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Liza reels in a great vampire book: Second Nature by Maria Lavender

Today, I was out fishing for great books and caught a vampire novel.  Actually, I caught a young lady but a vampire thought it bait and latched on to her. It's by a best selling author, so I decided to reel it in. Hopefully, I won't get bit.

 Second Nature 

(book one of the Blood at First Sight Series)

Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy

She never expected it…

Desiree Edwards has a problem.  She’s been attacked, kidnapped and forced to get along with a vampire of all things.  It’s something right out of the story books she reads, or her worst nightmare.  But, sometimes he’s not the monster he appears to be.  He seems so human-like that she can’t help it when her emotions betray her, when her body betrays her.  To make matters worse, she finds out more about herself than she ever wanted to know.

She was unlike any other…

Alec has a problem.  The animal in him wants Desiree.  But, so does the man.  The more he learns about her, the harder it is to deny what he wants.  But, he’s a freak, and she’s just a human.  The two species don’t mix that way.  Then an old enemy surfaces and Alec is forced to make a choice.  His life or hers. 
Can Alec’s soul be saved by this unique human?  Or will it be far too late?

The blood drained from her face. Oh my God. He had been that close when he was stalking her? That was eerie. She thought back to the festival and remembered that feeling of being watched. Natalie had brushed it off, but Desiree had sensed something was wrong. “What if … I had seen you?” she managed weakly.

“You didn’t.”

“But what if I had? Would you have given up your pursuit of me? Would you have lost interest?”


“But why?”

“You don’t see your appeal at all, do you?”

She went silent. She honestly didn’t know what to say.

They entered a garage, or at least that’s what she thought it was. He turned the car off and got out. When he opened the passenger side, he caught her foot just in time before she nailed him. 

His eyes narrowed. “Play nice, sweetheart. I don’t have to be easy on you.”

“You’ve certainly proven that already.”

“You haven’t seen anything yet.” He grasped her body and jerked her out of the seat.

With the bright lights of the garage over them, she had a better look at him now. Alec was very tall, with wide shoulders and defined muscles that she could see through his black tee shirt. He had black hair that sprung over his head in spiky layers. His eyes were dark, almost without color, with such a hypnotic quality to them that she had to blink. He towered over her and the hard look in his eyes didn’t help any.

She shivered. But, that was his intention, wasn’t it? To keep her off-balanced and afraid? “You’re doing this because I know too much,” she said as she stood before him, even though she was still bound. She firmed her lips for a moment. “Take me back now and I won’t say a word to anyone. I swear. This never happened.”

He scowled. “Will that help you sleep at night? I told you that I hesitate to erase your memories because you’re too strong. Even if I believe what you just said, there’s something you’re forgetting.”

“What’s that?”

“I actually want you around.”

She grimaced. “You just want a body to spill into.”

He put his face in hers. Their lips were inches apart. Her heart began to thud wildly again. “If things were that simple, you wouldn’t be here. And the next time we’re that close, Desiree, you will still want me to spill into you. You may even beg for it.”

Despite the ropes cutting into her, she clenched her fists. “You monster!”

“Too bad you’ve already pegged me for what I am.” His eyes darkened with something like pain and for a moment, she regretted her bravado. 

Bestselling author of UPON YOUR RETURN and 19 other books. 2014 BTS Red Carpet Review Nominee. Finalist and Runner-up in the MARSocial's Author of the Year Competition. Honorable mention in the January 2014 Reader's Choice Award. Liebster Blogger Award for 2013 and 2014. Top 50 Authors on Winner of the Great One Liners Contest on the Directory of Published Authors.

Marie Lavender lives in the Midwest with her family and three cats. She has been writing for over twenty years. She has more works in progress than she can count on two hands.  Marie has published nineteen books in the genres of historical romance, contemporary romance, romantic suspense, paranormal romance, mystery/thriller, literary fiction and poetry. Lavender releasedSecond Nature, a paranormal romance/urban fantasy book, in early December. Upon Your Honor, released in late April, is her second historical romance. Magick & Moonlight, a romance with fantasy elements, was released in March. Her current series are The Heiresses in Love Series, The Magick Series and The Blood at First Sight Series. Feel free to visit her website at for further information about her books and her life. Marie is also on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

A list of her books and pen names are as follows:

Marie Lavender: Upon Your ReturnMagick & MoonlightUpon Your HonorSecond Nature

Erica Sutherhome: Hard to GetMemoriesA Hint of ScandalWithout YouStrange HeatTerror in the NightHauntedPursuit;Perfect GameA Touch of DawnRansomLeather and Lace

Kathryn Layne: A Misplaced Life

Heather Crouse: Express Caf√© and Other RamblingsRamblings, Musings and Other ThingsSoulful Ramblings and Other Worldly Things

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  1. What a pretty cover! The book sounds great and the vampire doesn't sound like a scary one... or one that sparkles! :)

    1. Thank you, Melissa! Great to have you stop by! :)


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