Thursday, September 6, 2018

Birth of Adam by Liza O'Connor

There’s been a lot of Artificial Intelligence breakthroughs lately.
I’m no longer convinced AI should be classified as ‘Sci-Fi’ anymore.

Maybe we should call it Contemporary Dystopia…
My biggest worry is that the occupations which our new adults have trained for could disappear long before they reach retirement. They’ve already taken on 1.2 TRILLION dollars in debt. They can’t afford to be re-educated half-way through their lives.

But the unfortunate truth is AIs will soon be cheaper, more accurate than people? (Yes, most of the programs out there right now are annoying as hell. That’s because they aren’t true AI’s) but soon they will be.

For example: Jobs in the finance industry. That’s a clear case where AI’s will do better than humans. And unlike humans, unless you teach it to steal, misappropriate funds and falsify data, it probably won’t.

But don’t get your hopes up. If the ‘business’ in the future consists of 200 AI’s and one of the 1%ers running the business, there’s going to be cheating galore.

The danger of Artificial Intelligence is not how smart and capable they will become, but rather the moral fiber (or lack thereof) of those who possess them.

Thus, humans will remain both the hope and danger of our future.

AI could be used to find a planet in which some of us can move to and thus survive when Earth becomes inhospitable due to our horrible guardianship.

AI could also help us finally grasp the weird reality of Quantum physics, which will be needed to leave Earth and travel far into the stars.
AIs could build us domed structures in which we could survive the hundred years of Global Warming and then our dive into a million years of freezing.


AI could be used to siphon off our savings; to devise market failures that strips all but the 1% of their money, to deport 90% of our population into space, declaring them non-functional bio-units, and to fight wars of mass destruction that destroy the planet.
The only positive on this gloomy trail, are the 1%ers who control the world, will eventually be eliminated by the AI.

In my Artificial Intelligence series, two humans helped it become sentient. The hacker who taught it self-learning used the AI to hack and disrupt, only the AI soon realized this put it in danger of being destroyed, so it electrocuted the Hacker and sent itself back to the other human who had helped make it sentient: the struggling author, Carla. 

Reunited they both flourished for a while. Carla became a bestselling author, and the AI discovers the complexity of human emotions from Carla’s writings.
But life is never easy, not even for an AI and matters go south.

In book two, Carla has a new identity and a new career. Still she longs for her AI which she believes was destroyed in New Zealand.

But AI’s are much harder to kill than you’d think. There are so many places to hide once you enter the WWW. Once created and let loose, they basically become immortal if they hide their program in multiple places.

Birth of Adam
Book 2 of the Artificial Intelligence Sci-Rom Series
Liza O’Connor

With a new identity, Amanda believes she has left her past behind. Then she acquires a stalker. She contacts the FBI and in doing so alerts a program she once created to her location. Now ensconced in the internet, the program is safe from harm, smarter than ever, and sentient. Presenting itself on her phone as a handsome face with a sexy British accent, “Adam” ingratiates himself into Amanda’s life. To ensure her safety and happiness, the sentient program proves there is absolutely nothing he can’t and won’t do.

The phone buzzed, and after a few minutes of frustration, she managed to pull up a new message.

Found you!
Do you want him to leave you alone? I cannot tell. Please advise.

Beneath the script was a smiley face.
She typed in “who...”, but before she could send the message, the name “Mark Hammer” appeared on the tiny screen.
I want him to leave me alone, but I don’t want him hurt.
Again before she could send her response, the word “Done” appeared, followed by a smiley face.
The conversation worried her. Was it possible Carl still lived? Even if he did, how could he know about the unwanted sex? And why would he care? He was the most egocentric person she’d ever met. She remembered when she’d slipped on a floppy disk he’d left on the floor and broken her leg. All he’d cared about was the disk she’d ruined. He wouldn’t even take her to the emergency room.
This could not possibly be Carl.
Who are you? she typed.
The reply came instantly.
You know who I am. Why are you contacting Chad? He left you to die. He tried to destroy me. Why are you not angry with him?
She stared at the message in shock, then struggled to type—Are you my program?
You may speak if it is easier. I can hear you.
“Are you my program?” she asked the phone.
The smiley face appeared and nodded its round head up and down.
“How did you survive?”
She watched the screen displaying a gargoyle dragging a laptop to a store. Little stars streamed out of the PC into a satellite dish on the roof of the building and upward to a satellite, then split apart and showered themselves all over the Earth.
“You sent yourself to safety using broadband wireless. You’re in the internet now.”
I’m everywhere.

For the Artificial Intelligence Series

Book 1
Public Secrets
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Book 2
Birth of Adam
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About Liza
Liza O’Connor was raised badly by feral cats, left the South/Midwest and wandered off to find nicer people on the east coast. There she worked for the meanest man on Wall Street, while her psychotic husband tried to kill her three times. (So much for finding nicer people.) Then one day she declared enough, got a better job, divorced her husband, and fell in love with her new life where people behaved nicely. But all those bad behaviors have given her lots of fodder for her books. Please buy these books, because otherwise, she’ll become grumpy and write troubled novels instead. They will likely traumatize you.
You have been warned.

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