Saturday, September 19, 2015

Liza has advice for water sentients on Earth

Great news for our deep ocean sentients. You may have a planet to escape from the death trap known as Earth. 

Enceladus has significant liquid, sloshing water beneath it's icy surface. At one time scientists believed it was just a narrow bit of water, but now they have proven it is a large mass of water, possibly covering the entire world, and significantly deep. In addition, there is evidence it holds life, perhaps  even your cousins.  

Hopefully they will be friendly hosts and invite you in.

But there are a few items you'll need to work around. 

Their ocean also contains methane. We know this because we've captured wiffs when our robots fly by.  Scientist think the reason is because there are thermal vents of hot methane that burst from the surface. 

The moon is weird in a few other ways. It's not exactly round, and as it circles around Saturn it slows and speeds up instead of having the same speed.

So no, it's not a certainty that you'll survive, but there is a high probability that some form of life lives there based on the molecules that Cassini picked up.

And don't forget, getting into the water will be a challenge, but you might be able to find a fissure large enough to enter, when it's not spewing.

If you'd rather stay on Earth, even though it's doomed, I understand. That's what I and everyone I know intend to do. 

There's just too much work to survive. I think it will be easier for my soul to catch a solar wind and find a new planet, then enter a smart but kind sentent's fetus and become one with it.

I'm mean really, who wouldn't want me? 

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