Friday, June 16, 2017

Liza Shares her interpretation of Jupiter

The last time I wrote one of my fact finding missions and then gave my interpretation of the events, I was meanly scolded by a troll.
So let me be clear!

I am an author.
That means I create stories.
And they need to be unique and surprising.
So don't get annoyed when I wander way out on the craziest limb I can find.
That's the fun of being an author.
And yes, NASA.Gov is great fodder for my stories.

In the past, I've determined that PAN is NOT a planet, but an 18 mile long ship with a pentagon fin shape, a top with matching large indentions. I base this on the closeup shots Cassini took. Some of the fins appear bent now, and I don't know if it is still functioning or not. In the past, our telescopes would lose track of it for years, then it would reappear. So, being optimistic, I'm declaring it a functioning ship.  

Since they are mining the outer disks for minerals, I imagine those inside have a dull, hard life.  Thus, they need time off, which they take on Titan. That's where my humans have landed and my story unfolds. 

However, today I have discovered an exciting new theory about Jupiter, thanks to Juno the satellite going in close to map Jupiter. It's freaking the scientists out! Jupiter is nothing like they expected. 

Upon these new close ups of the pics, I've concluded Jupiter may not be a true planet either. Instead, it may be an 'eye in the sky' to watch over something. Possibly the sentients on the ship PAN, or perhaps that giant planet we cannot see or find but is tugging on other planets in our solar system. 

Has Liza gone off the deep end?  

Possibly, but when I write Sci-Fi, I'm in Space, and there is NO DEEP END.  There is just strangeness galore. It is a place where anything can occur. So here is my concept:  The mining of Saturn's disk is very important to an alien species. Not only did they build and send the ship Pan, but they also placed an EYE IN THE SKY to watch over this solar system, to protect what is theirs. And that Eye in the Sky is Jupiter. 

Yes, our beautiful art deco planet is actually a giant two-way visual transmitter, so the aliens living far away (I'm tagging the highly advanced alien species that controls the Boyjilian Star to be the ones who sent both PAN and Jupiter into our solar system.) Impossible, you say. Well, maybe not.  We already know that Titan is older than Saturn and probably came from far away. Those who control the Boyjilian Star could have sent the high-tech Eye in the Sky, which we call Jupiter; Pan, which is their ship for transporting the mineral they are mining; and the planet Titan with its massive electromagnetic shield--(600 times larger than earth's, possibly more...) to our pre-human solar system. Yes, my theory is way out there, but space is mindboggling strange. 

So let's check out the new pics from Juno:
This is the outside layer of the South Pole of Jupiter. Isn't it pretty! I could look at that all day. It's in constant swirls that never stop.  You'll never guess what exists beneath the pretty veil of clouds.

But first, let's check out the beautiful close-up ART created on Jupiter:

And this one....Van Gogh is back!

The whole planet is just beautiful! But is it a planet, or something else entirely? Is that gorgeous art there to sooth the souls of the miners or just hide the truth?

 It is so soothing! I'd like to wallpaper my bedroom with this.
But despite all the prettiness, there's something disturbing in the south pole. And my interpretations are even more disturbing. 

When taking a deeper look, into the south pole we discover it looks like a camera lens.  Secondly, each Flyby shot is different but they all appear to be the same species but one, who looks to be humanoid.  I know, people see what they want in clouds and rocks, and that's why I see something here as well.  Maybe, but it still looks like an eyeball to me with the giant face of an alien or human inside.  Does that mean there are actually people/aliens inside the "fuzzy area"?  I don't believe so. I believe that the image of the aliens and humanoid being sent from a far away planet are being magnified so that visuals are enabled despite the long distance from a recipient on Titan or the ship Pan. 

The attached pics have NOT BEEN DOCTORED.

So is there any reason you should believe this is an Eye in the Sky with magnified alien faces staring out, checking up on their mining of Saturn's disc, or perhaps keeping an eye on the giant planet lurking about? Probably not. But it's going to make a great story. Feel free to write your own story about it while I write mine.  Attached are the close-ups of all those strange aliens:

This one I call Whiskers. He's been doing this job for almost a billion years. He enjoys his job and is a bit of a prankster. 
Now this one took me by surprise. He looks like a young humanoid. All you can see is a thick head of hair, small beady blue eyes, and most of his big nose. He's mostly hiding behind the green veil, so I'm guessing he is worried. Perhaps, he has snuck into the communication center on the Alien's home planet to ask for help. Sorry fellow. Earth is dying now. Stay where you are and make the best of it.
This is Old Warrior. While too old to command a battleship anymore, he is more than qualified to be a Watcher. He arrived only a thousand years ago. His assignment is to determine the threat of the giant and invisible planet that has arrived in our solar system.
This is Lady, she is the only female we will meet in the aliens on the Mother Planet. Most females don't reach high levels jobs such as a watcher, but since her hatching, she has outsmarted every male of her species, so she is their best watcher.
This is the oldest Watcher. He's called Ancient One, but the Captain of Pan calls him Old Pervert. He's watched many solar systems in his life. He has specialized eyes that can see through anything, including titanium. Thus, he communicates with the crew on PAN, since he can see through the ship's walls. The one female on the ship isn't keen that he can see through whatever he wishes. She now wears body armor that blurs his ability to see her naked even when she sleeps. Otherwise, he constantly stares at her, regardless to whom he speaks to. You can see how his rays cut through the green veil below.

Wait for it....

Written,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Working on it

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