Friday, September 26, 2014

Liza O'Connor interviews Mirror Shattered by KG Stutts

Today, I'm interviewing KG Stutts' Mirror Shattered.

Mirror Shattered is book 2 in a sci-fi romance series by the very talented KG Stutts. The first book, Mirror Image, introduced us to Maddie, a brilliant scientist who learns she is a clone. 

In book 2 Maddy discovers she is NOT the clone, but her warrior other self, Mack is. The revelations pretty well destroys Mack.Under the shaky leadership of a new commander, the team discovers an ancient and violent species isn't as extinct a they'd been told.  

The Synth managed to go back in time to kill the team's former commander, Charlie Westlake, before he can befriend the Isgurds and form the ISC. Their only chance to save Earth is to go back to 1965 and stop the Synth from killing the 13 yr. old genius. The team is willing to do this, no matter how many times they must do to succeed. Mankind depends upon it.

Liza’s Review

To be honest, I actually enjoyed book two MORE than book one, and I loved book one.

K.G. Stutts is an incredibly talented Sci-fi writer. The book was superbly written, beautifully edited, cleverly complex, but always made sense. As in book 1 you should Expect the Unexpected with nonstop action.

This is one of those rare books I’ll want to read again. It was pure pleasure from beginning to end. 
I cannot wait to read book three!


  1. Thank you so, so much! I can't wait to get your thoughts on Mirror Reformed.

  2. And I'm interested in discovering how you reform a mirror. Is there some new glazing technique I haven't heard about? (I know. I'm being bad, but it's my blog. No one can stop me!)

    Seriously, I loved this book. Can't wait to read the next one.

    1. I've been taking suggestions for a better name but no one has any suggestions!

  3. Reformed is what I came up with since we shattered the mirror (Mack) in the second book but because we went back in time, she doesn't know so...everything came back together.


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