Thursday, July 5, 2018

Collision, Bk 3 of the Prophecy Series by Lea Kirk

A heart-rending loss…
A life in peril…
An empire at stake…
Is the price for peace too high?

Long blurb:

A heart-rending loss…
Flora Bock will never forgive the Anferthian invaders for murdering her birth-parents. Growing up with the grandson of her sworn enemies is living a nightmare—until the day she sees him through the eyes of a young woman. But giving her heart to him is the ultimate betrayal of her parents’ memory.

A life in peril…
There are precious few places in the galaxy where Fander K’nil is safe. One look into Flora’s beautiful, hate-filled eyes is proof enough that Terr is not one of those places. He must keep her at a distance and stay alive long enough to fulfill his destiny. No matter what his heart desires.

An empire at stake…
Just as Fander and Flora begin to discover the depth of their feelings for each other, they are thrust into a deadly game of politics and assassination with an enemy who stops at nothing to stay in power. With the lives of everyone they love at risk, they must find a way to avert a new invasion before it’s too late—even if it means making the ultimate sacrifice.


Flora breathed out a resigned sigh. “It was my fault that he died.”


I killed him, Fander. I led her to his office. If I hadn’t been there that day, he’d still be alive.”

“No.” He ran his hands up and down her upper arms, the light touch keeping her attention from disintegrating into remorse. “No, you’re wrong. Haesi Velo would have killed anyone standing in her way. Anyone. Your parents, Juan, Mags. You cannot blame yourself because you couldn’t control someone else’s actions.”

“Maggie.” Her sister’s name squeaked out. It could’ve been Maggie who died that day. The truth of the situation loomed over her like a giant black cloud. “I’m a target.”

A walking, talking target who was a danger to the people she loved.

“Yes, you are.” Fander pulled her into his embrace, her cheek resting against the stiff quilted roughness of his combat garment. “We both are. And it is not something either of us asked for. It was the lot given us through the chance of birth and the unpredictability of tangol. We have some powerful enemies, Flora. I’ve been hiding my true self from them all my life. Now, it is time to face them.”

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