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Kaye Manro shares Almost Home, A Soul Love Story

When I came up with the idea for creating the Soul-Love Series I wanted to blend Sci-Fi elements with a profound soul searching kind of love. I remembered that Greek philosophers Plato and Aristophanes first coined the idea of soulmates. They professed that we are always searching for our other half, the one who will complete us. I liked that concept so I decided to explore these theories as an SFR storyline. And this became the theme I decided to use as the basis for this series.

I wanted the love connection between the hero and heroine to have a touch of the esoteric. I felt the stories should depict the kind of love that would be strong enough to compel the characters to move Heaven and Earth and find each other. Whether the love they are seeking is right around the corner or across the galaxy.

In the short story, Almost Home Nick and Krista share an unfathomable love as well as a strong telepathic bond. They are also the main characters in the first Soul-Love novel, Remember Him Yesterday. In the second book, Barefoot Dancer characters Michael and Kim are drawn together even though they live on parallel worlds. Distant Vision, is the third book, and Alex can feel Ramie calling to him from across the galaxy. I like that the lovers in these stories find each other through Sci-Fi elements such as quantum matter streams, advanced technology, interdimensional travel and alien contact.

 Even though Almost Home is a holiday story set in the 1960’s it opens up the underlying theme of the series and merges undying love with Sci-Fi elements.

 Almost Home 

by Kaye Manro


Boston, December 1966

They share a love so profound nothing can separate them…

Musician Nick Zelmenis is in love with ballet dancer Krista McBaine, has been since they were teens. They finally figure out how to share their love and stay together for keeps. But change always happens. When Nick’s band is offered a record deal they wonder if this will tear them apart. On top of that they must separate from each other before the holiday. Then Nick is caught in a raging snowstorm while traveling on his Yamaha trying to make it home. If that isn’t enough, he must tap his unused supernatural gifts, not sure of what the outcome may be. Will his psychic abilities help him find a way back to Krista or will they end up alone without each other on Christmas?

Almost Home excerpt

The lovemaking was enduring and true between them. And as always carried them to spaces beyond the everyday world. Colors of light and sound encircled them as they touched and held and loved, as they shared the oneness of their Soul-Love.

After a while, Nick hesitantly rolled away from her. “We gotta get moving, baby. You have a plane to catch, and I have a long trip to map out.”…

…He lifted his leg over the bike and went to her.

“Krista,” he said, as he neared her. He swung her around in his arms. “Just keep saying, it’s only for a few days, only for a few days. And remember,” he added. “We have our special way of connecting. Just stay with me here.” He pointed to his head.

“I will,” she said, “count on it, my love.”

Nick pulled her close for a last kiss as the taxi rolled up beside them. They looked into each other’s eyes. “Never far away, never let you go,” they both said at the same time.


Almost Home is available now on Amazon Kindle
And Remember Him Yesterday will release in 2017

About Kaye Manro

As an author, I lean toward the adventuresome in my writing. I love paranormal, where supernatural abilities are the norm, and science fiction with all the enticing quantum theories surrounding it. Where characters rush through outer space at FTL, or teleport into another time, and even slipstream into an alternate reality. I like creating sensual love scenes too with sexy heroes, and captivating heroines. It just seemed natural to combine these elements together in my stories.

For more information on the Soul-Love Series visit my website at and my blog at --  Facebook  Google+  Twitter

Thanks to you Liza for having me as a guest on your blog!

Kaye Manro


  1. It good to be back among the stars of SFR! Thanks for having me here, Liza.

  2. My Pleasure, and be aware I'll keep you for two more days.

  3. Hi Kaye,
    Your Soul-Love Series sounds like an interesting concept. Glad to see you're writing again. Congratulations on the realeast of Almost Home.

    1. Soul Love is interesting, Dee. It's good to be back to writing again. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Kaye, I saw on your blog that you were promoting over here and I wanted to stop by to say hello and show my support. As a sci-fi buff I am open to all manner of stories and your series sound like it has a strong scientific base. Lots of research you've done, I'll bet. Keep up the sci-fi writing. Billy

  5. Glad you came by Billy. The SF is surely there in this series but soul love is a very strong element. Thanks, I plan on writing more SF in the near future. Look for other SF books from me sometime in 2017. Kaye

  6. Hi Kaye, I just read Almost Home and I love it. I look forward to reading more books in the Soul Love series. Keep writing the good stuff. Reha

  7. Thanks Reha! Keep watching for more!


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