Friday, November 7, 2014

Silly things to do in Space

 Recently, our space efforts have had some problems. So I decided we need to return to the happier, and sillier days when Space was fun.

Here are a few of things we've done while in space: 1) We play with yoyos

You'll also get some of the worst dating advice from a guy scratching himself.

2) Now you might be one of the many people who gets to ride the vomit comet.  Here's one of the original flights back when people weren't too concerned about animal cruelty.

Now we use animals who can sign waivers

3) But, of course, my favorite is Captain Hadfield's singing of Ground Control.

And for those of you who are terrified of actual space ships after our recent blow ups, maybe a trip by balloon will be more your style:

On second thought, I'll stick to the singing...

Ground control from Major Tong....

This is ground control to Major Tong
The balloon has gone to heaven
And you've been left behind

Falling, with nothing to stop you
Don't even try to sing that to the original tune

For the record, I am aware I present a selective memory concerning the 'good old days' of safe space travel. The truth is space travel is highly dangerous and things will go wrong. But I strongly believe we need to persist in this endeavor. Not so we can play yoyos, float cats, and test the stomachs of college grads and sing songs, but because some of us really need to leave this planet before it goes into its next million year freeze cycle.


  1. Perfect post for a Friday morning.

  2. Very thoughtful post! I know many celebrities have signed up for Virgin Records space travel. I hope that with the recent problems, they haven't changed their mind. I can just see Lady Gaga singing from her space ship!

    1. I suspect quite a few of them will have if they can get their money back.


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