Monday, June 30, 2014

Skimming Mars

The Boldly Go Institute is sending a giant air freshener to Mars, which is expected to return in 2020.

Truly, the institute is named Boldly Go and the spaceship does look like a giant air freshener to me. 

There is something else it sort of reminds me of, but I am not going there.  I'm staying with the PG Air Fresheners. 

Since it doesn't plan to actually land, only drive by and collect dust samples in the atmosphere, it's chance of success is actually pretty good.

Sadly I had a link to a NASA video here, but they took it down. What is wrong with NASA that they can't keep a video up in ethernet?

I hope the mission hasn't been canceled due to a corporate takeover. 

I was hoping  it would bring us back Tardegrades from Mars. Then we can have our Tardegrades go in and greet them. If they harm our Taredgrades, then we will hold the Mars Tardegrades prisoners while we try to water board them.
Martian Tardegrade

Earth Tardegrade

Note: it is not possible to waterboard a Tardegrade. The only opening in their fabulous space suit is the mouth which can shut tight against water. They can withdraw into their suit and go dormant for a hundred years (maybe more, we don't know). Thus, we will die in our next ice age before we can make them talk.

But it's also possible that our Tardegrades came to Earth from Mars when it lost its atmosphere. At which case there will be great hugging (with eight appendages, they are great huggers.)

Still doesn't mean they won't join forces and evict us, but given the size difference, they just might resumed living in their own little world with their cousins, who will no doubt have fascinating stories to share.


  1. I don't see an air freshener. I do however see that other thing... Whatever it is.
    I'll wait to see if it returns before the Supreme Court makes more terrible decisions.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. It won't even leave Earth before the Supreme Court makes more terrible decisions.

  2. Cool video and post. Shared via Google+

    1. I thought the video was cool...except for all the ads.

  3. Thanks Liza for keeping me updated on the items in space. When the giant air freshener comes falling back to Earth, I will make sure to hide somewhere in a bunker. :)

  4. Well, to be precise, only a bit of it will fall into the desert. (Desert Hikers beware). The rest will add to our evergrowning space junk, which will eventually grow so thick that we can't leave this planet even if we figure out how to survive in space.


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