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Bridges Burning Parallax Bk 1 by Marina Landry

Bridges Burning
Parallax Series Book One


Earther Ana Silvan is looking forward to working at the new prison and leaving the farming life behind.

For generations, natives of Earth have been forced to export large quantities of food to Unity, the spacecolony their ancestors built to guarantee the survival of the human race. Realizing Earth has begun to heal, the UPG military corporation has built a prison on Earth to hold and hide the Freestanders fighting to end its oppressive reign over the citizens of Unity.

Ana soon realizes the rebels are not the real criminals in the prison.

Bearing fresh scars, Hart James leads his fellow Freestanders to escape the UPG prison. When he discovers Ana’s role in his freedom and the extraordinary sacrifices she has made, Hart pledges to support her efforts to oust the UPG troops from Earth.

Together, Ana and Hart struggle to overcome personal tragedies, accept the passion igniting between them, and provide justice for the citizens of a new Earth. Through their tests of courage, they forge an unbreakable bond of love.

Excerpt from Bridges Burning:

No, this is too fantastic, too unbelievable. I must be going mad. She noticed the smell of fermentale. Insanity! No one was given the luxury of water in this hell, much less fermentale.
But the odor became more powerful, the more she tried to deny its existence. The sour smell of fermentale, combined with the stench of the Solitaire pit, seemed to swirl around her face.
The nightmare! The smells in her nightmare. The cold, the blackness, the powerlessness and despair. The smell. The dream, it was real. It was happening to her at that moment.
The narrow hatch opened above her head, just as she had dreamt it. She was too terrified to scream.
She stood paralyzed as Hart's face came into view. A hoarse rattle erupted from her throat, but still she could not scream. Hart's arms reached down for her, grasping, groping. It's my nightmare. It's madness.
The fermentale brought pain; she felt it rack her body. Humiliation swept over her as Hart's hand grabbed for her. He is only saving me from Resin so he can use me himself.
"Ana! Give me your hand. It is me, Hart."
Hart. Yes, Hart's come to pull me out of this hole. Hart. The one who had pushed her against the wall in rage to hurt her -- but who had not. The one who had chased her ruthlessly through the forest to prevent her from reporting his escape -- but who carried her back to spare her from the pain in her ankle. The one who kept her emotions in turmoil, who made her feel childish and anxious -- but who always had confidence in her, always accepted her. The one who pulled her body against his, hard and hot in his lust for her -- but who never forced her, never berated her, never hurt her.
Never hurt her. Never.
She raised her trembling hand to his... and touched love. His grasp charged her with strength and courage. His whispered reassurances poured warmth and safety flowing over her. This is Hart; this is real. This is love.
He grabbed her other wrist and lifted her out of the madness.
He sat her on the ground and fell to his knees beside her.
"Ana, my love. Are you alright?" He rubbed his hands over her body as if to be sure she was unharmed.
She clung to him desperately, absorbing the warmth and strength from his body. This is real. "Oh, Hart. I love you. I love you."
Gently, he grabbed her shoulders and pressed her back so he could look directly into her eyes. With a tender smile, he said, "And I love you. I have loved you very much... for a very long time."

Marina Landry has loved to write stories that intrigue and entertain readers since elementary school. The written word became her favorite medium for reminding others that love and trust exist, and, despite challenges, there is a place each of us fit perfectly in the universe. Her heartwarming, emotionally intense, character-driven stories of love and courage have gained attention in both the romance and science fiction communities.

Marina has taught language arts and mathematics in south Louisiana for 19 years. She speaks on the craft of writing and teaches all levels of writers online. Though her formal education has not followed a typical path nor timeline, she has Masters Degrees in Education of the Academically Gifted, Secondary Mathematics Education, and Adult Education.

You can contact Marina at to receive her newsletter with information on giveaways, new releases, and more. Feedback from fellow booklovers is always welcome.

5 Stars   I absolutely totally loved it.  It's exciting, nail-biting action, combined with heartbreaking civil war issues and most of all incredible, believable, realistic romance against the odds and against the horrors of war.

5 Stars   This is a great book. Enjoyed the story line.

5 Stars    Budding romantic relationships were forged despite seemingly insurmountable personal challenges and barriers. I eagerly await the next story in this series and wholeheartedly recommend this book to anyone who loves Science Fiction Romance.

5 Stars   Ms. Landry is a great writer who combines a fast-paced story with tender interludes and believable and lovable characters.

5 Stars   I can honestly say that my first thought after finishing was, how can I get my hands on a sequel.

5 Stars   Once I started this book, I could not put it down!

5 Stars   This story is a great reminder that love can be found in the most unexpected places.

4 Stars   Intriguing! Creative characters and storytelling.

 4 Stars   I would recommend this book to my friends and am very interested in reading book 2 in this series once it is available.


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