Saturday, March 5, 2016

Exploits & Escapades by AR DeClerck Preorder is 99 c

Exploits & Escapades

by AR DeClerck

Adventure Romance: Read between the lines

Hi, all! My name is AR DeClerck and I write adventure romance. Adventure romance? Yep! For romance readers this will mean that my hero and heroine go through hell and high water to make it to “happily ever after”.

Nothing is ever easy for the characters in an adventure romance. Whether it’s set in space, in a mythical kingdom, or inside a werewolf pack, the adventure romance forces characters to come together when danger comes to call.

I invite you all to join Icarus and Cora Mae (The Alchemist’s Kiss), Jackson and Lia (Bound to You), Gage and Lavinia (Desolation) and Ember and Reginal (The Clockwork Countenance) in Exploits & Escapades. It’s a book bundle for lovers of adventure, danger, intrigue, and LOVE.

Exploits & Escapades is available now through pre-order for only 99 cents. It will be available on all platforms March 15th.

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 Author Bio:

AR DeClerck is a wife and mother of 2 daughters. She lives in the Quad Cities, IL and works as a dialysis technician. She grew up in the mountains of NC and has always been an avid reader. She started writing in high school and never stopped.
AR writes adventure romance novels in many sub genres. She publishes through Nevermore Press and currently has 5 novels available with a few more in the works and thousands more in her head. She credits her love of reading and writing to her mother who always has a book handy.



  1. Liza highly recommends it. I'm sure it's wonderful!

  2. Did I mention what a bargain it is. 3 full length novels and a novella. But the price is only 99 cent thru March 14th, so pre-order it now!


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