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L H Whitlock shares Matched and a bit about her next release, The Miners of Zalma: Oppression

Today, I have a new Sci-Fi author over.
L. H. Whitlock
Let's give her a happy hello!
First, let's check out her current release,

Matched: A Galactic Battle Series


L.H. Whitlock

Golan is pillaging the galaxy, Harvesting planets for their Synthnic, and destroying entire civilizations. The Renegade, a loose-knit band of thieves, warriors, and refugees, are the only force standing in his way. 

Lily is a commander in the Renegade and leads a small team that focuses on relocating civilizations before their planets are destroyed. During an ambush Lily comes face to face with Ulrick, one of Golan’s strongest generals, and a fire ignites inside her that threatens to consume her. 

Ulrick has lived his life trying to redeem himself; to ensure that his sacrifices were not for nothing. He has grown tired of the fear he sees in people’s eyes, and of the destruction, but the time has come when he will finally make his move. 

Ulrick had long ago given up on the idea that his match existed, until one day the stagnant markings on his arm begin to churn. 

While ancient Hilian rituals demand that the two are meant to be together, time and war have dirtied what may have once been a whirlwind romance.

Ulrick slowed his pursuit, his adrenaline coursing at a rate it rarely did. Excitement and pride swelled in his chest. It was her!
He watched Lily’s eyes jump wildly around the room, looking for her escape. 
He would give her none.
Her hair hung around her face, not her usual light blonde, but he could picture the color clear in his mind. The bold black bands circled, twisted, and spiraled over his arms, as though celebrating his capture. Though her markings were hidden, they called to him and there was no doubt that this was his mate.  
She backed away until her heel hit the wall. Her gaze fluttered to him and narrowed in challenge. She lunged to the right, attempting to squeeze past him. He matched her movement, blocking her escape. 
Her gaze locked onto his hands. Ulrick followed the line of her vision and noticed that he was still clutching the kitchen knives she hurled at him. Holding one hand in the air, a signal of good intentions, he slowly set the blades on the counter. How could he be so careless and abrasive? He could practically hear Mickaal’s voice in his head. “You certainly have a way with the ladies, my friend.” If his friend heard that his first encounter with Lily was cornering her against a wall with a fist full of knives he would never hear the end of it. 
Lily watched him with confused, untrusting eyes. He couldn’t blame her; he wasn’t exactly doing anything that would win her trust. He took a step toward her, his mouth suddenly dry and palms sweaty. Taking another step he reached out and circled her pale arm. 
She froze, her eyes locked onto him flashing between fear, confusion, recognition–and may the Lady Rie’Kue bless him if he saw a hint of lust. 
“Ja’ Keo Gruna. Tendora kuni ramora fixio.” His voice sounded harsher then he intended and he licked his lips in expectation of her response. 
She stared at him, idly brushing her fingers over her arm, no doubt trying to calm the dance and release the building heat. Why is she not responding? Is she unsatisfied with my proposal? He should have presented her with the hand carved necklace, the Grun’Jari. Once she saw the collection of gems and stones she would know how long he had searched for her. He growled, angry that he hadn’t provided a fitting proposal. Mickaal’s never going to let this go.
Lily tugged, attempting to break away, but he was unwilling to release her. Heat washed through his arm, hardening his body and deepening his breath. His Kensliegs flared, reaching for his mate, jumping from his arm to merge with her. It was happening. The merging of Kenslieg, the sign of a true, predestined mate. Desperate to see the blend, he slipped off the ring on her middle finger and her disguise melted away revealing pale hair, toned arms, aqua eyes, and chocolate brown markings. The intricate designs curled around his bolder black lines as they crept up her arm, claiming her, marking her as his. Her eyes widened and face flushed as she watched the swirling mixture of black and brown dance up the length of her arm. A soft gasp left her lips. Ulrick couldn’t take his eyes off her. She was perfect, everything he had ever desired. 
“How the hell are you doing that?” Her eyes snapped up to him accusingly.
In a flash Ulrick realized she didn’t know what was happening. Relief washed over him. She was not rejecting his proposal, she just didn’t understand and how could she? She was certainly a half-breed, Hilia had been destroyed one hundred and fifty years ago, there was no way she knew of these ancient rituals. 
Lily’s eyes furrowed and her tongue darted out to lick her lips.
Ulrick watched her tongue glide over her lip and with a low rumble he pulled her to him with an easy tug. Reaching around her, he wove his fingers in her hair, longing to capture her kiss. The light, silky strands had to be the softest thing he had ever felt and he found himself wondering if her skin was just as soft. Ulrick couldn’t seem to get enough of her and he leaned in for another breath of her intoxicating scent. 
Interestingly enough, she didn’t pull away from him and Ulrick wondered if she were as hypnotized by him as he was by her. 
His markings slowed to a sultry dance, his body growing hard and achy. Unable to resist he cupped her chin, tilting her to meet his gaze. “Ja’ Keo Gruna. Tendora kuni ramora fixio.” He paused for a moment thinking of a proper translation. “Match…”
“Master Ulrick! No!” The shout from the Keeper cut Ulrick’s advances off. Lily snapped out of her trance, going rigid in his embrace.
Ulrick, who was still blocking his mate’s small body from the Keeper’s view, slid the ring back onto her finger and watched as her disguise took shape once again. 
The Keeper threw herself between them, pushing Lily out of his arms. “Please! She’s just an idiot! I’ll discipline her! Spare her life!” the Keeper pleaded. 
Ulrick growled. Damn woman. I am so close. He forced a deep breath to calm his temper, he couldn’t bear the thought of Lily witnessing his anger; he only wanted her to see him in his best form.

“Fine, bring her to my room. I will deal with her later,” Ulrick snapped.  

 Upcoming release: 07/2016 
The Miners of Zalma: Oppression
A rebellion is forming, slow as it may be, and everyone has a side. Whether they know it yet or not.
Legend says that Lady Krass gave all of her children a birthmark, a way to know who their predestined lover was; so no one would ever be hurt like she had been before. This used to be a beautiful truth. But after generations of segregation, corrupt tests determining status, and government power, truth has become a dwindling fairy tale.
Lev had worked years to build his house and make a name for himself.  One of power, wealth, and luxury. Now all he needs to secure his houses’ position is a wife. After he submitted his request for a bride, everything seemed to be going according to plan. That is until he received word of a robbery in progress.
Thief. Street rat. Scum. Criminal. Clover’s been called many things; all of which she claims innocence to. She has spent a life working in the mines, living in a rundown hut, and barely making ends meet. It is the villagers’ way of life to help each other out, and Clover has tried her best to pull her weight. So, when she learns that her friend’s brother has fallen ill to a mysterious sickness, she knows she must steal the forbidden healing gem, letia, so he can recover. Everything seemed to be going according to plan, but then the shuttle she was stealing from takes off…with her still inside.

Lyndsay began her writing adventure when she moved to Colorado with her husband. She has always loved stories and has been an avid reader for most of her life. Her fascination with science and astronomy started in school and only grew as the years went on. Most of her inspiration comes from day to day interactions as well as movies, games and articles. When not writing, Lyndsay is playing with her two rescue dogs, Skip and Peaches, or running and kick boxing at the gym.

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