Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Beginning of the End

Sonny White you might want to hurry up on saving mankind.

That's because a lot of weird things are going on in the arctic. [Spell check first changed artic to attic, and there are always weird things going on up there, but let's focus on the icy ends of earth shall we.] Not to worry, the Pentagon has plans to 'handle' the fallout of Global Warming. (Riots, starvations, droughts, ebola...)

Perhaps you already know there are mysterious giant holes appearing in Siberia. I think they are checking satellite pics to determine how long they have been there. Something created a tidy round hole, with debris on the outside of the opening rim. This precludes it from being a weird circular sink hole.

The reining speculation is that methane gas is blowing open the holes. I'm not happy with that conclusion. First, because the holes are well rounded and unless there is a well rounded crack in the ice, I don't see how the pressure of gas is going to make such a tidy opening. I would expected a jagged opening wherever the ice is it's weakest.

Secondly, I don't want methane in our air. I strongly believe methane is what wiped out most life the last time the earth danced this song. When Earth gets too warm, it get's restless, releasing methane through it's cracks and natural tunnels. All this shifting & pressure causes volcanoes to get cranky, making them spew out toxic dust and gases, enveloping our atmosphere in a deadly gaseous blanket that collects more heat. In the ocean, fissures occur and the bottom warms causing methane lying dormant in the prior cold ocean floor to rise quickly.

And thus endth most life very quickly. 
Then the atmosphere becomes so thick that the sun can no longer warm the planet and it falls into a long deep freeze.

And a million years later, the earth will create new life and start the whole process over again.

I'm not keen about my soul having to hang around a million years with no means to write a novel, but maybe that gives us time to think...really think about what we want from life. And be nice about getting there.

Or maybe, our souls can travel the universe and we'll find a habitable planet and slowly work our way up an evolving food chain.
Future Liza may be a sea slug, but she's a pretty sea slug.


  1. I'm sure the holes are left-over Jamse Bond movie sets. So, there's that.
    Thanks for sharong... I think.

    1. What? You aren't excited about being in the midst of the strangest weather and oddities any human has ever seen. Yes...our bodies will die and they'll be no more bodies for all the souls to occupy, but I'm going to focus on discovering the 4th dimension and see if I can space travel to somewhere else. Someplace I can be an author again. Because I'll have a fabulous story to tell.


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