Monday, April 14, 2014

Liza Tries to keep HUMANs alive.

I don't have a lot of time to spend on keeping the human race alive...I've got novels to write...but today I have two simple bits of advice that should improve your chances of survival.

1. DO eat dark chocolate.
The anti-oxidents & fiber ferments in your stomach and creates Anti-inflammatory microbes. In addition it improves your vascular function, lowers your blood pressure, and increases your insulin sensitivity.

(Semi-sweet chocolate IS dark chocolate with sugar added.)


First of all: THEY DON'T WORK any better than soap & water.
Secondly: The main ingredient is VERY HARMFUL TO HUMANS.

Space Rep: Hold on! If that was true, the FDA would put a stop to it. Since they haven't --QED it's not harmful. Liza's wrong.

Liza: The FDA has known the dangers of Triclosan for more than two decades, and have put through orders that would stop its use several times over the last two decades.

Yet, for some reason. These orders never get implemented. They mysteriously wander off to someones desk or perhaps a paper shredder, so the dangerous substance continues to be sold as a healthy product that will keep us from getting sick.

Space Rep: What does it really do?

Liza: It screws with our metabolic system, increases our likelihood of food allergies and mucks with our brain development. 

Space Rep: Wow, that's a big price just to prevent a cold.

Liza: It won't prevent a cold either. Turns out it is NO MORE EFFECTIVE than soap and water. So if you want to prevent the spread of disease, wash your hands with soap. This stuff is poison to your body.

Space Rep: Oh, I see now. Aliens must have taken control of the FDA.

Liza: Something has, and if we have any real journalists left, I wish someone would determine exactly where the process stops in the FDA and investigate that office to determine if they are taking bribes, have children held captive, or have received clear orders from above to paper shred it. Our FDA cannot do their job if external forces are allowed to manipulate the process, which appears to have happened multiple times here.

All the while, well meaning moms rub the poison on their children, wipe their counters down with it, even mop floors with it, believing in the words "Anti-bacterial" without checking the label. 

It's also found it's way into lipstick too. You don't really want to die for a pretty smile do you?

Space Rep: Let me think about it....Uh....Nope.

Liza: Good, then avoid the product Triclosan. 

Space Rep: How will I remember it?

Liza: Here's a memory aid; TRY CLOsing us down ANd we'll bribe someone else.

Space Rep: So it's hopeless. We're just going to keep have weaker and weaker babies until we go extinct? 

Liza: We each have a choice. We can greatly reduce the use of this product by refusing to buy any products with TRI CLOS AN on the label.  And if you choose to use it and have young boys in your home, go back and read my blog on how fragile our males are.  Do you really wish to actively end the Human Race? I know we are seriously flawed, but some of us are really nice.

The serious Scientific America article on Triclosan & the FDA is here.

The serious Scientific America article on Chocolate is here.

I apologize for not being funny, but this topic defies humor, I fear.


  1. Well of course I love the Dark Chocolate one... Yum! And now justifiable reason to eat it!!

    As to the anti-bacterial soap - I refuse to use it in my house because regular soap is just as good plus the more we use stuff like that, the more bacterial & virus grow beyond the scope of antibotics in medicine (a strange turnaround) so.... As to lipstick, I wonder. I'm notoriously bad about putting it on but when I do, I've switched to the anti-cruelty cosmetics (no need to torture animals for beauty!) so wonder if that crap is in there? Hmmm...

    Food for thought!

    1. Yes, I've been eating Dark Chocolate covered pomegranates to get me through my late nights. However, my new goal is to try to go to bed before midnight.

  2. I agree about both points. There are so many different research articles on the benefits of dark chocolate. I love it now but I didn't before. Maybe it was an acquired taste or I had to get old enough to fear illness!

    I think each child should eat dirt, get sick and wash their hands. We need to build up their immune systems rather than bubble them. :)

    1. How could you NOT love dark chocolate? Well, I'm glad you reformed.

  3. Don't even get me started on the US and chemicals. Tweeted.

    1. Yes, our government has agencies to protect us, but they are manipulated by those they control, giving us a false sense of security.

  4. Great article. I was germ-phobic with my first kid and he got ear infections constantly. My second kid, I was a little bit less stressed and he only got ear infections a few times. Now, with my third kid, as Melissa suggests, eats dirt and has only gotten 2 ear infections in 18 months. Wooot. Back to your article - it's great as I said and I tweeted :)

    1. Yes, the best thing you can do for your kids is send them to a farm, as long as there is no FRACKING going on. Then it would be the worst thing you could do. It would probably be best if you went along with them, or they'll feel abandoned, which will give them emotional issues instead of health issues to deal with.

  5. I am amazed that 1) something that tastes so good can be good for you and b) that the FDA is so controlled by corporations that it cannot remove an unsafe product after twenty years of knowing its dangerous, but continues to let it cause serious harm. Corporations are clearly NOT people. They are souless entities that will manipulate the agencies meant to protect us and now thanks to the Supreme Court of Idiots, they control our elections as well.


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