Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hot buttons/ Collapsing Universes/ Lost keys

And just like that, the best blog hop ever is over. Oh the inhumanity of it all!

It was fun, wasn't it? Now, I have 8 followers to talk to.

I fear I'll have 0 again after this blog. I really don't want that, so let me throw up a warning right off:

Warning: Liza, unable to keep withing normal boundaries of appropriate topics, will discuss religion.   Statistical analysis suggest 6 of you will find her comments disturbing enough to consider unfollowing.  Please don't. Liza is only using the religious reference to explain how universes are constantly collapsing into one another

According to the Multiverse theory of Quantum Physics, universes are forming all the time to account for all the choices we make on a daily basis: When we do something, what we do, who does it with us....They all create new universes so that everything that can happen, does.

Liza's Multiverse or Multi-Universes theory of Quantum Physics allows not only for the creation of universes, but the collapsing of statistically similar universes. 

Otherwise the number of Universes would explode to infinity in short order and it will turn into a big black hole of crushed universes. Practicality demands someway to remove small, unimportant differences which occur at each possible action point.

If you whittle the universes down by collapsing any that are statistically the same, now it becomes a workable theory. 

And instead of time being your worst and most prolific nightmare, it becomes the most efficient manager ever.

Turns out, over time, most things becomes statistically irrelevant. In fact, whether things really happened or are just believed to have happened no longer matter.

Warning: this example may offend some readers.

I once read a book that proved  Jesus Christ never existed. In fact there is no mention of him at all until 40 years after his claimed death.

Did the publication of this book have any statistical relevance to my universe? 

None whatsoever. Those who believed in Jesus Christ continued to believe and those who didn't pointed to the book as further proof.  And those who didn't know, still don't know.

In other words, over time, whether Christ lived or not has become statistically irrelevant. What is relevant now is that people believe he exists. 

This shows how even a major statistical differences between two universes can collapse into one, given enough time has passed to make historical reality irrelevant.

Let's say in our  universe Christ was born in a manger and everything happened just as the bible says.

In another universe, he lived, but half the stuff the bible said happened didn't happen. (His followers embellished a great deal to draw in new followers.)

In a third universe, he's a purely fictitious character created by a group of men who really want to break away from the harsh Jewish laws and make a kinder, nicer religion.

At first, these would have been statistically relevant differences creating 3 different universes. 

But let a small bit of time go by --say 2000 years--
and it doesn't matter which "truth" we initially had in this universe. The actual facts have become irrelevant. In each case 33% of Earth's population are Christians and facts discovered now (contributed by a different universe) will not change anyone's opinion.

Because these type of inconsistencies occur all the time, we tend to ignore them and believe what we want.

Example 2:
How many of you have experienced deja vu? 
Yes, The Matrix offered one possible explanation for it. But here's a multi-verse explanaation.

Two universes with statistically irrelevant differences, collapse into one another and you end up reliving the same moment twice because they are a day off from one another.

I distinctly remember the day being 9/12 when the Twin Towers fell. But a day later, everyone thinks it happened on 9/11, which let's face it, is a far more marketable date. So I switched over to 9/11. Most people would just think they got the date wrong and forget the whole thing, but I constantly look for signs of universes collapsing, so I held on to it. 

I know what you're thinking.  If  only Liza had held on to her sanity...

To that point, consider the possibility that when people have illusions and see people who don't exist and remember things that never happened, perhaps they aren't crazy, but the victims of a bad collapse of universes where both lifes try to exist simultaneously. 

This possibility occurred to me when I watched A Beautiful Mind, which was loosely biographical. 

The brilliant scientist John Nash (played by Russell Crow) sees and talks to people no one else can see. He's diagnosed as a schizophrenic and lives two different lives, both real to him. His wife pulls him towards his 'real' life and more meaningful work pulls him to his 'delusional' life.

The world where he's a professor is the dominant universe after the collapse, so his codebreaker people (from the other universe) should have ceased to exist, would have, if the professor had not been so strong-willed and insistent they still existed. (It would be like me stubbornly insisting we've had our dates wrong since the towers fell on 9/12)

Fortunately, I know this sort of stuff goes on all the time, so tomorrow when I wake up with a cat instead of a dog for my pet, I'll just chalk it up to another universe collapse and go with the flow.

Want to know how you can arrive somewhere and not remember the actual drive? Universe collapse.

Have you ever remembered doing something (or not doing something) then you get proved wrong with incontrovertible evidence?  Universe collapse.

A great deal of the strange stuff that goes on in our lives can easily be explained by universe collapse. They happen constantly. 

So the next time you're late to work because you couldn't find the car keys that you always put in the very same place, blame Universal Collapses.

In this universe, I would love you to leave me a comment.


  1. Liza you have me flummoxed. (Ooh I finally got to use one of my favorite words in a sentence outside a Regency novel!) you have crossed my eyes and scrambled what's left of my sad little brain. But it's sort of like the proverbial tree falling in the forest with no one around... Ok I need coffee because I'm rambling and need to get become alert!

  2. Oh no, did I break your head with my deep thoughts?


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