Thursday, September 11, 2014

Liza interviews the book Fearless by KM Fawcett

Today, we are interviewing Fearless by K.M. Fawcett.

Space Rep: Is the book truly fearless?

Liza: It's willing to be interviewed by me, and traveling here via our shoddy transporter, so I'm thinking, YES. The book is fearless.

Space Rep: Can I test it on its fearlessness?

Liza: As long as you don't damage the book. KM will expect it returned eventually and I can promise you she loves Fearless.

Space Rep: How do you know that?

Liza: Because authors always love their books. Otherwise, they would find a different occupation, because this one is long on the hours and short on the pay. Now transport Fearless over.

Liza: Welcome, Fearless. May I call you...No, 'Fear' won't work...neither will 'Less'. How odd! Your positive name is made up of two negative words.

Fearless: That's because 2 negatives equal a positive.

Space Rep: Does that mean two bad pranks equal a good one?

Liza: Space Rep, out! Well, it seems I have no choice but to call you Fearless. No matter. Let's get to the interview while Space Rep is gone.

Liza: That's a lovely cover, but they appear more in love than being fearless.

Fearless: But it takes a fearless person to open their heart to the one they see as the enemy.

Liza: That sounds good. Tell me more!

Fearless: Myia, a shaman-in-training, wants desperately to protect her peaceful village from the barbaric Highland invaders.

Liza: Hopefully she's a fast learner because barbarian invaders aren't known for slow meandering attacks.

Fearless: True. To hone her powers of prophetic visions and healing, the village elders send Myia on a quest to heal the Highland leader's heart and stop a brewing war. 

Liza: And she goes? She definitely deserves the title of Fearless. But does she have the skills to pull this off?

Fearless: Myia has mended many souls before, so this should be an effortless duty . . .until....

Liza: Oh no! Until what?

Fearless: She meets the gorgeous, stubborn Highland warlord.

Liza: You scared me to death. I feared a highlander sliced off her head or something. Of course she meets the Highland warlord. That's what she was sent to do.

Fearless: But no one mentioned how gorgeous and stubborn he was.

Liza: Well, I'm not surprised if her Shaman trainer was a guy. Men rarely refer to one another as 'gorgeous'.  However, they should have forewarned her he'd be stubborn.  So tell me more about the gorgeous warlord. Your cover has decapitated him.

Fearless: Not decapitated. Just hidden from view so readers will not swoon and faint upon sight of him.

Liza: That gorgeous, eh? Please tell me more.

Fearless: Kedric, is a former gladiator who escaped enslavement. His sole mission is to liberate the villagers from their common foe.

Liza: I hope he doesn't think Myia is his foe. Gladiators are skilled at true decapitations.

Fearless: No. The enemy is an advanced race that breeds humans for blood sport and genetic experiments. 

Liza: Really not good. 

Fearless: Fueled by his rage, Kedric is determined to take down the brutal enemy.

Liza: I'm glad Kedric is going to kick their butts...or more likely, decapitate their heads.  Hold on, didn't you say Myia wants to stop him?

Fearless: That is her assignment. So you can see why Kedric wants this raven-haired beauty, with a body made for sin, gone when she tries to sabotage his mission. 

Liza: I notice her head is partially missing in the cover. Did he express his displeasure physically? As in, good by half of head?

Fearless: You are most bloodthirsty!  As much as Kedric might wish to be rid of Myia, no woman's touch has ever left him more annoyed . . . and aroused. 

Liza: I've heard of women like that. He should stay away from her.

Fearless: He knows he should shun her soothing embrace, but he can't seem to. As their passion grows, Kedric must decide between fighting his war or surrendering his rage--and his heart--for Myia's love.

Liza: Well, this is all very well for Myia achieving her objective. But doesn't this leave an alien race making humans into lab rabbits and arena pit bulls?

Fearless: Well now, you'll have to read me to find out the answer. *sly grin*

Liza: I'm a bit concerned about my two fearless peeps. Open your covers and let me read more...please.

Fearless: Of course. Here's a fun sneak peek of the story:

Angry red streaks snaked through Kedric's aura. “What manner of trickery is this?”

“Get off of me, barbarian.” Name-calling? Really? Had her father taught her nothing?

“Barbarian? That’s funny coming from a savage.”

Myia gasped. “Savage? You’re the one on top of me.”

“As I recall, I wouldn’t be on top of you if I hadn’t needed to protect myself from your tricks.”

“I am a spiritual healer. I only wanted to repair your soul. You must release my people.”

“They’re free to go at any time. They choose to stay.”

His weight was crushing her, making breathing difficult, but she refused to let him see her discomfort. If she could calm herself enough, her spirit could reenter his, and she could try healing him again. This might be the only chance she got before he… What would he do to her?

She didn’t sense anything evil, vile, or malicious. Murder wasn’t present in his aura. The only thing she perceived was arousal. Typical male. Perhaps she could use that to her advantage.

There were three occasions when a person’s spirit was the most vulnerable: during sleep, during illness, and during sex—so she’d been told.

“You’ve invaded our peaceful village and took our people against their will. Forgive me for not believing you.” Her words were angrier than she wanted them to be. What happened to her shamanic training?

“Seems we have a lot in common, you and I.”

“We have nothing in common, barbarian.”

“Did you not invade my body against my will?”

“To heal your spirit.”

“So you say, savage.”

Would he stop calling her that? She was not a fierce, violent person. She was tranquil and at peace with the universe, dammit.

Well, at least she strove for peace.

“However,” he continued, “you needn’t concern yourself. My spirit requires no healing.”

“So say you. But our spirits have met, and yours told me it hid a deep wound. Let me back in. Let me into your body to heal you.”

His smirk surprised her. What could he possibly find so humorous?

“If anyone enters another’s body, it will be me.” His warm lips pressed against hers. As if to prove his point, his tongue coaxed hers to open for him.

She’d been kissed before, but not from a man so dangerous and commanding, or so good at it.

Well, she wasn’t about to waste the opportunity to do what she came here for, especially since nothing in his aura indicated malicious intent. His spirit simply sought to demonstrate his male dominance in a kiss. Nothing more. Ha. He’d learn who the dominant one was when she connected with his spirit again.

She opened her mouth and kissed him back. His pause indicated surprise. He’d obviously expected her to resist. When she didn’t let up, his jaw relaxed and his kiss deepened. She couldn’t deny the freedom her soul felt.

But she’d come to heal his heart, and as much as she would like to give in to the pleasure she was receiving, she needed to heal him first.

Again retreating to that tranquil place in her mind, her spirit gathered energy and flowed from her body into his. Her spirit didn’t get further than the impenetrable stone wall before it was thrown from his body again.

His lips were off hers, the weight of his body disappeared. The influx of warm night air came as a relief.

“Savage,” he boomed. “Stay out of my body.”

“If you enter my body, barbarian, rest assured I will enter yours.”

Liza: Oh these two fearless, determined warriors are fabulous. I'm going to take them home with me and watch the taming of...not sure which one will tame first. Can't wait to find out!

Space Rep: *drags in chains & whips* I'm back.

Liza: Where'd you get all this disturbing stuff?

Space Rep: In the lower hull of the ship. The prior owners must have left it behind.

Liza: Well, you aren't using it on Fearless. I like this book a great deal. However, if you want, I'll hang you upside down in chains and see how long it takes for your head to swell.

Space Rep: Fearless is really a good book?

Liza: Sure sounds like it.

Space Rep: Maybe we could stop by the next recycling planet and we can sell this stuff so we can buy the book.

Liza: A far better idea. Since you missed the entire interview, you may ask Fearless questions about its author.

Space Rep: Okay, I also found the links down there.  Here are the places it can be bought.


Liza: Well done! Now be nice to Fearless while I'm gone.

Space Rep: So tell me about your author, but only the interesting stuff.

Fearless: K.M. Fawcett writes sci-fi & paranormal romances and enjoys stories filled with action, adventure, and kick-butt heroes and heroines. 

Space Rep: Glad Liza is buying the book. Tell me more.

Fearless: She holds the rank of Sandan (3rd degree black belt) in both Isshinryu Karate and Ryukonkai (Okinawan weapons). K.M. and her husband own Tenchi Isshinryu Karate Dojo in NJ where they teach karate, weapons, and self-defense. 

Space Rep:  In New Jersey! That's where Liza lives when she's not in space. 

Fearless: When not writing or working out at the dojo K.M. is driving her children to drum practice and ballet classes. 

Space Rep: Your author sounds more balanced than mine. Liza is on the computer 15-18 hours a day. The only time she leaves it is to walk her dog and sleep 6-7 hours. 

Fearless: My author is very busy, but she does seem to have a better balance than yours. However, I do worry that one day she'll drop the drummer off at ballet classes. Please visit her on Facebook, Twitter, and her website at to be the first to hear if that ever actually happens.

Liza: Back from buying the book. Did Space Rep tell you we'll be keeping you for three days?

Fearless: No, but I don't mind. I rather like it here now that Space Rep put away the chains and whips. Thank you, Liza, for your interview and hospitality.

Liza: Come back anytime!


  1. The story does sound wonderful. I think a warrior like that could win my heart!

  2. Liza, Thanks again for the interview! Fearless and I had fun!


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