when she moved to Colorado with her husband. She has always loved stories and has been an avid reader for most of her life. Her fascination with science and astronomy started in school and only grew as the years went on. Most of her inspiration comes from day to day interactions as well as movies, games and articles. When not writing, Lyndsay is playing with her two rescue dogs, Skip and Peaches, or running and kick boxing at the gym.

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A New Danger to threaten Earth

Today, we are going to discuss a threat to humankind that may take down the human race. Meet the Zika virus.

Nonsense Liza. The Zika virus isn't even in the US.

WRONG!!!  It is, and not just in Puerto Rico & the Virgin Islands.

But let's look at Puerto Rico and VI first:
Data from the CDC updated June 2016
US Territories
  • Locally acquired cases reported: 1,436
  • Travel-associated cases reported: 4
  • Total: 1,440
    • Guillain-Barré syndrome: 6

Now lets look at the US Continent

US States
  • Locally acquired mosquito-borne cases reported: 0
  • Travel-associated cases reported: 755
  • Laboratory acquired cases reported:  1
  • Total: 756
    • Sexually transmitted: 11
    • Guillain-Barré syndrome: 3

Hold on, why aren't the cases of zika virus deforming babies listed?

 I found these #s reported to be from the CDC but the artilcle wasn't dated so current numbers could be larger.

168 pregnant women in the US and the District of Columbia have been diagnosed with Zika and another 142 have been identified in the US territories, which includes the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

That's over 300 US babies carrying the Zika virus, with more than half of them in the US continent.

So what's this other disease humans can get from the Zika virus?

Guillain-Barré syndrome:   

Guillain-Barre (gee-YAH-buh-RAY) syndrome is a rare disorder in which your body's immune system attacks your nerves. Weakness and tingling in your extremities are usually the first symptoms.
These sensations can quickly spread, eventually paralyzing your whole body. In its most severe form Guillain-Barre syndrome is a medical emergency. Most people with the condition must be hospitalized to receive treatment.
There's no known cure for Guillain-Barre syndrome, but several treatments can ease symptoms and reduce the duration of the illness.

How do most people react to the virus?

The symptons are usually a mild rash, joint discomfort, red eyes and a fever, but in many cases the symptons are so mild they go unnoticed. 

Why are we having the Olympics
in Brazil?

It's the Winter Olympics, so thy deemed the threat of the Zika virus unlikely, given the mosquitoes are it's carrier.

But is that true? Probably not. It's expected to be a mild winter at the time of the Olympics, which means the mosquitos will still be flying about during the daytime. (The main carrier of Zika prefers daytime flying.)

Won't all the previously infected Brazilians be transmitting this to the 400,000 + visitors coming to watch the Olympics?

Current belief is once you recover from the bite then you should be immune. It takes approximately 1 week for most to recover. Still CDC is advising those who return from other countries to not let any US mosquitoes bite you for three weeks, in fear of transmitting the disease to our mosquito population.

However, the length of time it takes to not transmit the disease to sexual partners via vaginal, oral, or anal sex, is not yet known, but it is without question, longer than a week.

The best advice CDC provides is to use a condom (from the first til the end) during sex.

So why am I worried about the spread of the Zika virus?  Clearly the Olympic People aren't. And our congressman aren't since they turned down the CDC's request for more funding.

Two reasons: First there are a great deal we don't know about this disease, but what we do know is that it can wipe out a generation of children pretty easily if it takes root in the U.S. 

Hold on, not all the children are struck with microcephaly.

True, but once our normally harmless mosquitos acquire the Zika virus, and begins to spread the disease, all responsible parents will cease having children until this pandemic ends.

  And guess what? It's been verified that our normal mosquitoes CAN transmit the Zika Virus. They just need to bite someone who has it, who may have no clue they carry the disease.

And while the CDC does not yet know if women can sexually transmit the disease to a male, she can without question give blood to a mosquito. 

The risk of the zika virus is its ability to spread in various ways and  attack the human body with multiple diseases, the most grievious being the attack our next generations.

However, Guillian-Barres Syndrom is no joke either and that can attack all of us. 

WHO estimates four million people will be infected in the next year.

The head of Infectious Diseases calls it a Pandemic in Progress.

And thus far, there  is NO VACCINE to prevent its nefarious attacks on humans.

However, I leave you with this hope. If you and your child survive the potential threats then based on OTHER similar infections, you should acquire an immunity for the rest of your life.

In that case, we will only suffer a missing generation, but the human race will continue.

If the virus manages to break free itself of the one-time restriction by genetically altering itself enough to reattack a prior host, then we are all doomed. 

Despite our sprays and attempts to de-fertalize them, the Mosquito will not be conquered.

So as we watch our athelites compete in the Olympics, let us ponder: Will this be the send off of a pandemic beyond anything, including the black plague, as people return to their countries bearing a disease with no vaccine.

Given all the ways the Earth can destroy us, will our actual demise come from a tiny mosquito?

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Rosalie Redd shares Unforgettable Lover. and Liza reviews it.

Today, I have Rosalie Redd over to share her book: Unforgettable Lover.

Warning: If you stare at this fellow too long, you will never be satisfied with a normal human ever again.

The Betram ritual, when the full moon occurs on the summer solstice, is a sexual rite—and a requirement—for all unbonded Stiyaha of age. The irresistible urge to mate drives their inner beasts. Some succumb and transform, while others hide behind masks. None can escape the compelling need.

For Leonna, Betram offers one night of freedom from a destiny she doesn’t want. Eager to participate, she’s drawn to a formidable male whose tenderness burrows into her soul. Despite discovering she’s below his status, she is caught up in their passionate frenzy, and loses her heart to a male she can never have.

Though reluctant, as an unbonded male, Prince Nicholai must participate in the Betram ritual. Because he fears harming anyone he gets close to, he dons his mask and vows to stay in human form. What he doesn’t expect is the intensity of his hunger for a certain honeyed female hidden behind a disguise. As much as he longs to forget her, he can’t, for she’s unforgettable.

As they raced through the trees, Nicholai caught glimpses of her fine figure. A dark short sleeved shirt fitted her body, accentuating her firm breasts. Long, elegant legs couldn’t hide beneath the short skirt that accentuated her hips. Black gloves covered her hands, extending mid-way up her forearms. Each time he spotted her, he learned more about the female he pursued. She intrigued him, and he intensified the hunt. 
He closed the distance in a matter of moments. The excitement of the chase and the thrill of the catch were like a drug in his system. He craved more.
As he took her down, he expected softness and curves. Instead, her delicate skin covered a muscular build that took him by surprise. His beast responded, eager to couple with this strong, virile female. At the last moment he spun, using his own body to cushion their fall.
Ahhhh. Her cry rang in his ears and burrowed down into his soul. A sense of masculine pride and possessiveness filled his chest, a need so raw he couldn’t deny its power over him. A thin veil of red blurred his vision, the power of the full moon on the summer solstice taking its toll on his psyche.  
The spongy earth, covered in moss and small bits of grass, provided the perfect blanket of softness. Cradling her in his arms as he lay on his back, he gazed upon her masked face for the first time. 
Vibrant blue eyes encased with long lashes stared back at him through the holes in her disguise. High cheekbones, flushed from her exertion, were visible beneath the edge of her mask. Although her nose was hidden behind the tip of the material, ruby red lips provided enough details to spark his imagination. 

What a delightful  love story!

The author has created a fabulous world with characters that would not let me put the book down, so now I am in danger of starving to death. But what a way to go!

Leonna meets Nicholas during the Betram ritual in which all none betrothed adults must attend. While the populace remains in human form most of the time, on Betram the beast within this race of humans will take over and find a mate for the night.

Neither Leonna nor Nicholas had looked forward to this ritual and both planned to remain in human form. That is until they scented each other.

Neither can deny the love that consumes them. But there are several problems for any future between them:
    1)     They wore disguises, so they no clue how to find each other.
    2)     Nicholas is the king's first son.
    3)     Leonna is from the merchant class.
    4)     And there is an evil second brother who wants to be king.

You won’t be able to put this book down until all those matters are resolved.

Happy to give this 5 stars!

After finishing a rewarding career in finance and accounting, it was time for Rosalie Redd to put away the spreadsheets and take out the word processor. She writes Fantasy/Science Fiction Romance inspired by classics from the science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres layered with a good, hot dose of romance.
She lives in Oregon, where rain is just another excuse to keep writing. When not at her computer, you can find her at Jazzercise, waterfall collecting in the Pacific Northwest, or relaxing with her husband and their pesky cat, Snookums.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Sheila Hoag shares how Genetically Engineered Humans think of Sex.

It’s me again.  Thank you Liza, for letting me blabber on about my books.  Pretty soon, there will be a new one.  So today, I think I'll delve into the romance/not romance aspect of my Wildblood series.
Fact 1 - Shannon loves Mac, and the feeling is mutual. It's not something that will change, but it will evolve.

Fact 2 - Both are Genetically Engineered humans and if intelligence was still measured in IQs, they'd be high up on that scale. We know very smart people have thought processes that can be . . . unique. Same for the Gen En. Combine those, and it's chaos!

Fact 3 - The world they've grown up in is nothing like the world we know. Monogamy is a thing, mostly that their parents know. The Vista is a small, isolated society, and this limits many things, including the gene pool. This factor comes in to play later, but it's always there.

So. Mac and Shan. They have each other, and they have other relationships. The Gen En, the Altered humans in particular don't equate one relationship with another. That is, if they happened to be having sex with a particular person, it has no bearing on what they are doing with other people. It's even rare for jealousy to show up, because they just don't see love and/or sex as a rivalry.
Could that change? Oh, hell yes. I never know where these three (Wade, Mac & Shan) are going to go, that I hadn't planned.
Do I see future problems between Mac and Hunter? Or either of them and the hinted at 'other man'? Please see previous paragraph.
The problem my MCs run across is something they have no control over. This makes it all the more frustrating for them. There is nothing they can do about their genetics. There is nothing they can do to change the fact, that if they would have children, those children would be plagued by the same (or worse) problems that they've dealt with their entire lives. Shan and Mac understand, they can't have a future together, in the traditional sense. Of course, they aren't 'traditional' in any sense of the word!
This leaves her relationship with Hunter even more speculative. Hunter's father wanted to eliminate human genetic testing, to make it illegal. He still believes he was right, and he’s a major force in future books of the series. What Shannon is, he doesn't know yet, other than his long-lost son has more than a passing interest in her. Their future? Hunter is a stabilizing force in her life; Shannon challenges him in ways he never expected.
So, is it a romance?  Come on – life is filled with romance, the biggest adventure of all!  Yes, it is, BTW.  There wouldn’t be much of a story if the members of Team Three were just casual acquaintances.  Or if their relationships didn’t change.  Or if I gave away any big spoilers.

Renegades: Book 2 of The Wildblood is in full edit mode right now. In the meantime, go catch up on the story with The Vista: Book 1 of The Wildblood, available on all e-formats now.  It’s a post-apocalyptic, sci-fi, action-adventure.  Say that, three times fast.

S. A. Hoag is a sci-fi fanatic, amateur astronomer, and life-long book hoarder.  She lives in the desert, where it easier to look at the stars and find some quiet.  When she’s tired of the quiet, there is music, and coffee.  The books even have soundtracks. 
(Note: Liza has enlarged this to SHE could read it.
Your Welcome :))