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Full Moon Blog Tour: The Two Moons of Terranue


to one lucky commenter.
Your Choice of one of my babies:

Now, for your entertainment, I give you my sentient, organically grown, computer Marybell.

Hello. I'm Marybell, the sentient computer for the Gods of Probabilities. I'm growing myself a better memory recorder at the moment, so don't even think of asking me to serve you lunch. 

If you need something, you'll have to ask the Gods to fix it. They lack basic cooking skills, so may I suggest you request ice-cream. But please be nice to the bowls that hold the ice cream. They are sentient beings created as a prank by one of the idiot Gods. Honestly, calling most of ships crew 'Gods' is not terribly accurate. Morons would be more accurate. Lazy, useless morons even more precise. 

However, Captain Zousan is a decent sort of fellow, even if he is prone to yelling. To be fair, if I were in charge of these idiots, I'd do more than yelling. I'd jettison ninety percent of them into space.

His daughter, the precious Athena, is an 'artist' and gets to do whatever she wants. And while I truly don't think we need anymore nebulas, since she has decided I'm her BFF, I am trying to be nicer to her. She evidently hates the crew as well. She's been off the ship, creating nebulas, for almost a year now. If she didn't speak to her father daily, I'd think something was wrong. Something that might take nine months to come to light...but I'll say no more on the topic. 

Pane and Marybell in the background
Now the one I adore is my beloved, top shepherd, Pane. He is the most clever, hardworking, and kind sentient that has ever existed.

I love, love, love him! So do not make fun of his looks or I'll fry your computer and phone and don't think I can't. You would be surprised at all the incredible things I can do.

As I was saying, the only god that truly keeps the Path of Light glowing is my precious Pane. Without him, the God of Gods, Zousan, would be cleaning latrines in his dreadful father's ship for eternity.

But instead of such a disaster, the sentients on Terranue are thriving despite the fact that three of their five seasons are lethal to humans. Like this one, called Angry days:
They have to stay inside during the very hot,
the very cold and the very angry seasons.

Here's a lovely scene that plays out during the one day where temps are tolerable between dry days and hard life:

Stepping outside, the cold, fresh air washed away the lethargy that had overwhelmed Dmitre since the cave temperature had risen to a hundred.

The two full moons illuminated the valley in a faint blue light. Dmitri smiled at the sargon frolicking in the mist-covered valley. They celebrated the end of the dry days with no loss of children or adults. Even though this had been the harshest of dry seasons any could recall, all had survived because of their allies.

Dmitri smiled at their thoughts. The Sargon were farther on the path of light than his humans. How much easier life would be if his people could join them.

Now that I've set the scene, let's move on to the one thing I've yet to figure out how to do with Pane...

Dmitri’s heart swelled with love. Saran understood him so well. He pulled her into his arms and smiled. “I look forward to having you back in my bed,” he whispered in her ear.

Her desire filled his mind, and his loins tightened. Gods, he wanted to make love to her. A glance around the valley told him he wasn’t the only one feeling randy. A great deal of Sargon mating was going on. Not surprising, the females swarmed around Blue, who seemed most willing to prove his virility.

“Perhaps we should go back inside,” he said, his voice husky with need.

Saran pulled him to the opposite side of the rock. “It’s hot in the cave. I think right here will be fine.” She unzipped her winter gear and laid it on the ground.

Wasting no time, he removed his clothes, placing them next to hers. He then eased her onto the fabrics and joined her. Thankfully, the temperature at ground level still remained seventy degrees. “This is perfect,” he assured her.

The mist-filled valley gave them a sense of privacy, for all the Sargon and humans were on the other side of the giant boulder, out of sight. “you are so beautiful,” he said and kissed her with an intensity he’d not felt since dry days had arrived.

Tamara remained with them in spirit, and the power of their love was much like the first time they had joined with similar results. New life formed in saran’s womb.

An immense sense of peace filled Dmitri’s soul. This was his purpose in life. This was why he had gone outbound. He had never wished to be a leader of men. He only wanted to love his wives, have children, and give them a good life. 


Wasn't that a lovely scene? Who would ever imagine shy little Saran would go native on us? 

 But it's good she did, because Captain Longfellow will be returning a few seasons from now and it's important her baby gets born in time to be grown into a man so he can become part of the crew.

Everything depends upon it! And believe me, making matters turn out how we wish is not an easy task, especially not with Zousan's creepy father, Cronus, doing everything he can to kill the Path of Light. 

Please come along and assist in this huge task. It's a very worthy cause.

Besides all the fabulous gifts listed above, I'll be giving away an ebook (choose whichever book you want) to someone who leaves a comment and their email address or facebook link. Please note: Liza is a very busy lady and has no time to hunt you down so you must leave a way to be easily contacted when you comment.

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  1. You are a new author to me. I would love to experience your worlds.

    1. Thank you. The Bureaucratic Gods have put you on their list. Most of them are incompetent, but the fabulous Pane handled your request, so you are in the best of hands.

  2. interesting post

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  3. Dmitri’s wish for such a simple life is so sweet! (Don't enter me for a book, I'll buy them once I've cleared my TBR pile somewhat).

  4. Your Sci-Fi series is wonderful! You don't have to read them in order but it's more fun that way! It's like eating the candy a little at a time until you realize they are all gone... *sad face* but luckily, Liza will write more! Yea!

    1. Yes, I will. Any day now I will begin....and once I begin there will be no stopping me.

  5. Sounds great. Love the covers, they're beautiful.
    Thanks for the giveaway.
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  6. I'm not familiar with your books yet so I would love to try book #1 Gods of Probability. Thank you for this opportunity.


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