Thursday, February 8, 2018

Meet the people trying to get to Titan (Saturn's Moon.)

Hi! I'm Tamara.

Before we can get to Titan, we have to create lots of stuff while we live deep in a secret location one-thousand-three hundred feet beneath the ground.

I can't promise you that is the truth, since we were told nothing by the people who built the bunker, nor those who brought us here. However, the brilliant teens deduced that based on vibrations and likely speeds as we went down the elevator.

The teens, the future of Humans, are the brightest children I've ever met. 
I'm Tamara, by the way. Unfortunately, by the time we arrive at our new home deep in a mountain, everyone is tired and cranky. Worst yet for the smart kids, many have smart mouths as well, and thus, are constantly being tasered.

While Max Straun, a brilliant man who I've assisted for many years when we were above ground insisted I was needed for this grand achievment of habitating humans on Titan.

When I discovered Max wasn't in charge of this attempt to save humanity, I was shocked. I thought him the smartest man in the world. As time progresses, I discover that was not true. However, at first, I could not conceive anyone might be smarter. 

When a young soldier grabbed up my papers and made certain I had signed them, he declared himself in charge of us. So sassy me asked what he was so hell bent to order me to do. I also asked him for his age, since he looked my age, which in my opinion would make Max more proper to be the one in charge.

Turned out that Max was in charge of scientific matters, but this hunky young soldier, with the rank of colonel, was in charge of the five billion rules being obeyed.

It was really late by the time we were installed into our tiny two bunk rooms. We only got a few hours of sleep before it was fake daylight and we were supposed to teach the teens.

I was worried the kids would be tasered to death if they didn't get more sleep, so I challenged them how to make diapers for babies and suites for us to wear. Naturally they complained about being sleep deprived. Thus, I advised them to sleep on the matter for eight hours.

To my amazement, by the time I woke, the group had divided into teams and had two viable solutions for diapers and those out of diapers. I was astounded. Within a few days, I realized these young students were actualy smarter than any of the adults, including Max.

So I took them under my wing, never telling them what to do, only encouraging them and teaching them to be nice and not while sharing their ideas.

It was shocking how fast these teens could design and build items. And I am the lucky one who gets to teach them for four hours a day...

Then the second groups of kids arrived, only they thought they had been kidnapped, so they were much harder to calm down, but soon we had more brilliant minds eager to create the impossible.

To be honest, we had thought we would have years to work on our projects. Good thing the kids were so clever, because in less than 6 months we had to leave to Titan. (Our lives were  truly at risk. It seemed the second group, while they preferred to go to Mars, didn't want us to live at all.) 

Even the chairman of the board that oversaw our teams wanted us dead! That I will never understand! He sent his own grand-daughter down to us, insisting he wanted her to go to Titan. And I fell in love with the girl, named Amy. I also fell in love with Colonel Lancaster, which given our first encounters, I'm sure neither of saw that outcome. 

Evidently, Lancaster had been given some inaccurate information that I would be his biggest trouble. Instead, he soon valued me over everyone.  And he's so cute, how could I not love him as well... He's the best of men, honorable, reasonable, and a very fine lover. 

We have 23 brilliant students (if you include Amy, who turned out to be brilliant as well.) 7 scientists, and 26 soldiers (equal numbers of female to male soldiers) when our Quantum Ship arrives to pop us over to Titan. 

There were more of us that, only not all made it to the ship. 56 people to recreate the human race would be difficult, so we are changing partners every two months. I have to admit, I don't think this is going to work in the long term. But right now, this is what we are doing.

On the bright side, Victor created a fabulous Artificial Intelligence named Scarlett. She saves our lives several times and always has great advice. 

So if my plan has gone my way, you are now interested in reading this fabulous book. 

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