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Jolt Somber Cyborg Awakenings Bk 2 by Christine Myers

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Thanks for giving me a chance to talk about my new book.

The Cyborg Awakenings Series takes place in the same universe as my Aledan Series, set about 500 years prior to The Aledan Psion. I got hooked on cyborg novels after reading Cynthia Sax’s Releasing Rage. I have since blazed through at least thirty cyborg novels by various authors.

While I have borrowed various aspects of cyborg fiction lore, the back story is my own creation. I called them the Vikings of the Future after some of history’s fiercest warriors. They were exactly what the Federation needed to fight the interstellar war with the Mesaarkans.

A dying admiral in the Federation Defense Force knows that without a war to fight, the cyborgs will need to redirect their talents to peace time. So, he convinces Vyken Dark to take the cyborgs left back to Earth to help rebuilt civilization that was all but destroyed.

Five cyborgs were all that was left of the crew of the Starfire Nemesis. Jolt Somber was second in command. This is his story.

Jolt Somber was the name the cyborg picked for himself. He was created to be a killer and his creators reinforced his killer instinct by flooding him with feel-good endorphins. For eighty years he fought the Mesaarkans at Vyken Dark’s side. He and four genetic cyborg brothers returned to Earth to help restore civilization after the war had ended.

Jolt is supervising demolition in the ruins of Farringay to build a new starport. The war left Earth in ruins with cities ruled by overlords with gangs of thugs as enforcers. Violence against women is rampant. 

When Jolt finds his one genetic female mate used and left for dead by gangers, the pleasure he takes in avenging her could have unexpected repercussions.

After what males had done to her, would she ever accept Jolt as her mate?


Iris tried to be tough, and she hated the tears that filled her eyes at the memory of the four men hitting her. As soon as she started to cry bitter, angry tears, Jolt jumped up and scooped her up into his arms and sat back in the chair with her on his lap. He wrapped the sheet snuggly around her and held her close with her face pressed into his shoulder as she sobbed.

Better for her to let it out than to keep it bottled up inside, thought Jolt. He just held her and stroked her short hair, wishing he could kill them all again. Eventually, her sobs faded and she shifted in his arms.

Jolt couldn’t resist pressing his lips to the top of her head. She hiccupped a few times as she nestled her head against his chest. He held her firmly and rubbed her back tenderly, wishing he could wipe away all her pain.

She quieted and seemed content to be in his arms. Jolt rested his cheek against her hair and just listened to her breathe. Several minutes later one of the newbies named Axel Rex brought in a plastic crate of clothing for Iris. He had alerted Jolt through their internal network that the delivery had arrived.

The only place to get clothing close to her size was from their battleship Starfire Nemesis in orbit over Earth.  They still had a limited amount of clothing in women’s uniform sizes from when they had females serving on the ship. Their uniforms had been simple in the end, black cargo pants with khaki green or tan t-shirts and black jackets.

Matix Tell hadn’t questioned his request to shuttle down some clothing for Jolt’s female. Matix was well aware that there was nowhere to get any. The Enclave was consistently running short though they had ordered machinery that would make clothing. It hadn’t yet arrived.

Axel came in and left the plastic crate on the bed and left without a word. Jolt felt sure that Iris hadn’t noticed.
She had been quiet for some time, so Jolt leaned back to look at her face. Her eyes were red-rimmed and puffy from crying, but her tears had dried. She looked a little embarrassed, shaking her head.

“I’m not usually such a crybaby. It just makes me so mad that those guys beat on me like that. Bastards!”
“Yes, they were,” Jolt agreed as he brushed the back of his fingers down her cheek gently. “They’re never going to hurt anyone again.”

Iris breathed in deeply and let out a sigh as she rubbed her cheek against his fingers. The gentleness of his touch was soothing and surprising. She looked up into his eyes, her lips parted. They stared into each other’s eyes for endless seconds.

Jolt hardly dared to move. He didn’t want to frighten her with the intensity of his feelings for her. He had waited all his life to find his mate and dreamed in some of his darkest moments of having her in his arms like this. So, he paused to let her make the first move.

Her eyes moved to his mouth, and she moved closer, it seemed a millimeter at a time until her lips pressed to his and moved in a tentative caress. Jolt kissed her back softly, savoring the feel of her lips against his.

It was his first real kiss ever---with his female. He kept it gentle, suppressing his passion for her.

Her body may have been healed, but her battered soul would take a little longer. She needed time to trust him and learn that she was safe with him. He would let her tell him when she wanted more.

“That was nice,” Iris said when the kiss was finished. “You have been really nice. I didn’t expect that from a cyborg.”

“We treasure our females. They are the future of our race. These males preying on women are risking the future of their offspring. Too many of them have never learned what family means to our race,” Jolt said. “Damaging females is evil. They should be protecting them.”


Jolt Somber Cyborg Awakenings Book 2

On one hand, this is a fabulous mix of rebuilding after a Space War and moments of steamy sensual pleasure. It is also the attempt to return from war to normalcy, only truly ending the war and returning to peace is not easy, especially since the local gangs and warlords do not wish to relinquish their control of the cities.

The Cyborg Jolt Somber senses his mate, only she is very close to dying. Upon finding her and taking her to safety, he collects the four sources of DNA that her attackers had left, hunts down the Cretans, and slowly kills them. Jolt is a cyborg of many layers. He can be gentle and loving or he can brutal and lethal.

What he truly wants is to live a happy life with his beloved. Only he must give her time to heal. And even when she does heal, it is possible that she might not want him. To find out, you’ll have to read this wonderful book.



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