Saturday, October 5, 2013

Liza O kidnaps Jessica Subject

Today, I've space-napped an author. Guess who it is?

Space Rep: Englebert Humperdink?

Liza: Gads no! I said an author!

Space Rep: Can you give me a hint, because I think there's over a million authors now.

Liza: This author writes contemporary and sci-fi romance, ranging from sweet to erotica.

Space Rep: You've kidnapped yourself.

Liza: No, this is an author who has written about clones, sexy aliens, and now Santa Claus.

Space Rep: Hmmmmmm

Liza: And she lives in Canada, and is actually an 

Liza: Darn it, she bleeped out the word.

Space Rep: There's only one person who can do that. It's Jessica Subject!

Liza: Well done Space Rep. Let's welcome Jessica Subject to my junker ship.

Jessica: Liza, I was in the middle of cooking dinner for my family.

Liza: Sorry, but I want to know about your Hey Santa book.

Jessica: And you thought the best way to find out was to space-nap me while I was cooking dinner?

Liza: Yeah...but you cloned Trent's butler, he should be able to finish making dinner.

Jessica: He runs the ship like an army captain. My kids are terrified of him.

Liza: Trauma is good for them. It makes them better writers. Now let's discuss this upgraded model of Santa. From the cover he looks too hot and muscular. What happened?

Jessica: I like to improve things. Seriously, which would you rather kiss, the old stuffed drunk guy sitting at the local store or my Santa?

Liza: Point taken. So tell me about your Santa.
Hey, Santa
An Alien for the Holidays story
By Jessica E. Subject

Erotic Sci-Fi Romance

She doesn’t want a lot for Christmas…

Claire Otton dreads spending another holiday alone. When her best friend convinces her to approach the sexy mall Santa, she takes the chance and asks him out, hoping for so much more.

He’s waiting under the mistletoe…

Although Andreas Castellanos blends in on Earth, he knows he will never belong. But when the gorgeous woman he’d been staring at invites him to dinner, he has a hard time saying no.

All they’re asking for…

Can these two lonely souls find magic together or will their secrets steal their chance of a happy Christmas?

Liza: Don't ask me, I haven't read it. But since you wrote it, I'm guessing yes they can.

Jessica: Great! Can I return to my spaceship now?

Liza: Nope. I'm keeping you three days.  Space Rep. Where are the buy links?

Space Rep: Found them.

Available From:
Amazon US | Canada | UK | more

Space Rep: I also found giveaway info.

Giveaway information: 
Enter the rafflecopter draw for your chance to WIN 1 of 4 alien romances from Jessica E. Subject’s back list. The titles areCelestial SeductionSatin Sheets in SpaceCrash Landing, or Alien Lover. Winner will be drawn October 12, at the end of the Hey, Santa tour. No purchase necessary. Must be 18 or older to enter. Contest is international.

Liza: Jessica you have to say something nice about my latest book, Oh Stupid Heart.

Jessica: It's a humorous disaster romance that I 82% love and 18% don't like at all. 
I mean, nobody likes when the ex-fiance comes back in the picture. And as always, your sense of humor shines through.

Liza: Thank you. I guess I better warm up the transporter so it'll be ready when your time is up. Thanks so much for stopping by.

Jessica: I didn't stop by. You space-napped me.

Liza: Potatoes, tomatoes.

Jessica: That's not even the right saying.

Liza: Oh dear, I think your supper followed you to my ship.

Jessica: That's not supper, that my guard bunny, Hop. 

Hop: Return my pet Jessica at once or I will thump you unconscious with my powerful back legs. I also have long teeth, so don't mess with me or mine Pirate Liza.

Liza: Darn it! I left my dog Jess back on Earth. Okay, Hop, I'll let Jessica go if you promise not to harm me in any way.

Hop: Deal. Shake on it.

Liza: *shakes hand with Hop*

Hop: Release my pet already!

Liza: I can't until 3 days have passed. But you can hang around until then. I'm sure she'll appreciate the company.

Hop: But you promised to release her!

Space Rep: And you failed to lock her into a time. You got swindled by the master, Hop. Take it like a bunny and hop on.

Liza: Peeps, Jessica loves to hear from her readers. You can find her at and on twitter @jsubject. So stalk away.

Peeps, leave a message, otherwise poor Jessica will only have a talking bunny with an ego to talk to for three long days. She deserves better, truly she does.


  1. Well, it's a little early for Christmas, but better than too late!
    Sounds like fun, but Liza,you have to reduce the holding time; who's fixing dinner again!.
    thanks, and best!

    1. Can never be too early for Christmas. LOL

      *hugs Hop tight* No rabbit for dinner.

      Thanks for visiting, Tony! :)

    2. She cloned Trent's butler, let him cook. I like Jessica, the rabbit's kind of scary, so I'm keeping her for 3 days.

  2. It was a fun interview, but three days?? Glad I have Hop here to keep me company. :)

    Thank you, Liza!

  3. What a fun interview! Hop seems pretty fierce. Maybe Santa can come help out too! He is very sexy!

    1. Thank you, Melissa! I'm not sure he is anymore, as he's blind at nine years old. I wouldn't mind Santa. ;)

    2. Hop is scary, but the last person Melissa mentions was Santa. Are you saying Alien Santa went blind as a child, and the reason he landed on earth is because he couldn't see where he was going? This is Breaking News Worthy!

  4. As usual Jessica your book sounds funny & smexy! Any elves around? ;-)

    1. Thank you, Heather! No elves around, but they may come later. ;)


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