Friday, July 4, 2014

Unfortunate repercussions from End of Universe blog

Just in case my blog two back which revealed we live in an unstable universe that could disappear any moment caused you to take my advice to heart about being happy, prompting you to quit your job so you could be happy, which you were before money got scarce but now your beloved children cry for the lack of stuff they truly do not need, but think they do because all their friends have it, which you can safely ignore, but not so when there's no food, so you come to the conclusion you must look for new work, but something more interesting than your previous job, then consider this occupation as a possibility. 

(Yes I did just write a 112+ word long sentence. I'm being rebellious today.)

That's to punish you for quitting your job. 
What were you thinking?

But you did, so here are some alternative jobs:

JOB #1
You can milk Stone fish.
They have one of the most deadliest venoms in the world, and it needs to be milked so antivenoms can be made.

Here's a film explaining the matter:

To take this job, you will need to relocate to Australia. No worries mate, they are wonderful, fearless people. 

There is a good chance you might lose a few of your kids due to their lack of self-survival instincts from being overly pampered all their life, but the ones that survive will be better for the experience.

JOB #2

Perhaps you aren't keen on losing any of your kids so you decide to stay in America; here's a job that probably has openings. You will need an understanding of electronics, a good sense of balance and no fear of heights.

JOB #3
or perhaps you want to travel the world, while making money to feed your kids, so you sign up to be an international truck driver.

You know, on second thought, maybe you should ask for your old job back.  It's not really so bad.

And for those who wisely ignored my end of the universe warnings as Liza silliness

There are clearly worse jobs than yours out there.

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  1. The tower one is awe inspiring, though it's clearly before the day when people had to be harnessed to the tower, too, not just the tools and spare light bulbs. And of course, over a thousand feet, there's never any rust or corrosion. I guess the painters who paint the towers aren't as interesting...

    thanks for sharing!


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