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Winter's Awakening by Georgia Lyn Hunter

Winter's Awakening

A Warlord of Empryea Novel 

Liza: Today, I am talking with two characters from Winter’s Awakening.

Sebris: One of them had better not be me!

Liza: Oh, good then. You can wander out to battlefield and chill for a while. I wish to talk to Brenna.

Sebris eyes narrow: Why would you wish to speak to her. As soon as she does her job, she’ll go back to her world.

Liza: Think that if you wish, but you are wrong. And in an attempt to clue you in, the seventh mystical Stone has been shattered and its power spread among many HUMAN ladies.

Sebris’ expression grows colder: You know nothing.

Liza (rude man—er, immortal): I’m not arguing with you since you have no emotions. While you are presently a cold asshat, I’ve read your life story and you will be a much better man in the future, so I do not wish to fight with you now.

Sebris: A brow arches.  You...fight with me?

Liza: Ah, here is Brenna. Stay, go, whatever. I have far less patience with cold, intractable men than Brenna does.

Without a word, Sebris stalks out of the room

Liza pats the seat next to her: Brenna, it is nice to meet you.

Brenna: You probably shouldn’t fight with Sebris. His world is falling apart. Rebels—his own world’s people—burned part of their beautiful, sacred forest.

Liza: Yes, I know. So let’s forget that cold man and talk about you. How are you doing since you’ve been taken against your will to his castle in his world. And why take you to his planet. The shattered artifact is on Earth.

Brenna: Well, I did agree to help him, I just didn’t expect him to take to his world while unconscious. But he needed to rejuvenate his life force on his planet, and he doesn’t trust the Empyreans not to steal me if he left me behind. So here I am. However, he does plan to return to Earth with me as soon as he can. While I was furious with him at first for taking me, but being on his world, I saw a more caring side to him—one he keeps under wraps. In fact, I’m starting to like him.

Liza: Well, Good luck to you. However, you deserve only the best, so try not to fall in love with him, unless he dramatically changes. The man is too hard.

Brenna: I fear it is too late to do so. My feelings for him are very strong.

Liza: Oh, the poor thing. My deepest sympathies.


Dark warlord Sebris will sacrifice anything to save his angelic dominion of Dregarus, even shed his own blood. Snatching the foretold mortal from her world is nothing—as long as she can find the missing artifact their realm desperately needs to survive. He expects a mere pawn, not a fragile human woman who confuses and tempts him, stirring in him a desire that is as dangerous as it’s deadly.

After a freak accident lands florist Brenna Graham in a coma, she awakens to find herself in another world and in the care of a cold, ruthless immortal. The Darkrean leader both draws and terrifies her. Still, she’s furious over the abduction she unwittingly agreed to. But the longer she’s with him, the more she discovers an unexpected, tender side to the icy warlord. As barriers shatter and rigid laws are broken, an unabiding passion consumes them.

Except, time is not on their side in the dying, war-ridden world. For a chance at a future, they must fight for survival. When unseen enemies target Brenna, their bond is brutally tested. Sebris vows to bring down dominions to save the woman who became his heart…

Liza O'Connor's

Review of

Winter’s Awakening

Georgia Lyn Hunter

This is a fabulous masterpiece!
From the very first, this story will captivate you.

Never have I read a book in which the ‘creator of the world’ is so cursed and hated as Empyrea’s. Can’t really blame them, for the ‘creator’ just stopped caring about them. After creating the sentients, the God just wandered off. And now everything is falling apart.

Children are no longer being born. Sentients from their own world are attacking Empyrea. And Empyrea fights among itself, as well. Lies and deceit are everywhere.

Now other worlds are pulled into their troubles, as well. Especially, Earth. Someone is paying humans to sell weapons of war and cause serious damage, such as killing the sacred Rean Forest, kidnapping people, etc.

To be honest, Empyrea is in dire straits.

Sebris, who is not just a great protector of his world, but technically is the leader of his world, too, (only he lets someone else stand in his place as leader,) and he needs to find the seventh missing Stone.

So, he heads to earth with a team of warriors, and falls for Brenna, a florist. Brenna has no clue that she is special and keeps insisting that she is not. However, she does agree to help Sebris find the missing Stone. Only it turns out the artifact has been shattered on Earth and the scattered magic sought several earth women to house it.

You’ll meet lots of interesting people, some human, some immortals, and a few Gods.
You’ll discover that the “superior” immortals behave no better than humans and some of them behave far worse.

But most of all, you’ll be enthralled and enchanted with this fabulous story.

I give this masterpiece five stars!
I give this masterpiece five stars!

Author bio:
I’ve been creating stories from the moment I could string two words together. No matter the tale, it always has romance woven through them. I’m a hopeless romantic.
When I’m not writing or plotting new books, I like to read, travel, paint, or troll flea markets where I usually buy things I might never actually use because they’re so pretty.
After working in a few jobs all art related, I finally found my passion six years ago: writing. There really is no other job I’d rather do.
Oh, and I hail from the beautiful country of South Africa, but currently live in the Middle East.

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Excerpt from chapter one:

“God…” Brenna moaned, a wave of pain bursting through her head. Dying would be so much better. It was the recovery part that plain sucked.
Did someone smash her skull open and mush her brains? It sure felt like it.
She gingerly rubbed her temples, trying to ease the pounding there, and forced her eyelids open. Her blurry sight cleared, disclosing a sea of golden-brown wooden walls in a spacious but cozy bedroom. Intricately latticed dark timber suspended the domed ceiling above. Blue-streaked yellow flames rose from deep orange-blue crystal-like shards in the stone hearth adjacent to her bed. She blinked in confusion.
A low keening echo drifted to her. Her gaze snapped to the domed-shaped windows on the other side, revealing a whiteout. She frowned. There should be cars honking, voices adrift, people cussing. Life. Not a muted whine of a snowstorm. This was all wrong.
“You’re awake!” An excited cry erupted like nails piercing her head. “I will get Kyrii!”
Brenna winced and rubbed her sore head, catching sight of a slender figure in a dark blue, ankle-length dress disappearing through the door at the far end, enormous wings attached to her back dragging behind her. Wings?
Her heartbeat picked up in a fast staccato. Had she finally died from an asthma attack? Was she in Heaven? But she hadn’t been sick in a decade. It should be warm in Heaven, the buildings all sparkly white, or so she thought. She pushed up to sit—
“Oww,” she gasped, falling back on the bed. Every part of her ached as if after using her head to break concrete, someone had used her body to scrape up the gravel.
The door opened. An incredibly tall man stepped inside. Shadows concealed him for a second in the entryway. Then he moved, walking toward her with a predatory gait. Black pants molded to muscular thighs and disappeared into well-worn, knee-high black boots. An untucked, dark t-shirt hugged his broad shoulders and chest.
As he strode past the window, even with pain clouding her mind, Brenna’s breath caught in sheer wonder. So gorgeous…like an angel.
In the slant of dull daylight, his gleaming shoulder-length hair appeared like polished sheets of nickel bronze. The strands fell from a widow’s peak to frame his striking, aristocratic face.
But when she met those eerie onyx eyes, with the detached way he studied her, unease stomped out her fascination.
Dangerous. The word whooped around inside her head. Everything about him held about as much warmth as his cold, obsidian stare. He stopped at the foot of her bed.
“How do you feel?”
His tone held a dark, exotic edge. It scraped over her battered skin in a way that made her blood feel like warm molasses, and she shuddered, then frowned, so sure she’d heard his voice before. Except, she’d never seen him in her life.

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