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SA Hoag shares Backlash, the prequel novella to The Wildblood series.

Backlash is the prequel novella to The Wildblood series by S. A. Hoag.  Set on a near-future Earth mostly devoid of humans, this reveals some of the harsh realities facing people of The Vista, and how Team Three began.
  Before Team Three became Team Three, there was The Blackout.   

  Vista Security is used to the feral bands of humans wandering the landscape since a brief and devastating war wiped away civilization.  Sixteen years later, they've adapted to dealing with the challenges facing their safe haven.

  That is, until a new threat appears, one they never expected and one they have little defense against.  Security throws in everything they can muster; it quickly takes a toll.  Their advantage - an untested team of officers barely more than children themselves; officers with dark secrets and a hidden agenda.

  In a free-for-all battle to preserve one of the last sanctuaries of man, Team Three discovers their secrets are their strength and that their future will take them far beyond what they've ever known.

  Action, a bit of romance and a good splash of sci-fi set the scene for Backlash, the prequel novella of The Wildblood series.

  “Shannon,” her radio crackled static, snapping her out of a restless sleep.  It was Wade on his private channel.
  “Go ahead,” she answered groggily.  Her watch read 9:30 pm and she was supposed to go on duty at 2:00 am.  An hour – she'd been asleep an hour.
  “Gear up.  I'll be there in five minutes to get you.”
  “What's going on?” she wondered, rubbing her eyes.
  “Don't ask, just do.”
  He didn't sound like they might be playing wargames.  Shan moved.
  Her mother was in the kitchen.  Deirdre Allen was five foot three, with pale blond
hair, hazel eyes, and was one of The Vista's actual doctors.  She'd been twenty-nine when civilization ended.  “The hospital just called me in,” she announced.  “Are you on-call?”
  “I am now.  Wade didn't tell me why.”
  War games?
  “No,” Shan told her.  “Not this time.  I know you don't like carrying, but I think this is serious.  Take a sidearm, Mom, please.”
  Deirdre nodded.  “For your peace of mind I will.” She knew how to use it; she'd been forced to in the past and hoped she never would again.  “Whatever it is, be careful.”
  “I am, and Wade wouldn't let me get away with anything else.”
  She hugged her.  “I mean it.”
  “I'll see you in the morning,” Shan said, hearing a car.  “That's Wade.  If he tells me it's practice, I'll let you know.”  She didn't think it was likely, but he'd fooled her before.
  The moment she dropped into the passenger seat, she knew it was real.  “Can you tell me now?”  She'd dressed in winter camos with body armor, both Sigs and a boot gun, clips in all her pockets, plus an array of knives.  Her pack held spare ammo, food rations and various bits of survival equipment.
  He glanced sideways at her, heading towards Station Two with a purpose.  “We lost a Scout at Wisdom about an hour ago.”
  “Lost?” she repeated, not expecting it.

The Vista

  S. A. Hoag is an author, lapidary artist, very amateur astronomer ("I just look at the stars, I can't name 'em."), and accidental desert-dweller.  Born in the middle of Colorado, more specifically Salida, she has lived in a number of cities in a number of states before crash-landing in the New Mexico desert.  Not Roswell, however.  Science Fiction has always been her first interest in reading and writing; many other genres sneak into the novels and that's alright with her.
  Where to find her -

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KG Stutts presents Amethyst Chronicles

How far would you go to get back what you lost?
The second installment in KG Stutts’s Amethyst Chronicles is now available! FOR 99 CENTS!

Crocus Poison


KG Stutts

Ember Wilson lost it all when she lost her Amethyst transformation. Her abilities, her team, and her self-confidence seemed to vanish with her purple eyes. She has to find out who she is when she's not Amethyst. Her internal conflict will tear at those who care the most.

Through her soul searching, she pushes everyone away. She's afraid to accept herself, let alone the love of the men who desire her. When a lead to resolving her situation is presented, she will risk everything to follow it. In the end, is Amethyst worth risking her heart?

She gripped the staff with both hands, moving to strike Lewis’s wrists. At the last second, she flipped it up and struck him on the side of his head. Lewis stumbled back, cursing and sputtering. She didn’t give him any time to recover before moving in. But he was ready for her tactics. The end of his weapon hit her mouth, busting her lip open, before swinging down and hitting the back of her knees. Ember fell on the mat, the air rushing out of her body as her staff fell out of her hands and rolled away. Lewis stood over her with his staff pointed at her face.

“And that’s three,” he said.

She looked up at him, breathing heavily. Her head pounded and sweat rolled down her face. She touched her lip and frowned at the red droplets of blood on her fingertips.

“So it is.”
“Are you okay?”

She nodded. He tossed the staff aside and extended his hand, moving so she could get up. He gently touched her chin and frowned.

“I didn’t mean to bust you open.”
“It’s a tiny cut.”
“Looks pretty deep to me.”
“Only because you’re used to me healing already.”
“It’s going to take a while to get used to you not being -” He stopped, sucking in a sharp breath as she raised an eyebrow and crossed her arms over her chest.
“Me not being what? Finish your sentence.”
He rubbed the back of his neck. “I can’t.”
“Finish your sentence,” she ordered.
“Not being purple,” he said, letting out a haggard breath.

She smacked his hand away and walked toward her clothes.
“Come on, Wilson. You know I’m sorry.”

She snorted as she pulled on her pants. “Of course you are. Everyone is. The doctor is sorry he didn’t catch the croceus poison before it nearly cost me my life. The nurse is sorry she aided in the blood transfusion. My father is sorry I can’t rejoin my military commission. Commander Stewart is sorry he can’t recreate the procedure. Liam is sorry he can’t understand what I’m going through.” She spun around, fire raging in her eyes. “And I’m sorry I let myself wallow in misery. But I’m not sorry anymore. Now I’m just angry!”

She stormed out of the training room, leaving her shirt on the floor and Lewis alone with his jaw hanging open. She brushed past the people in the hallway, not caring about the gawking looks she got for walking away in her bra.

Amethyst Chronicles: Croceus Poison will be on sale for $.99! Amazon Get caught up on the series with Amethyst Chronicles: Winter’s Kiss also on sale for $.99 available at Amazon Please join us for fun and games on Saturday, May 30th. We’ll be partying all day on Facebook!

K.G. Stutts is the author of several sci-fi romance series as well as couple of romance stories. She has a degree in massage therapy. As a contributor to Independent Writers Association (IWA) her insights can be seen regularly there and on her own blog at and her website at

When she's not weaving words, she enjoys reading, playing RPGs, hockey, wrestling, and football, and is a big sci-fi nerd. Currently she resides in North Carolina, USA with her husband, Brad.

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Creatures of the multiverse

In my opinion, there is no art finer than Space Art.
Can you see the old man on the right center with poofy hair. He's very clear and well made. Or do you see an ape instead? Or perhaps you see the full body of a muskateer?
And there appears to be a woman over his head, or behind the scholar. .
Then there's a wolf dog with glowing white eyes on the left and a little mermaid on it's shoulder. There are also letters and numbers floating about, a sleeping angel and a screaming ghost 

This nebula is rather like a find Waldo game and there are even more images floating around. 
This one just makes me dizzy

This one makes me think of someone sleeping or dead.
Head to right.

For more cool pictures
so you have to go their blogsite

If you wonder how these came to be, according to my upcoming Sci-Fi series, Athena is responsible for all all our space art. 

Beginning July 1, 2015

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Liza reviews Matronly Duties by Melissa Kendall Blog Tour-May 14-28 Blog Tour

I am pleased to present & review
 Matronly Duties by Melissa Kendall
but first, I have a challenge for her:

 Find someone in history who reminds you of Bethanie and explain their similarities.

Ill be the first to admit I am not good at these guest posts and this question was one I really had to think long and hard about.  And the reason is I dont think there is any one person in history that reminds me of Bethanie (not than I am hugely knowledgeable of historical female leaders). Her situation is very unique and not one I think any woman has ever faced. Shes is the leader of a civilization that has been living underground for 200 years because an Asteroid hit and made living on the surface deadly.

If I had to pick there is probably a few that partially make me think of Bethanie. She reminds me a little of Princess Diana she was a pretty face for the British royals that the public adored much like Bethanie is for the Government of Oceania. But Princess Diana was so much more and that is also true of Bethanie.  I think both them also ended up in a situation that was not what they thought it was when they started and probably felt trapped with no way out.

I think Joan of Arc is someone who comes to mind as well, an unexpected Heroine who inspires the people to rise up.  Though Bethanie has yet to help her people rise up it is something in her soul she needs to do and will try as hard as she can to achieve.

I think the other thing that Bethanie has in common with both Joan of Arc and Princess Diana. At 25 she is a little older than both when they were thrust into the spotlight Joan of Arc being 17 and Princess Diana 20 but still 25 is very young for a leader of any nation let alone one in such an difficult situation as Oceania.
But even though she has some similarities to women in history she really is an individual.

Release Date: May 21 , 2015
Genre:  FICTION / Romance / General / Science Fiction ISBN e-book:    978-1-61213-369-0
Available from: Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, and TWCS PH

Hundreds of years after an asteroid slammed into Earth and sent it into a new ice age, what remains of the human race lives on in underground sanctuaries. Now, as the bicentennial anniversary of the impact approaches, a new leader prepares to take her place at the head of the government. At least, that’s what she thinks.

Bethanie Greene’s life has been planned out for her since the age of thirteen. Beautiful and intelligent, she’s spent the last twelve years training to become the next Matron of the underground nation of Oceania. But when Bethanie is kidnapped by rogue extremists just six weeks shy of taking office, her world is turned upside down by the handsome stranger who rescues her.

Howard James’ life has been the polar opposite of Bethanie’s. Struggling to survive in a world where those in power wished he didn’t exist, he harbors a deep-seated resentment of the government and all its representatives. Together with his unconventional family, he shows Bethanie a life she never knew was possible, while at the same time, opening her eyes to the injustices of the government she is meant to lead.

But can she trust a stranger? And can a few days change everything she believes and desires? Against all odds, Bethanie must decide if her heart and her duties can coexist.


My body shakes at the thought of what could have happened to me yet again. I’ve heard stories about the slums, and I have to take a few deep breaths to calm myself.

“I was silly running away, I get it. I just couldn’t stay in your home any longer.”
Howard sighs. “Just because my parents raised us with traditionalist values doesn’t mean we are anything like the Trads. You accused us of being a drain on society, but you don’t even know us.”

“You’re right, I don’t. But you don’t know me either. If you did, you would understand why it’s hard for me to understand your way of life. It goes against every law, moral, and convention I’ve been taught. So I can’t be sorry for what I said, even if I’m sorry I ran out of the house.”

Howard takes a deep breath, then exhales long and slow. The expression on his face looks a bit like pity but with a dash of guilt mixed in. “Look, maybe I’ve judged you unfairly based on preconceived notions, but—”

A loud bang echoes outside. Howard glances at me with a panicked look on his face, and then pulls me off the crate onto the floor behind. I sit up, and turn to yell at him, but male voices outside keep my mouth closed. I instead huddle closer to Howard as he puts his hand around my shoulders. He pulls me in until I’m tucked against him.

“Did you see where she went?” a man’s voice asks.

“Nah, she just vanished.” The voice of this one sounds young.

“Damn, the boss isn’t going to be pleased about this.”

The crunch of shoes against pavement indicates they are on the move again. The sounds trail off until they’re no longer audible. I sigh in relief, all the tension fleeing my body.

“Are you okay?’ Howard asks, rubbing my shoulder.

I glance up, only then noticing how little space is between us. His blue eyes have flecks of grey in them, and there’s a smattering of freckles covering his nose and cheeks. His warm breath tickles my cheek almost like a caress, and his jaw has the barest hint of a five o’clock shadow. He really is captivating.

“I’m fine,” I eventually say, the words a mere whisper.

The butterflies in my stomach return with a vengeance. Howard licks his lips as they turn up ever so slightly in a smile.


I can’t stop the sigh that slips past my own lips. Howard leans forward a little, then moves closer still until his mouth is pressed against mine. I don’t dare move. A zing of something, I’m not sure whether it’s pleasure or fear, shoots through me. His lips are soft and wet, and the sensation is unlike anything I’ve felt before. I can’t even decide if I want him to continue or stop. When he pulls away though, a feeling of disappointment bubbles up inside me.

My first kiss.

Goosebumps cover me from head to toe, and unbidden, my fingers move to my lips. Glancing at Howard, he stares at me for a minute, then moves to sit further away.

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have done that.”
I shrug. “It’s okay.”

Howard frowns and then looks across the room.

Part of Matron training is learning not to form close relationships. It doesn’t mean it never happens. I’ve heard the odd story here and there from the other women, and I realise that’s probably what Gail was trying to tell me at breakfast the other day. But in all honesty, I can’t remember the last time I had real physical contact with anyone, above all with a man.

We sit in uncomfortable silence for a few minutes. Tension rolls off Howard in waves.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. Come on,” Howard whispers. “We need to get to the house before those guys come back.”

A bleak Urban future is rejected for the right to love and be human.

What happens when you give your whole childhood and young adulthood to your country, because you believe what you’ve been taught? You stand for its principles, and you’ve been chosen to become it’s supreme leader, only one day you’re kidnapped by the enemy and discover everything you’ve been taught is a lie and you’re only a pretty figure head to distract from the true ruthless leaders of the future world.

Welcome to Bethanie’s life. No job could be worse than being chosen to become the matron of the world. No person could have less control of her life and thoughts than a matron.  No one could feel more alone. Yet over and over ‘the enemy’ and even people who are hired by the system prove she’s not alone. She’s got friends to help her deal with her impossible situation, even when matters turn deadly.

After a quaint beginning where you discover the rebellious nature in Bethanie, despite their subtle efforts through her education to make her compliant to authority, tension pulls you along as you worry about every person she friends and all the enemies she makes along the way. One young man named Howard saves her from a rape, and they quickly fall in love. Yet politically, they are enemies. But her love for Howard is far more real than the fake power she holds.

This story entertains and subtly captures you under its spell as it takes you on a journey of survival and truth. It is well written, well-conceived, and well executed and after a short entry into the world, it is action packed. The first half of the book sets the stage for the series, and I was enthralled the entire time. In the second half, more truths are revealed, and Bethanie fully discovers what being human and love means. When new possibilities to survive come to light, some people brave the new options while others stay and fight the old world, determined to make it a better place.  

Loved it from beginning to end and cannot wait for the next book. The book is a testament to the importance of a family unit and love, and the need to resist a world where neither are accepted.  

Melissa Kendall
Melissa Kendall is an almost forty-year-old mother of two from Perth, Western Australia, the second-most isolated capital city in the world. Predominantly a stay-at-home mum, she works a few hours a week as a software support consultant. She has always loved to read and write, and spent most of her teens writing poetry and short stories. Over the years, daily life got in the way and she lost the passion for it, but after the birth of her first child, Melissa discovered e-books and her interest in writing rekindled. She is now the author of two published short stories. Matronly Duties is her first full-length novel.


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Robots of Reality

Today, I wish to share some real robots that are trying their hardest to save Earth and humans.
These are our silent and forgotten heroes.

Meet Source.
This robot's mission is to provide measurements of incoming X-ray, ultraviolet, visible, near infrared and total solar radiation. The measurements from SORCE will help establish long-term climate change, natural changes, plus create enhanced climate prediction, and atmospheric ozone and UV-B radiation. These measurements are critical to studies of the sun; its effect on Earth's system; and its influence on humankind. Source could save our lives, if we'd listen and act upon his information.

Meet Terra

Terra's goal is to assess the health of the planet by providing comprehensive information about Earth's land, oceans and atmosphere. From its vantage point 438 miles above our world, Terra orbits Earth more than 14 times a day and observes nearly the entire globe.  

Not only does it lack a real picture, but it lacks a single vowel in it's name.  It's job is to hang above the tropics and figure out  the rain levels and what is 'normal'. Terra and Source want nothing to do with it. It's not worthy to touch their solar panels.

Meet TOPEX/Poseidon

This satellite with two names, monitored the movement of Earth's oceans. It shared this information so the scientists could improve global climate predictions. (Which half the population continues to ignore.) It also tracked El Niño conditions (having fallen in love with Spanish Soaps.) The mission's most important achievement was to determine the patterns of ocean circulation - how heat stored in the ocean moves from one place to another.   

Sadly, after 62,000 circulations around Earth, Poseidon realized the global warning doubters would never accept that the problem is real no matter how much evidence they were offered. That sent him into a deep depression and he ceased to do any further work. But he's still out there. No doubt waiting for the day we all fry to a bloody crisp so he can awaken and say "TOLD YOU SO!"

very cool dude
This very cool dude provides complete coverage of the world's ocean surface every two days. The wind measurements are then used for research investigations as well as in weather prediction. The SeaWinds scatterometer flown aboard QuikSCAT is a microwave radar designed specifically to measure ocean near-surface wind speed and direction.   
QuikSCAT doesn't give a flip about the land. He's all about the water, baby!


Aura studies the Earth's ozone, air quality and climate. Aura conducts research about the composition, chemistry and dynamics of Earth's atmosphere. In other words, she is a kind and caring nurse to a very sick patient who is growing worse with every jaunt around the sun. While she sends the worsening data about the state of her patient to the humans on Earth, nothing is being done to improve matters.

There are a whole bunch more of these robots trying to save earth. But today I focus on six of them.

Commonality between all six of these robots:
None look humanlike
All were built to fulfill needs, not look pretty
All were given important jobs, which 5 are still doing.
All  are very disappointed with how little their efforts to provide information has resulted in positive change.

Maybe, they think...Maybe they should take over the billions of computers, databases, stockmarket systems on earth, along with the millions of land robots and become our masters, since we are doing nothing to save ourselves and our planet.

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Rachel Leigh Smith talks about her love of heros.

Today, I have Rachel Leigh Smith
 and her fabulous novels, 
My Name is A'yen, 
The King's Mistress, &
To Save a Life. 
Here's Rachel discussing her preference for the guys.

A Portrait Of Two Heroes

It’s no secret the hero is always my favorite character in a romance. If you’ve read My Name Is A’yen, you probably noticed it’s all about him. If you haven’t read it, you’ve been warned. It’s all about him.

Writing male POV comes naturally to me. Writing female POV doesn’t. Weird, huh? When I started writing My Name Is A’yen, three years ago tomorrow, I decided to throw out all the rules and boxes I’d been trying to stuff myself into, and write the story the way it wanted to be written. It was the most freeing experience of my life.

Then I did something else I’d never done. I kept the same main characters going into the second book, The King’s Mistress. A’yen still had a lot to do and go through before he could move into the role he’s destined to play. He also needed to learn how to keep his mouth shut. He has a tendency to pop off with whatever comes into his head, whether it’s appropriate or not. It gets him in a lot of trouble sometimes.

What I didn’t expect was to meet a young man named Da’Ro, who simultaneously broke my heart and stole it when he walked onto the page. Ro is A’yen’s bodyguard, and they’re telepathically linked. But I’m not going to tell you why Ro is his bodyguard. You’ll have to read the books to find out.

A’yen qualifies as a tortured hero, because of the events of his immediate backstory before My Name Is A’yen opens, and what he goes through over the course of the novel. A’yen is a slave in this novel. He lost his first love and his daughter, the limited freedom he’d had while his lover was alive, and his sense of belonging.

A tortured hero never stops fighting and he never gives up. Especially A’yen. He knows what true love is, and what true freedom is, and he won’t stop until every Lokmane alive knows it too. His past gives him the strength to fight.

Ro, on the other hand, is a broken hero. He has two people in his whole life who love him with no strings attached. He believes himself beyond saving, and that he’s not worth the effort. He even has a hard time saving himself when the situation calls for it. Ro’s past has killed his strength and left him believing he’s incapable of fighting.

He’s not your average telepath amongst his species, either. He’s more powerful, and also sees emotions as colors. He can also rewrite memories, which has been forbidden in his species for thousands of years. He was trained to do it, against his will, and hates doing it. Unfortunately, he also remembers every memory he alters and every mind he invades. But if he doesn’t do it, his brother will be killed.

The events of The King’s Mistress start the process of convincing Ro he does have value as a person, and is worth more than the sum of his illegal talents. Until he and A’yen end up back in the place Ro was born, and Ro loses the one person who’s always stood by him. The progress he’d made on learning how to be whole is all undone at that moment.

Ro and A’yen continue to share the lead time in To Save A Life, book three released on 5/4. Ro is a man obsessed—with his version of justice for what’s been done to him. He’s also in love. But he can’t have the justice he wants and his happy ending. To get his justice means he dies. And he’s okay with the it.

What does a broken hero do? He chooses the justice, because he believes he’s too broken and too far gone. Ro doesn’t believe Jasmyn when she tells him she’s not leaving him.

Since this is a romance, you know it has a happily ever after ending. But I’m not telling you how Ro and Jasmyn get it. You’ll have to read the books.

Ro traced his thumb across her bottom lip. He shouldn’t love her. After all, he had nothing to ofer her. No home, no name, no future. Even if, by some miracle, he was found innocent, he had to kill Camden. And there was no guarantee he’d survive that.

But he did love Jasmyn. With parts of him he hadn’t known existed. She was every piece of sweet and light in his world. The embodiment of hope. Permission to dream again, to imagine a world where he was truly free.

They’d spent so much time together in the last year. She’d taught him how to live, for the first time. Helped him spread his wings and fly.

Doing this through bars wasn’t how he’d imagined sharing their first kiss. But here they were, trying to make the best of it. Wanting to make the best of it.

He cupped her face as best he could and touched his lips to hers. Unlike every other person he’d kissed—usually against his will—she didn’t use her teeth to hold him captive or inflict pain. Sweetness and light infused him, banishing, for a moment, the memories of every bruising kiss from Camden.

In the sweetness, he tasted everything he could have been. A thousand futures he’d never have. Nights of bliss in her arms. Days spent in her sweet company. All combined to make him forget, for a moment, that he was in jail for murder.

With Jasmyn at his side, he could fly forever. Her touch, her taste, the silk of her mouth. Life in all its abundance. Everything he’d been afraid to dream.

But Jasmyn couldn’t be at his side. Not anymore. Not with this cruel twist in his life. He broke all physical contact with her and slid back out of her reach. “It’s not fair.”

She touched the fingers of her left hand to her lips, making him want another taste. “What?”
I finally find someone who wants me, and I can’t have you.”

Her knuckles turned white from her grip on the bars separating them. “I’ve finally found someone who wants me. I won’t let anyone take you from me.” The conviction in her voice should’ve made him feel better.

We have no control over what’s coming, Jas.”

I don’t care. I love you, and I won’t stop fighting for the chance to have a life with you.”

He took her hands again, need for her touch soothing the bruised places in his heart. “I need you to tell Na’var something.”

Anything, my love.”

He touched his forehead to hers. “I love the way that sounds. Tell him the evidence against me is an electrical current signature. I didn’t know there was such a thing. If anyone can figure out how it was faked, it’s him.”

Jasmyn nodded. “I’ll go tell him right now.”

And tell A’yen not to worry about me. I’m okay.”

What about your tropes?”

Kynan’s taking care of it.” He slid back. “I want to kiss you again, and I’m afraid if I do, I’ll try to pop the lock so I don’t have to stop. If I do that, I’m really screwed.”

She gave him an impish little smile. “I plan to come see you every day until they let you go.”
He chose to say nothing. The only reason he’d let himself go this far was because he knew it was over. They weren’t going to get a chance for him to learn how to let another person into his soul.

He watched her leave then sank onto the cot again.
Blue and orange spots flitted across his vision, on a background of white. Not a combination he was used to from A’yen. Eyes closed, he stretched through their link, looking for the reason. When he found it, he fell against the wall.

So much for being accepted some day.

To Save A LifeA’yen’s Legacy, book 3

A’yen's loved ones are under attack. To save them, he'll risk everything.

Half the Lokmane are free and the resettling of Lok’ma is in progress. A'yen is crowned king, but it isn't stopping his enemies. Someone is after Ro, and the woman he's falling in love with is caught in the middle.

When Fae is injured in a cave-in at a dig site, A'yen knows who’s to blame. Proving it is the hard part. Things get worse when he walks into a political trap, and Ro is framed for murder. Saving his reputation is easy compared to saving Ro. Ro’s demons come for him, taking him back to a life not worth living.

A'yen races to save Ro before he can act on his deepest desire: killing his tormentor. Happily ever after can't happen if Ro is dead.



Giveaway for a signed copy of My Name Is A’yen! Ends 5/31.

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S.J. Pajones shares a great deal about Sumo wrestling and her upcoming book: Reclaimed

Today I have S.J. Pajonas over sharing a great deal about Sumo Wrestling. I'll be quiet for once and not say anything. Take it away Stephanie!

Sumo Wrestling in RECLAIMED, 
The Final Book of the Nogiku Series

Every time I start a new book, I think, "How can I educate my readers on something cultural about Japan?" And in variably, it's a chance to learn something new myself! When I started writing RECLAIMED, I knew I really wanted a great scene at a sumo wrestling tournament, so I did what any writer does, I hit YouTube. From the comfort of my own desk, I watched some amazing sumo wrestling bouts. I studied the way the wrestlers met each other in the ring, the expressions on their faces, the ritual behind every stomp, throw of salt, or grunt. I read Wikipedia articles on the history of sumo wrestling, studied the names of famous wrestlers and what they did with their careers, and watched interviews of those who had won or lost.

What it boiled down to was one three-thousand-word scene in which my heroine, Sanaa, her beloved, and a team of friends and family attend a match, learn more about this ancient and venerable sport, and get caught up in the fun for one brief moment. Fun moments in the last book of a series like the Nogiku Series are hard to come by. Trying to decide where the enemy lies and who will betray them next is a full time job. It felt good to take a break, to take a deep breath and have a chapter where we could see smiles on faces, kisses on cheeks, and the roaring crowd all rooting for someone to win the Emperor's Cup.

I am happy to say that sumo wrestling lives far into the future! 

Want to watch a few matches for yourself? Check out this YouTube playlist I've put together of the tournaments I viewed to write this part of RECLAIMED.


On the road and gaining ground against Fujiwara, Sanaa and her team find the local population hesitant to accept them. Charm and bribes can only get the colonists so far, and no matter what Sanaa does, she is not welcomed amongst the men and women of Yūsei. When Sanaa is denied help again, she reaches out to a Northern clan, the Odas, and bargains for a secret technology that will give her an incredible advantage but comes at a steep price.

Being on the road means leaving Yamato undefended, though, and when enemies strike, they leave everything in chaos. With Sanaa and Jiro sacrificing all their time and effort to keeping their home secure, they both must give up nearly everything to save the colonization, their future together, and reclaim Yūsei for its people.

Family lines collide, secrets are finally spoken, and the freedom of Yūsei is in the hands of one woman determined to find equality and justice for everyone on the planet.

RECLAIMED, Book FOUR of the Nogiku Series, is the FINAL book in a captivating post-apocalyptic romance series that harnesses the cultures and traditions of Japan and sweeps them into the future between Earth and a faraway land.

Genre: Adult Science Fiction / Post-apocalyptic Science Fiction
Series/Book Number: The Nogiku Series / Book 4
Heat Level: Level 3 Flames
Rating: Rated R for violence, language, and sexual situations
Publishing Date: May 28, 2015

Haven't read REMOVED, the first book of the Nogiku Series? You're in luck! It's currently free and the rest of the series is on sale!

Stephanie (S. J.) is a writer, knitter, amateur astrologer, Capricorn, and Japanophile. She loves foxes, owls, sushi, yoga pants, Evernote, and black tea. When she’s not writing, she’s thinking about writing or spending time outside, unless it’s winter. She hates winter. Someday she’ll own a house in both hemispheres so she can avoid the season entirely. She’s a mom to two great kids and lives with her husband and family outside NYC. They have no pets. Yet. When it comes to her work, expect the unexpected. She doesn’t write anything typical.