Saturday, October 26, 2013

Space captchas

There are some highly annoying things that will never go away. One is the dreaded indecipherable, 'prove you are not a robot'  captchas.
Impossible, you say. Captchas will evolve into something easier. Seriously, when have things ever gotten easier?

No, the need to protect sites from spambots will result in ever difficult gatekeepers and more serious repercussions for those that fail

I'm in my junkheap spaceship and space dust has mucked up my main hard-drive so I had to replace it. Only the new hard ass hard drive comes with stricter, Life Endangering Captcha that hates robots.

Only I love robots, from the little guy who keeps the space dust off the floor to adorable David who reads to me in the evening.

But because some robots have a compulsion to sell you stuff, or give you viruses, the maker of my new hard drive has decided all robots must die.

And if a few humans die in the process...well it's not like we are an endangered species. So who cares.

So let's look at the captcha again- up close this time.
Okay, I can see the number in this one, but I've two problems remaining. First, I have to type correctly. According to my writing robot, I have never typed a page without errors...ever.  But this is only one notaword. My robot says I have a 48% chance of typing it correctly.

49% perscent?  Opps, I meant type 48 percent. I want to argue with my robot, but I fear it's correct.

But if I type one letter at a time and edit I could still live, right?

Okay, here we go:
410 aste...
crap, what are the last two letters?
Is it an h or a b?
And the last one, what the F*#$ is that? Is it an O with a twig in it's head, an upside down Q or the letter d?

The robot thinks it's a d, but this program is design to trick and kill robots, so if David the robot thinks it's a d, then maybe I should go for the O. 

But I could die if I'm wrong. Let me ask for it to speak the code.

Captcha voice: ferten aaaaahseeeeeewechahua

Okay, that sounds like a my rumba when Jess sits on it. I still have no idea.

I'm going with O. How bad can the shock be?


Rumba: bump bump bump *Human wake up, no smoking on my floor*


  1. I HATE captchas! There are so many that I cannot read. Some of the pictures are totally incomprehensable. And with letters all jumbled up, they are impossible. That's why I do the approval system for one of my blogger blogs. And for my wordpress blog, I don't even do that. I think if it's your first time commenting on my blog, I have to approve, but after that, you're free to comment. No dang captchas!

    1. That's a very good idea! I'll try that if my 3 day open, then moderate ceases to work.

  2. I don't use captchas on my blog either. I usually have to reload at least a couple of times to be able to read them. And I only do that for friends. If it is my first time to a blog, I just move on because it feels unwelcoming. I just use a spam filter for my WP blog. That said, this was pretty hilarious. LOL

  3. Thanks Pauline. As my eyesight worsens I am growing to despise the little buggers.


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