Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Alternatives to Earth Liza goes searching for options to Earth.

If Earth is dead set upon killing us, where can we go? Right off the bat, I'm thinking the space flower doesn't look welcoming, however, look at all those stars. Surely, one of them has to be friendly.

Let's first look local. There's Mars.

Only Mars is already populated with an ever growing population of robots. 

And there's also the little issue that it is a wee bit too close to the Sun.

So let's move on to Saturn.
Now it's got a bunch of moons, one of which is Titan. It's 40% bigger than our moon, and is the second largest of Saturn's moons.

It's fuzzy because it has way too much nitrogen.
If we go here, we'd have to bring a really good heater, a means of making oxygen, and get a real sturdy glass window so we can enjoy the oceans of methane. 

Otherwise, it's looks much like Earth, without people, plants, and other living things.

I have the covers for my books if we go to Titan.
But thus far,
my people struggle just to come up with ways for us to have any chance of living there.

To be honest, it would probably be easier to try and unthaw Earth after Global Warming tosses it into a deep freeze.

Now we do have the option of successfully creating a space ship that can operate out of normal space and thus avoid the Traffic Cop that insists we cannot drive faster than the speed of light. 

NASA scientist Sonny White now heads a project trying to wrap space time around a ship so that it can travel outside of the physics of space. Particles  have proven to be able to do this, so why not a really big particle, like a spaceship?

I've written about him several times:
Here's my first blog about Sonny White.
Since that article, he appears to have been promoted from his table experiment and now is trying to seriously wrap spacetime around a ship.

Thus, in my upcoming Sci Fi Series, he succeeds, allowing us to actually travel to all those cute planets that astronomers believe may be earthlike.

To get to any of them, we will need to travel faster than light. 
You'll note on the cover is a spaceship outside of normal space. While the ship is in non-space, the bright shimmering is caused by the natural friction the space warp being both in and outside of space simultaneously. 

This allows a ship to move from one empty space to another empty space instantaneously. Then they will enter space and fly less than the speed of light to the planet. This works rather like an instantaneous worm hole travel.   

A mere nine months later, traveling far beyond the speed of light, we arrive at a planet that appears to be beautiful and earth-like.
My colonists are the first humans on the planet. Some geek and his powerful telescope decided it was earthlike so they sent a colony here. And in some ways it is like Earth. Thus, the colonists named it Terranue. There are edible fish in the river, but see that blue bull on the cover? That's Blue, and he is the king of this planet. Somehow he had gotten stuck on Earth until recently, but he's home now and graciously will allow the humans to join his people. 

There are a few men among the colonist that think bulls should be eaten rather than be colonists. What I learned from this book is that there is no reason to expect life to be the same, even if the planets are similar. In fact, On Terranue, the animals the colonists brought with them are getting smarter everyday. Sadly, the same cannot be said for many of the colonists.

In Sojourn, things get stranger and I focus on how different entities can live on the same land, yet be oblivious of each other because they operate in different dimensions.  It's rather like the way the light spectrum can transmit a multitude of data, with no channel interfering with the the other.

Then I explain the underlying  multiverses that operate in a similar matter, and how one young water boy discovers how to alter the future. Also, you get to actually met the Gods in Drogan.

So stay tune, and sometime this year I'll publish the lot of them.


  1. What a great series of stories ( or are they just covers?)

  2. No, the stories are all written and working through edits.


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