Monday, May 25, 2015

Creatures of the multiverse

In my opinion, there is no art finer than Space Art.
Can you see the old man on the right center with poofy hair. He's very clear and well made. Or do you see an ape instead? Or perhaps you see the full body of a muskateer?
And there appears to be a woman over his head, or behind the scholar. .
Then there's a wolf dog with glowing white eyes on the left and a little mermaid on it's shoulder. There are also letters and numbers floating about, a sleeping angel and a screaming ghost 

This nebula is rather like a find Waldo game and there are even more images floating around. 
This one just makes me dizzy

This one makes me think of someone sleeping or dead.
Head to right.

For more cool pictures
so you have to go their blogsite

If you wonder how these came to be, according to my upcoming Sci-Fi series, Athena is responsible for all all our space art. 

Beginning July 1, 2015

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