Friday, July 24, 2015

Liza congrats Pluto and shares news

I've lots to share, but first, let give a grand high five to Pluto and his little bud Charon.

One of the oddities of the two planets is they are said to always present the same face to each other as they rotate, like dance partners, or better yet,  warring ninjas. But perhaps instead of facing inward, they actually face outward to ward off danger. I'm mean seriously, have you checked on their neighborhood? It's a death zone!

I'm thinking Pluto is Warrior King and the four moons are his mighty warriors, sworn to protect him.

And does Pluto appreciate their help. Yes he does, and that is why he has a heart tattooed on his belly.

They are a team. And despite their god-awful neighbors, they will survive. And someday, we will not only admire Pluto, but we'll reinstate him as a planet...if we live long enough...which we probably won't. Then Pluto will declare himself Emperor of the Kuiper belt.

Seriously, we need to leave this planet (Earth, not Pluto). It's highly unstable. (Rather like us.) But given the way we've insulted Pluto, I don't expect we'll get a welcome there.

And since we love selfies, here's our battle cameraman, who took this mission knowing it's a one way street to outerspace, where to the best of our knowledge, no battery recharge stations exists.

And here's some selfie video's



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No beating or abuse is necessary. 
I will happily tell you my stories.)

As many of you know, I decided to see if it is humanly possible for me to publish a book a month. Since I have written a great deal of series, I chose a Sci Fi series I really liked. Yes, there are some stories I've written which disturb me and makes me worry about myself, but this series is delightful. 

Reviews of book 1, The Gods of Probabilities, liken me to Terry Pratchett or Douglas Adams. I am honored, but humble enough to know I'm not there yet. But at least it says I might be headed in the right direction.

If you haven't read The Gods of Probabilities, I suggest you start there. But given I wrote book 1 last, you can also start where I originally started, and begin at book 2. I still recommend starting at book 1, but you won't be lost at book two if you insist upon being perverse and starting there.

If you don't like being early and would prefer to wait until book 2 arrives, that will be August 3. But seriously why must you be so difficult?

Is it not enough that I'm working 17 hours a day/7 days a week to get these books all shiny for you to read once a month? Must you have them all at once? That is not a rational expectation for a full length novel. I'm pretty certain 1/month isn't rational either, but I'm giving it a try, but only because I know you have no patience.

I hear a violin and weeping....oh that's me. 
*Slaps face* Get a grip! Ouch! 

Since you've read this far, I'll share a secret that could tank my sales right now. (Come Aug 3, to celebrate Surviving Outbound, I'm dropping the price of book 1, The Gods of Probabilities to 99 cents!)  

If you join my newsletter I'll even remind you on August 3rd. (Sign up is on the right hand column of my blog near the end.) Hey at least it's not behind a locked door with a sign that says 'Beware of the Leopard'. That would be insane, and possibly a copyright infringement.

Well, I need to work on book 3 so it's all shiny come Sept 1. But thanks for checking out my blog and staying past Pluto.
      out                 almost out        getting ready waiting impatiently

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