Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Sonny White: The smartest man on earth?

Finally, there is hope we can escape Earth before the next deep freeze.

If you are a regular reader, you may recall NASA invested $50K in Sonny White who wished to do a table top experiment to determine if it was possible to Wrap Space time for faster travel.

I placed all my hope in him and he's kicking ass!
The tabletop experiment evidently worked, because he's now in charge of a Skunk works department at NASA. (Could there be a better job?) Not only is it interesting, challenging, life fulfilling work, but it couldn't literally be the saving of the human species.

Not only are they working on creating a football field size space warp, but they've also been able to create a rocket engine that runs on Sunlight. When coupled with space time warping, this means we'll be able to travel to a planet, get there, discover it has fire breathing dragons, and move on to search for a better planet, never having to worry about running out of fuel, as long as there is a fiery star somewhere about. 

The rocket runs on bouncing microwave particles created by sunlight, and while it shouldn't work based on our current understanding of physics, it does. The reason why it does is because we don't understand physics yet.

To discover more about this engine, here is my source: http://sploid.gizmodo.com/nasa-reveals-new-impossible-engine-can-change-space-t-1614549987

To read a very well written & clear paper on space warping and why it is our only hope to space travel, read Sonny White's paper.

So while I will be stuck on Earth until it freezes over, I have hope that mankind--the best of mankind please-- led by Sonny will escape into space and find a safer world for human life.

Do you realize how little of Earth's many years has been habitable by humans? We are a statistical blip unworthy of notice in earth's history. A rounding error of existence. Any chance of being more depends on Sonny White. He is OUR only hope.


  1. But the End TImes, Armageddon and The End of Days; won't they interfere with leaving? Becuase the guy in the sky, you know, he's all about killing everyone off... sorta like the Republicans who profess to being believers.

    Okay, sorry for trying to inject a little humor.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Well I did laugh, so you achieved your objective.


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