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Nov 28-30, I join with my fellow Sci-Fi Romance authors to share some of our novels
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So let me share a bit about my contributions:

The Gods of Probabilities
Liza O'Connor

The Gods require a time shifter to ensure the Path of Light reigns during the final collapse of possibilities. To speed the process of finding an Oceanic with the specific talents needed, God DNA is induced in several batches of Oceanic eggs, resulting in a generation of brilliant tiny blue Oceanic children.

One charming boy named Drogan has the ability to manipulate quantum reality in ways that will strengthen the Path of Light. Only trouble is that his gift runs a high probability of killing him and wiping out the Path of Light for good.

While the bureaucratic Gods will try to assist, in Quantum all possibilities not only can, but do happen, so the future is never certain.

99 cents

Surviving Sojourn
Liza O'Connor

An alien species is removing human colonies from planets, but to where, no one knows. Sojourn, along with the Emperor’s daughter and their crew, must find this unknown species and negotiate a treaty before the Empire’s army declares war on all non-human races.

Those who do not follow the Path of Light would prefer to kill all the non-human sentient beings before they are even aware they are under attack.

 Matters turn bleak for the Path of Light before their journey even begins. While provisioning on Terranue, Sojourn’s ship gets a hole blown in its side by Xenophobes. Fortunately, he's got Drogan in his crew. The blue fellow is as smart as they get!

99 cents

And here are some review comments for the books

The Gods of Probabilities

Ms. O'Connor takes her amazing and quirky sense of humor where few have gone! In The Gods of Probabilities, Zousan decides he can do something better than his father- Create a new world. With the help of his beautiful and creative daughter, a sentient computer and Pane, an ugly God...they set out to help a planet survive despite the people living there.

I loved the new world of Oceania that was created as well as the intelligent children who saw things in a new way. The children were learning as much about their world as how to interact in it. Their childlike innocence allowed them to see outside the box. Truly it takes the work of all hands to get things correct, learning that even the Gods needed help of a remarkable young man Drogan.

Humor abounds in this story but it's not like a knock knock joke. It's more subtle along the lines of Douglass Adam's Hitchhiker series. I'm excited to see what Ms. O'Connor has in store for the rest of this series.

If you're a fan of Douglas Adams (re the Hitch-Hikers' Guide and Dirk Gently's Long Dark Teatime of the Soul) or Sir Terry Pratchett's SF novels (The Dark Side of the Sun and Strata) you should definitely read this. Even non-SF fans who like humor (including some grumpy gods and sassy goddesses along with the SF) will enjoy this book. Can't wait for the next in the series!

 Surviving Sojourn

Easily the best in the Series!, October 1, 2015
This review is from: Surviving Sojourn (The Multiverses Book 4) (Kindle Edition)
This was easily the best book of the series and goes along to explain and wrap up the lives of the characters. We see the second son of the soul-bound threesome as an adult. He's grown into his role as a leader and must set out to save his family and entire planet...with a little help from his friends.

Sojourn becomes the only person who can keep the Path of Light on track when a jealous God is out to cause chaos to happen. I loved the humor of Ms. O'Connor which shows through in this book but really it was her emotion evoking characters that made this a book I couldn't put down! I can't wait to read more about these wonderful characters.

By WIT on October 6, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition
The final book in this unique science fiction series lives up to the promise of the other books, an easy read with fascinating twists and alien characters. We follow the Soul-Bond of Tamsarandem and their sons in the colony on Terranue. Their story twists and reechoes through different layers of the parallel universes. We meet sentient inhabitants of different levels in the universes. New soul-bonds are formed and lives intertwine and separate. Overseeing their progress, the shepherd Pane and the sentient computer MaryBell calculate the probabilities and nudge the outcome towards the Path of Light, often with unpredictable results.
I received an ARC of this book in return for my honest review.

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