Monday, January 15, 2018

Meet the mass of peeps headed to Titan

 Welcome to Destination: Titan

Just to get you up to speed--
Earth is doomed.
While there is a group trying to keep humans on earth alive, 
it's considered to be a LONG SHOT.
The odds are that

Thus, we need to get off it and go find somewhere else to live.
A group of religious factions are headed to Mars. To be honest, that group looks doomed from the start.
However, despite constant sabotages by the Board of Directors responsible for the two missions, one to Mars, the other to Titan, the one preparing to go to Titan is doing well, despite the sabotages from the Board of Directors. 

The crew consists of:
24 Soldiers
One Colonel
7 scientists
22 students 
5 farming experts,
plus one young girl who begins as a bossy brat but becomes Tamara's child.

And here they are...

This is Colonel Lancaster.
We've caught him working out. 
Try not to hyperventilate!
You may consider him the hero of this story

This is Bio-chemist Tamara
She is the main teacher of the students
and the soul of this team.
She always thinks of others before herself. You may consider her the heroine of the story.

Here are the brilliant students.
Their ages range from 13 to 19.
and include Amy and Toby (which technically aren't students.)
Amy begins as an obnoxious brat.
Toby, a farmboy isn't actually seen until book 2. There are three other farm kids which I never discuss at all.  Maybe in book 3...
However, what I can say about these students is that as smart as they were by themselves, they are frighteningly brilliant when the work together.

Which brings me to the man who believes he's the most brilliant man on earth: Max Hunt
Looks like a benign fellow, right?
Well, don't count on that. He has more moods than a family of Highland Gorillas. Under no situation should you argue or correct him. If you do, you will incur the dreaded Maxplosion. 

This is his girlfriend of many years.
Janise Tong claims to be genetically perfect. Needless to say, she's Tamara's least fav crewmember.

Now the other scientists are likable...
The is Dr. Bruce Willows. He knows every joke in the book. He's also a fabulous doctor.
And because doctors are critical in keeping everyone alive, 
Dr. Sandy Culp is also a member of the crew.
This is Sandy with Max meddling in her playground. Seriously, the man is a nanotechnologist and biochemist. He should leave Sandy to do her own job!

This is Dr. Sarns. He is a computer programmer and a mechanical engineer.

This is Victor, he is a brilliant mathematician.
He graduated from collage at 13, and honestly, he starts out acting more like a baby than the teens.  But once Tamara helps him to come to terms with reality, he matures nicely and creates a fabulous artificial intelligence named Scarlett.

Scarlett has a fabulous sense of humor and saves lives throughout the books.

This is Lt. Yarrows.
She WILL taser you!
Just ask the teens...

Look out for this one.
She is tasked to kill everyone you just met. Her name is Freddy Miles.
She's working for the religious factions, to ensure that everyone working on Project Einstein dies a brutal death.
Only Project Chosen may remain!

Let us hope that doesn't happen, but the cards are stacked again my team...

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