Sunday, July 20, 2014

Liza dreams of our nearterm future.

I get ideas for my  books in early morning dreams. This one gives me the chills, because it could all too easily come true.

Let's first discuss the realities of today:
CEOs of Corporations are not warm, fuzzy, loving people who worry over the welfare of their workers.  (Trust me, I've worked one on one with a great deal of them.)

They are the sharks of the human race. Their focus is to squeeze every dollar of profit out of their company. The men who report into them are also sharks, each looking to take the #1 spot if the CEO shows weakness. Fail to be the best in your industry for a quarter and you get a warning. Fail for a year and you're out. There is no place for caring in the Corporate world.

A Corporation Entity is far closer to a Profit Robot than a human being.

So the idiotic Supreme Court declares them human, but not regular humans, but superior humans with the rights to contribute unlimited money to buy elections. And while they cannot YET vote, they can spend billions to sway mere humans to think as they wish.  

With our current addiction to the media and internet, brainwashing people is very easy, child's play in fact. 

Recently, the Supreme Court allowed closely held corporations to impose their religious beliefs on what they will and won't pay for in health care.

Now, other corporations have rushed to demand the same right. The slippery slope has begun and here is what I dreamed.

The Future
The Supreme Court recognizes differentiating between close held corporations and major corporations is unfair, and opens to all corporations the right to have a religion dictate their health care provisions.

As I've already noted, a CEO's job is to wring every dollar possible out of its company. That is why they outsource jobs to lower wage companies. They didn't actively try to put you out of a job, they just wanted more profit. And if they hadn't done it, the Board of Director would have fired them and gotten someone else who would. 

The opportunity to save huge amount of money is right before their eyes. Within three months of the ruling, every CEO has declared their Corp is a Christian Scientist, a religion that does not believe in medical care. Everything but the setting of a broken bone must be healed with prayer.

[Liza is making no judgement as to whether The Church of Christ, Scientist is a good or bad religion. I only used it because it would would be the most profitable solution for corporations to misappropriate for their needs.]

Some of the less sharkish smaller CEO's will hold out, because they still have the remnants of a heart, but eventually they will capitulate or be run out of business. 

Now more than ever our country needs a universal health care system, but that was de-toothed and dismantled years ago. The media swayed people into believing they shouldn't expect anything from their government, convinced them those 'other' people shouldn't have insurance or living wages. They must accept hard work, low pay and the lack of health care as the way of the world. NO FREE LUNCHES!

Here's an upside: the Corporations of USA do not need to outsource jobs anymore. They have plenty of cheap labor to profit from right here in America. There are only two classes: The 1% and the poor. 

Having lost most of their business, the health care industry begins to rapidly shrink. Many doctors and nurses move to other countries, others working for insurance companies must deny services to those who are not insured, something most cannot afford. 

Fake insurance makes a comeback, which for an affordable premium you can have an exam to determine if you are well or sick, but they will cancel your polity if it turns out you are sick. And it will be legal to do so...just read the fine print. (The government is now out of the health insurance's business entirely, so loopholes proliferate.)

The wealthy of course do not give up their excellent health care. They can always fly to England, which continues to have the best health care in the world, for their needs.

But for the former middle class and poor, flying is no longer in the budget. Some who foresaw the situation early moved to other countries for a better life, but the price to leave quickly becomes beyond the average man's ability to pay.

Airlines alter their business from cattle cars to fleets of private carriers for the 1%.

The middle class workers who wanted to believe they were on corporate ladder going up, now realize the ladder has collapsed and their position is no more respected or valued than the lowly person who actually does the work that the business was founded to do. Nor are they paid much better.

For the first generation, this will be hard to bear. As Americans we have always believed in the American dream...but it's now become a medieval nightmare of peasants and Lords. 

The Media will tell us we are here because of foolish programs of the past, like Medicare. We spent what we could not afford. We failed to work hard enough. The new mantra is Work til you die and expect nothing in return.

Needless to say, I didn't care for this dream in the least and I seriously doubt I'll write a story based on it. It's too dark, bleak, and hopeless. I prefer stories where there's hope for a better tomorrow. It's really hard to be funny if your world is de-evolving before your eyes.

But it did bring to light how the Supreme Court can single-handedly destroy our country. All they need is a dysfunctional Legislative branch that can't agree on anything, so it can't fix their bad decisions. 

We may have already crossed the point of no return.  Maybe I should check out the emigration opportunities for New Zealand before the above actually happens. 

New Zealand is my favorite place in the world.


  1. Liza, Liza, Liza. You got the sub-heading wrong. This is what every sane person *should* read.
    Thanks for sharing. I hope NZ remains nice.

    1. Yes, the people of New Zealand haven't swallowed any Corporations are people too pills down there.

  2. It is scary to think how right you are. Corporations aren't the only ones running life this way...schools are too! We have no retirement at my school and less pay. The leadership is getting richer and we are still trying to get by, working those long hours (you know how much I do).

    Sadly we are so close to this future. Already our living is very limited in comparison to our parents' generation, and our children will be even more so. Thanks for enlightening the world.

  3. That's true, the most valuable staff in the school are the teachers, yet they are poorly paid, while the most worthless group, (Superintendents and principles are the highest paid. In my school system, we have 7 superintendents, one does nothing but attendance.How can that possibly be worth more than teaching?

    But once we are all impoverished the difference of pay between the two won't matter. They'll both be very low


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