Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Jobs offered based on genetic traits-The Future is Here

The US Air force paid for a study to determine which gene type is best able to multitask. They did this by looking at the human variants of processing COMT aka Catechol-O-Methyltransferase. 

First, let me say, whoever named that gene should be shot.
Scientist BONES shot

 I would find MethCatCrossing far easier to remember. But I'll cope with COMT. However I will never spell that name out again. NEVER!

COMT makes an enzyme that breaks down neurochemicals like dopamine. However, not everyone processes the neurochemicals the same. Scientists categorize the variations into three categories.

LARRY, MOE & JOE. (Joe was before Curly, but it doesn't really matter, because they didn't name them that anyway.)

They called them:
Met/Met, Met/Val, Val/Val
And the reason the scientist sound like they taken to stuttering is either because some general has indeed ordered them shot for their poor naming skills OR because it refers to the amino acid pairings of methionine and valine in the enzyme.


Otherwise known as:
Worrier, Wisher, Warrior
Actually, I made one of those up: Wisher.

They call the gene the Worrier-Warrior gene, but since they use three categories, I felt the middle split amino acids needed a name too. So I named it Wisher, as in:  I wish someone would give me a name, too.

Now why should anyone care about any of this?

Because it turns out those with the MET/MET, the Worrier gene, can multi-task far better than the Wishers or Warriors. However, they also suffer high levels of stress and get PSTD more often.

Thus, Orson Scott Card was very smart in Ender's Game to make his Met/Mets think their multitasking war was just a game they played. 

In real life, when given a squad of 6 drones to handle at once, the Met/Mets (aka worriers) far surpassed the other two.

In a fit of political correctness, the Air force assures us that they would only consider using their new found knowledge so they can establish better teaching methods to help those who are not innately skilled for the job.

Yeah, I'm not buying it. If certain jobs require multitasking skills and certain people are born with the genetic skill, why would anyone try to make a great focuser into a multi-tasker, or put a great multi-tasker on a job that requires great focus and concentration? That would be a waste of time and money. 

You should always put the best man or woman on the job. Employers attempt to ferret this out now with the interview process, but resumes and interviewees often lie.

If you really want the best match, perhaps a bit more information from the blood test would be a better designator.  

To prevent outrage from the public you can still do the interview process. Then you'll choose the winning candidate by the blood results that no one knows about.

While it's a bit disturbing that we might soon obtain & lose our jobs by genetic testing, at least we won't have to send out resumes to half the world and declare our greatest weakness is that we work too hard.

Instead, our innate qualifications can be loaded into a giant database and employers can bid for us and then we can be trained for the job that best suits us. 

I know it's a bit scary, because as we get older, our innate abilities decline. But hopefully with the world working so much better, what with the correct people in each job, we can be retired earlier and get to enjoy life, become authors, painters, songwriters, expressing life in fabulous ways so that the youth will long to join us, once their mandatory enslavement to a corporation or government entity is up.

But more likely we'll become soylent green.

 For the real SA article which has no mention of  76.4% of this article CLICK HERE.

Check out the real article. You will be amazed that I spelled all those ridiculously long words correctly.

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