Monday, January 15, 2018

Meet the mass of peeps headed to Titan

 Welcome to Destination: Titan

Just to get you up to speed--
Earth is doomed.
While there is a group trying to keep humans on earth alive, 
it's considered to be a LONG SHOT.
The odds are that

Thus, we need to get off it and go find somewhere else to live.
A group of religious factions are headed to Mars. To be honest, that group looks doomed from the start.
However, despite constant sabotages by the Board of Directors responsible for the two missions, one to Mars, the other to Titan, the one preparing to go to Titan is doing well, despite the sabotages from the Board of Directors. 

The crew consists of:
24 Soldiers
One Colonel
7 scientists
22 students 
5 farming experts,
plus one young girl who begins as a bossy brat but becomes Tamara's child.

And here they are...

This is Colonel Lancaster.
We've caught him working out. 
Try not to hyperventilate!
You may consider him the hero of this story

This is Bio-chemist Tamara
She is the main teacher of the students
and the soul of this team.
She always thinks of others before herself. You may consider her the heroine of the story.

Here are the brilliant students.
Their ages range from 13 to 19.
and include Amy and Toby (which technically aren't students.)
Amy begins as an obnoxious brat.
Toby, a farmboy isn't actually seen until book 2. There are three other farm kids which I never discuss at all.  Maybe in book 3...
However, what I can say about these students is that as smart as they were by themselves, they are frighteningly brilliant when the work together.

Which brings me to the man who believes he's the most brilliant man on earth: Max Hunt
Looks like a benign fellow, right?
Well, don't count on that. He has more moods than a family of Highland Gorillas. Under no situation should you argue or correct him. If you do, you will incur the dreaded Maxplosion. 

This is his girlfriend of many years.
Janise Tong claims to be genetically perfect. Needless to say, she's Tamara's least fav crewmember.

Now the other scientists are likable...
The is Dr. Bruce Willows. He knows every joke in the book. He's also a fabulous doctor.
And because doctors are critical in keeping everyone alive, 
Dr. Sandy Culp is also a member of the crew.
This is Sandy with Max meddling in her playground. Seriously, the man is a nanotechnologist and biochemist. He should leave Sandy to do her own job!

This is Dr. Sarns. He is a computer programmer and a mechanical engineer.

This is Victor, he is a brilliant mathematician.
He graduated from collage at 13, and honestly, he starts out acting more like a baby than the teens.  But once Tamara helps him to come to terms with reality, he matures nicely and creates a fabulous artificial intelligence named Scarlett.

Scarlett has a fabulous sense of humor and saves lives throughout the books.

This is Lt. Yarrows.
She WILL taser you!
Just ask the teens...

Look out for this one.
She is tasked to kill everyone you just met. Her name is Freddy Miles.
She's working for the religious factions, to ensure that everyone working on Project Einstein dies a brutal death.
Only Project Chosen may remain!

Let us hope that doesn't happen, but the cards are stacked again my team...

Friday, January 12, 2018

Stephanie Osborn shares Trojan Horse

Chromosphere Press Announces Division One Book Five, Trojan Horse, from Stephanie Osborn!

9 JANUARY 2018

Now available: Book 5 in the Division One series, Trojan Horse!
After returning the healer Doron to his homeworld of Edeptis, Echo takes Omega on a training run to make her a Pan-Galactic Coalition-certified starship pilot—celestial navigation, extra-vehicular activity, emergency repair, planetary surveys, you name it. And he secretly delights in seeing Omega’s joy at finally fulfilling a childhood dream.

But when the Cortians show on the scene, intending to take Alpha One into custody for crimes against the Cortian Amalgam, the resulting space dogfight severely damages the Trojan Horse, causing it to crash on a primitive protoplanet. Both Echo and Omega are badly injured, and it will take both of them working together to survive in the wreckage, while more Cortian vessels search for them overhead, and Fox and the rest of Alpha Line try to fight their way through to rescue their friends and colleagues.

Award-winning author Osborn is a 20+-year space program veteran, with multiple STEM degrees. She has authored, co-authored, or contributed to more than 30 books. In addition to the Division One series, she currently writes the critically-acclaimed Displaced Detective Series, described as “Sherlock Holmes meets The X-Files,” and the Gentleman Aegis Series, whose first book was a Silver Falchion winner. She “pays it forward” through numerous media including radio, podcasting and public speaking, and working with SIGMA, the science-fiction think tank. Osborn’s website is

Division One series book five, Trojan Horse, will be released in ebook formats on 9 January 2018, and in trade paperback format on 23 January. Additional installments in the ongoing series are anticipated later this year.

978-0-9982888-9-5 (ebook)
978-1-947530-00-3 (print)

The ebooks are now available for preorder at:
The print books are now available for preorder at:
Other formats, and trade paper, will be available from your favorite bookseller!

Previous books in the series include:

Future books in the series are planned for 2018.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Alien Captain by Ariel Jade

Ariel Jade is a hot new author in sci-fi romance. The prequel novella, Alien Captain, to her sizzling romance-in-space series is always free in Kindle Unlimited, but it’s also free to buy for a limited time—January 8-12. Scoop it up now!

Xaviara is a human diplomat for the Sol Alliance Coalition who’s determined to prove herself to her superiors. Nicholen is the sexy alien captain of the guard sent to escort her team to his homeworld to complete negotiations of an important treaty.

When a spaceship carrying his prince crash lands on a wild, abandoned planet terraformed centuries ago, they uncover a sinister plot that could shatter the peace. Despite rules against interspecies relationships between the diplomatic teams prior to the treaty’s signing, Xaviara finds herself drawn to Nicholen’s commanding presence.

Can they resist one another long enough to catch the saboteur and mount a rescue before the planet's dangers turn deadly?
Takeoff happened without a hitch, but once in mu-space, Nicholen paced around the anchor ship relentlessly. It was large enough to accommodate two dozen humanoids, yet he felt like a fuvvia trapped in its stall. The ship was only mid-range, which meant no exercise facilities. What I wouldn’t give for a punching bag.

Three hours after liftoff, they were deep in remote territory. This long stretch between the Sol System and the Imdali System wasn’t precisely uncharted, but it was no longer settled. Long-abandoned terraforming projects abounded out here, from the centuries ago when many species were expanding. Due to the length of time it took to travel, the projects had sucked up precious money and resources. The galaxy was in a recession, with most species focusing their energy on the planets, moons, and asteroids within their home systems.

Traveling through it made him nervous.
He was marching around the corner, trying and failing not to fret, when he knocked into the long-haired aide from the reception room. The contact was over in a second, but she was so soft. Sparks shivered down his spine, and his manhood stirred as he realized he’d brushed her breast.

She gasped and blushed. “H-hello… trincaar.” She kissed her fingers and held them out for the traditional kadyyza greeting.

Nicholen’s heart pumped faster at the impressive display of manners. Even the minor aides were schooled in their ways. He took great pleasure in grasping her small hand in his and bringing it to his lips. When he kissed the tip of her middle finger, something new thrilled through him, something primal and protective. She was diminutive but fierce, as had been evidenced by the way he’d seen her ordering the other aides around. “Good day to you.”

“My name is Xaviara.” Again, that gorgeous name, just like the viaar on his homeworld, a winged insect he supposed was akin to Earth’s butterflies. “I hope all is well with the, ah, captain and my boss?”

“Oh, yes.” The way she’d said that was odd, but she was flushing a pretty pink, and he couldn’t stay on that line of thought for long. “You seem to enjoy working with the ambassadors.”

“I do! I’ve always wanted to be a part of diplomatic relations between humans and other races, ever since I was a little girl.” And now she was glowing. Her enthusiasm was enchanting. He could have listened to it all day.

“A woman who knows what she wants. I like it.” Nicholen could relate. Security for the royal family was a highly coveted position, and he’d wanted this position since he was a boy.

Xaviara was flushing again, and her scent was slightly floral—alluring. It was so subtle, Nicholen wasn’t sure if it was his sense of smell picking up on a shampoo or his psy-sense signaling a subtle emotion. What would it be like to pull her into a side room, take out some of his frustrations in a better way than storming around the ship? From the way she was looking up at him from under her eyelashes, she might be thinking the same thing.

When was the last time he’d let his fantasies get away from him like this? He was being ridiculous now.

“All seems to be going well.” Xaviara held her poise admirably, which made him want to bite that bottom lip all the more. “I just came from the bridge.”

He inclined his head. “Yes.”

“It’s just that you seem… worried.” She tipped her head back, looked up at him.

She seemed so open, so inviting. He wished he could confess his troubles to someone. He had no real companions, especially not within the delegation. He grasped at something to say to keep her talking to him longer.

A klaxon blared. She startled.

“What the fuck?” he swore under his breath.

Xaviara’s brown eyes were wide. “Do you think the… Are they… ?”

“I don’t know but we’d better find out.”


Ariel Jade loves romance—the hotter, the better. She also loves sci-fi—the more futuristic, the better. Mashing the two together comes naturally. Fans of Anna Hackett—or anyone who thinks Nalini Singh should write in a Star Trek-ish universe—will love her thrilling, sizzling sci-fi romance.