Thursday, January 18, 2018

Bound to You by AR DeClerck

The Unbreakable Bond: Love in Space

Hi readers! A huge thanks to Liza for having me on her blog again, it’s always so nice to get to talk with everyone here. Today I thought I’d talk about Bound to You.

Bound to You is a Sci-Fi Romance that takes place mostly on the far outer edge of the December Quadrant. Our two heroes, Jacks and Lia, find themselves trapped on a deserted planet. Or is it really deserted?

The most interesting thing about the story of Jacks and Lia (besides space zombies and ghost stories) is the bond they share between them. I know, I know, you’ve heard it a million times before. Hero and heroine share a sudden bond that makes them “mates”. Well, for Jacks and Lia there’s a little more science to the whole process. This is science fiction, after all. Jacks has the ability to use his personal energy, life-force or chi, if you will, to help the lingering dead move on to the next plane of existence. This depletes his energy and it takes days for him to recover. But when Lia comes along, he realizes that his energy is restored in minutes if she is touching him directly after a mission. We learn this is a biochemical reaction in which Lia produces more extra-cellular energy that Jacks can siphon off when he needs it. It also makes all their biological functions go into direct sync. They breathe at the same time, their hearts beat on the same rhythm, and they even blink at the same time.

This entire process was fun to write, because it created some interesting conflict between the characters. Jacks has been devastated by a recent loss and is worried about getting close to someone again. Lia has no plans to fall in love; her focus is on her career when she meets Jacks. Neither one of them asked for this bond, but they have to learn how to live with it, and use it, when the thing that remains on V-097 begins to chase them.

Bound to You is more than a romance. It has horror elements, and quite a bit of science without getting too heavy on the details. Our characters are forced to face a terrible truth about what happened to the civilization that used to inhabit V-097, and they realize that the threat still exists. Of course, like any good adventure story, it’s up to them to save the day!

I do hope you’ll pop over to your favorite retailer and give Jacks and Lia a try. Bound to You is currently on sale for 0.99 for the whole month of January. I want readers to fall in love with them just like I did!

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