Public Secrets

What happens when an AI programs turns everything you write into the TRUTH.

People want to kill you.

Public Secrets

Book 1 of AI Series

Carla Simon is a best-selling novelist besieged by death threats and lawsuits because her stories keep turning out to be true. She is considered an extraordinary researcher, uncovering facts unknown by field experts.
The truth is far simpler and more disturbing. Carla has a software program that “fixes” her mistakes and rewrites her novels so they are error-proof both in presentation and in content. The result is beautifully written and completely accurate stories about real people and events.
Some of those people want her silenced forever. When a woman, mistaken for Carla, turns up dead in New Zealand, she must face the hard truth about her program. But first she has to survive the assassin who has never failed to deliver on a contract.

Luke Gallagher studied the wreckage and site photos as he walked the sharp turn in the road that Carla Simon’s car hadn’t made. Pointing to the tire marks on the road, he said to the police chief beside him, “Could you ask your photographer to get clear shots of these tracks and those about a hundred yards ahead?”

The police chief gave the order and turned back to the FBI agent. “You think she might have been run off the road?”

Luke chewed his lower lip. It was always a hazy line when cooperating with law-enforcement officials outside his jurisdiction, and this time, he was way out of his jurisdiction. How much to tell and how much to withhold? “It’s a possibility. Ms. Simon’s books were controversial.” He thought about the death threats Simon’s editor had showed him. They were probably cranks, but he’d still have to check them out. He’d also need to investigate the people who had sued her, claiming she had damaged their lives by revealing their private secrets. And he’d have to talk with people at the Temple. Still his most likely suspect was here in New Zealand.

When going through Ms. Simon’s house for leads to those who might have wanted her dead, he’d discovered her latest novel on her computer. He had read it on his way over here. He’d found it a fascinating exposé on the materialistic nature of sports heroes and their corrupt managers. The focus of her research had obviously been Chad Tyler, renamed in her book as Jeremiah Taylor. While she might have altered his name, she had described him and the Cowboys to a tee. There would be no doubt to any reader who the subject of her book was. If this novel was as accurate as her prior ones, then his favorite quarterback was wandering into some very shady deals.

When Luke had received the manifest and discovered Chad Tyler and Carla Simon had sat next to each other on the plane to New Zealand, he moved the fellow up to the top of his suspect list. Had she let slip that he was the focus of her next book, or had he been alerted as her research was collected and joined her on the plane intentionally? Perhaps he’d come planning a last attempt to persuade her not to publish his book? An attempt that failed and led to murder?

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