Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Unseasonal Wary by David Englund

Today, I have David J. Englund entering my Multiverse to discuss his book Unseasonal War.

Space Rep: Does he come bearing gifts?

Liza: Yes. He's giving a free digital copy of Unseasonal War at each stop.

Space Rep: Cool.

Liza: Let's discover more about the book.

Unseasonal War
by David Englund


Clark Jackson’s travels, for the first time, put him in touch with an intriguing species remarkably human-like. He becomes instantly fascinated with the Fronents and envious of their advanced technology. Striving to befriend them and learn more, his uncontrolled enthusiasm forsakes the use of appropriate caution and suspicion. Could their cold reception be a byproduct of their war with a vile species in this corner of the universe, or something else?

The magnificent splendor of an unexplored galaxy, new species to encounter and the adrenalin rush of space battle feed Clark’s awestruck hunger for exploration and adventure. Unfortunately, the more he learns the more he questions; including the wisdom of his entangled involvement in their war.

Meanwhile, back home in Des Moines, Iowa, Clark attempts to maintain an inconspicuous lifestyle to avoid attracting the attention of a certain relentless federal agency. His girlfriend’s own secret, however, could unravel it all.

**Even though the book is the second book in the series, it IS standalone


The entire bridge quaked with greater and greater intensity.  Standing upright became increasingly difficult with each passing moment, even with the help of safety bars.  A ship of this size was not meant to traverse a planet’s atmosphere.

“There she is!”  A cadet pointed at a screen.

The enemy ship itself still wasn’t visible.  However, flames burst up out of nowhere, surrounding a small blank area on the screen.  Something was definitely breaking the atmosphere of the planet.

“Now!  Pull out.  Full speed ahead.”

The shaking quickly diminished.  Two seconds later, the bridge was perfectly level and moving forward smoothly again.

“Now!  Target those flames.  Fire aft lasers.  All engines stop.”

Clark concentrated on the view screens.  Lasers connected twice as two explosions erupted amidst the flames.  Crew members cheered.  Captain Trind quickly put a stop to the celebration as he continued to stare at the screens and rattle off commands.  The enemy vessel followed suit and broke out of the atmosphere back into orbit.  It came out firing.  Lasers once again impacted the ship in several locations.

“Fire!  Keep firing!  Target the smoke!  We can see exactly where she is now.  Hit her!”

The camera view displayed her approach.  The smoking ship passed directly overhead, both ships trading fire, both taking hits.  Clark could feel the deck tremble every time they were assaulted.

“All ahead one-half.  Follow that smoke trail.  Fire forward lasers.”

The entire ship jumped three feet as an explosion emanated from below decks, causing those standing to lose their footing.  A few seconds passed.  Several crew members shook their heads and struggled to stand.  It took a few more seconds to regain composure.  Clark felt the ship slow down.

“Sir . . . the engine room . . . the engine room is gone.  Completely.”

David Englund is a storyteller (science fiction author) and teaches economics at North Dakota State University.  His first two titles, Upsetting the Tides and UNSEASONAL WAR are available on Amazon.  Camouflaged Encounters is due out in late 2014 and the fourth and fifth books are in progress.

Liza: Well the value of the prize just rose in value. This sounds like a fabulous book.

Space Rep: So to win the book I need to comment on all his blog stops.

Liza: That's a great strategy. So here are all the stops in your attempt to snare this book for free.


  1. Thank you so much for promoting my latest novel! I will check in several times. I would be delighted to answer any questions you or your readers have!

    1. Oh, I have a question. Do you ever have financial debacles in your stories? (I've a MBA in Finance and when I let my characters analyze stuff, critters complain because their simple math calculations don't agree with my complex analysis. So they think I'm an idiot.) I was just wondering if I'm the only one who suffers from knowing too much given no one wants to know the true complexities of reality.

    2. Hmm . . . I haven't had anything financial in my stories yet besides stock markets closing down (in my upcoming book due out in Sept). Actually, I've been criticized the opposite way. I don't know the physics of how everything works in the universe. Being that this is fiction, I thought I could make up something odd happening in some other corner of the universe that is different from what we know (to make for an interesting story) and get away with it, but apparently not.

    3. Liza, my email address is If you would like, send me a short message and I'll send a digital copy of the book to your address.

  2. Best of luck with your book and future releases. :)

  3. Thank you ladies! I have so much fun writing these stories. I have loved reading my whole life and now I find making up my own stories even more fun. Thanks again for the support.


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