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Wendy Lynn Clark shares Liberation's Vow

Hi Liza, thanks so much for having me on your blog today! I’m thrilled to tell everyone about my new release coming tomorrow, July 1 2016, Liberation’s Vow. It’s the third installment of my hot, action-packed science fiction romance series. Each book features a different couple with a happy ending, so they can be read as stand-alone romances.

Liberation’s Vow features the third sibling ripped apart by the secret assassination plot of the Robotics Faction. Planetary governor Aris holds the power to defy all his adversaries, but this sexy playboy finds himself brought to his knees by an indestructible heroine with unexpected vulnerabilities.

Resa can’t remember her past, but she’s been programmed to kill the governor as soon as he gives her the information she needs. But the longer she’s around the seductive man, the less she can control her craving for his intoxicating touch.

High stakes meets high passion, from the glittering domes of the rich to the deepest depths of the mines!
I had so much fun writing their story. Aris is jaded by all the women who throw themselves at him and frequently uses sex to accomplish his goals, so he needed the wakeup call of a woman who can’t be charmed – at least, not at first! He has hidden depths as well, and when he realizes that Resa can see past his position to the real man beneath, she becomes the one woman he will do anything for – even die to protect.

I love strong action heroines, like Trinity in The Matrix and Leeloo in The Fifth Element. Resa is my first complete kick-ass heroine, and she will not be my last. In addition to being virtually indestructible, she’s able to fire any weapon, drive any vehicle, withstand any damage, and repel bullets. As a consequence, she’s constantly saving Aris from assassination attempts, outrunning building collapses, and fighting off other evil robots. Her only real vulnerability is her heart…which Aris soon possesses, along with her body and soul.

If this sounds interesting, check it out! For the month of July, I’m also running a New Release Giveaway of a $25 Amazon gift card for anyone who purchases Liberation’s Vow. Details, plus the first in series free, are on my website.

Liberation's Vow


Wendy Lynn Clark

He wants redemption. She’s using him as bait. They’ll sacrifice everything for one passionate embrace...

Aris is tortured by his past. The regional governor and aristocrat once traded his half-sisters’ lives for power. Seeking to redeem himself, he makes a deal with a shady agent that could get him killed.

Resa is a zero-class assassin. Her predecessor was a murderous nightmare, and she has no choice but to fill those bloody shoes. She attempts to infiltrate Aris’ life to draw out the android-corrupting rogue agent. The mission reveals forbidden desires that change everything.

Aris is using Resa too, but similar feelings cloud his judgment. With their passion unleashed, a secret may be revealed: the real reason the Antiata family has been sentenced to death. Resa and Aris are the only ones who can stop a human-robot war that destroys all worlds forever.

Liberation’s Vow is the third book in a series of sci-fi romances, and it can be read as a stand-alone. If you like android assassins, creative world-building, and sizzling chemistry, then you’ll love Wendy Lynn Clark’s latest roller coaster romance.

Buy Liberation’s Vow to fight for love today!

She breathed in and moved out of his reach. “As your head of security, I advise against a course of action that places you in the home of a person who has tried to kill you, and which may be filled with others equally motivated.”

“That’s one opinion,” he said, mildly irritated at her continued dodge of his touch, and irritated that he was irritated.

“As your new secretary, I note that no official business will be transacted, thus rendering your attendance unnecessary.”

“And as my girlfriend?”

“As your convenient scapegoat, aka ‘jealous girlfriend,’ I forbid you from risking your life in a dangerous show of bravado with limited gains.”

He stepped closer. Her eyes widened as she looked up to meet his gaze. Her lips parted. He brushed a thumb across her chin. “You’re not my scapegoat.”

She held her ground. “Then what am I?”


She swallowed. Her gaze dropped to his arm. Uncertain, and sweet in her uncertainty. “You said that before.”

“I meant it before.” He slid his fingers along the delicate line of her jaw. “When you are in the room, I can’t look away from you.”

She sucked in a breath. “What are you doing?”

“Touching you.” He ran his knuckles along her collar.

She closed her eyes. “Why?”

“I love touching beautiful things.”


Wendy Lynn Clark is from the vibrant green Pacific Northwest. She writes contemporary and science fiction romance with sexy heroes and undefeatable heroines, as well as sweeping epic fantasy and creative nonfiction. Her words are infused with wonders from her travels—teaching in Japan for three years, earning her MA in Brighton, and studying abroad in Greece. When she’s not hiking in the Cascade mountain range, she’s writing on her couch with a steaming cup of tea and her two snuggly calico cats.

Her books are a mix of soaring imagination, blockbuster action, and thrilling romance. They are recommended for anyone who enjoys a well-told story with a happy ending guaranteed.

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