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Sahvin's Mate by Clarissa Lake

The Farseek Mercenary series is steamy romance space opera. Sahvin’s Mate is the third entry in the series.

Narovian Feline Sahvin Kazza went to Earth as a covert agent to stop alien human trafficking. He is kidnapped and sold into slavery to work in the mines on Breskaa where he fears his life will end. Enter the Farseek Mercenaries and Sahvin's life takes a whole new direction.

Sahvin is a crossover character from my Narovian Mates series that I brought into the mix. His rescue came in Commander’s Mate Book One of the Farseek Mercenary Series.

The Farseek warriors were not always mercenaries. While their warriors were defending Trans-Stellar Consortium them against the expansion wars of the Sargus Empire, the Sargus Empire attacked Farseek while their warriors took the survivors as slaves.

All of their towns and cities were destroyed. Over a million people were killed or taken. The Farseek Brigade could either go after revenge or go take back their people. Saving their people is more important to these warriors than revenge.

But they don’t just free their Uatu people, the Farseek Mercenaries free all the people enslaved with the Farseekans. When they come to Breskaa to free them, Sahvin thinks it’s the best day of his life. He knows it is when he discovers one of the Earth women checking in the rescues from the mining colony is the soulmate he has been seeking for years.

His soulmate Nora Reed is initially shocked when Sahvin asks to mate with her, then the potent bonding pheromones make her feel like she is a cat in heat for him. A feline’s soulmate essentially becomes addicted to the pheromones he or she gives off. The only way for them both to survive is to have sex and fall in love because they are bonded for life.

Nora Reed was in the first group of abducted people rescued by the Farseek Mercenaries in Book One. She is one of four women kidnapped from Earth by Pican slavers, who became friends on the long journey from Earth to the Sargus Empire.

Also released with Sahvin’s Mate is Faigon’s Mate, a free Farseek Mercenary Short to give potential readers a taste of the series. Tyema Reznar is another Narovian feline also covert Alliance agent stationed on Earth kidnapped by alien slavers. She lands on Julconi prison planet where she meets Lieutenant Commander Faigon Nesgatu her soul mate. Faigon is in the middle of an important mission and taking time to bond with his soulmate was not in his plans.

(Slave Barracks on Breskaa)

Bill thought I was dead when he came back to the barracks and found me on my bunk barely conscious. I opened my eyes when he put his fingers to my throat to check for a pulse and startled him.

“Oh my God, Sahvin! You scared the shit out of me. I was sure you were dead.”

“Not yet, but I am starting to wish for it,” I muttered. “Why fight to live when all we have ahead of us is more misery? When we die, they will just get more like us to take our places. Death may be our only way out.”

“You don’t know that Sahvin,” Bill said patting my shoulder. “There’s gotta be a way out. These people are going around from planet to planet stealing people, someone’s going to figure out who they are and come after them.”

“Before or after they work us to death or kill us for entertainment?” I said.

“Well, if you just lay there and die, you’re never going to find out, are you?” he pointed out. “Come on, Sahvin. You’re the only comic relief I have in here. Pull yourself together. Here, I brought you some protein bars. Eat. It’ll help you heal.”

I sat up slowly on my bunk and took the offered bars. He had pilfered two extra, so I could eat. “Thanks,” I told him. I ate them slowly as it was hard to chew when my jaws were both sore from punches. They had little flavor, but they had some nutritional value.

The next day they sent me back to the mine to work even though I could still barely stand. Bill took my pick and shovel job and let me push the ore cart because it gave me something to hold on to. I lost track of how many days until I had mostly healed.

Days turned into months, and we all thought we would die in those horrible mines. If we even stopped to catch our breath after moving a heavy load, they would beat us with a short wire whip. Some of the other humanoids were not as strong as Bill and me. They just dropped dead when the guards tried to make them keep working by whipping them.

Everything changed in the middle of one dark starless night when we were awakened by the sound of explosions and weapons fire. The mine camp was attacked, and we all thought we were going to die. But the only the guards were attacked and killed.

That’s when Commanded General Maktu came and announced that they were there to free us. There was still weapons fire in the background as the shuttle arrived for us to embark, but the Farseek warriors stood guard on either side of the short stretch of ground between the barracks and the open hatchway to the shuttle. It was standing room only, but we were all thrilled to be getting out of that hell hole.

Twenty minutes later, we were debarking on one of four dreadnaughts of the Farseek fleet that had come to rescue us. Then they took us into what was apparently the cargo hold to be checked in by four beautiful Earth females. That’s when I scented her.

I had thought it was the best day of my life when Bill told me that Commander Maktu was there to free us. When I scented her, my meomee or soulmate, I knew it.

“Bill, my meomee is here!” I said as we stood in line to be registered.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“Oh, I am sure. I scent her. She is one of those women,” I told him. “I can hardly believe it.”

“You can smell her through the stench in here?”

“Of course, I am feline,” I said, smiling. “I must get closer.”

Suddenly the hopelessness and chronic fatigue that had plagued me through the months of long grueling days and short nights with too little sleep faded away. I had thought I would die in that horrible place, and then I scented her. At first, I couldn’t tell which one she was. It didn’t matter because they were all beautiful and seemed to really care about us. 

I didn’t want to push ahead of the others, but it needed to know which of these magnificent females was mine. I wormed my way through the others until I was near the head of the line. The female with the short reddish hair and luscious curves looked up and met my gaze. I knew she was the one.

I waited to approach until she finished speaking to the man she was interviewing.

Meomee, you are a long way from Earth,” I said and extended my hand to her. She gave me a stunned look as she took my offered hand.

“I am,” she smiled up at me and I felt my cock stir just looking at her and holding her hand. “And who are you? You don’t look exactly human. How is it that you speak English?”

“My name is Sahvin Kazza. I am a feline humanoid, and you are my soulmate.” I told her wondrously.

 “Oh!” she drawled as the pheromones I exuded hit her right to her core.  “I-I am Nora Reed.”

All I could do was stare into her beautiful green and gold eyes. “Is there somewhere we can go to talk? I need to explain what’s happening.”

“But I have a job to do here,” she protested.

“The pheromones are too potent. You won’t be able to function normally now that we have connected. We must mate very soon,” I told her. 
She looked at me like I was speaking a different language. “Mate? But we just met. I don’t know you from anyone, and you want to mate? I don’t think so.” She pulled her hand from mine.
In my excitement, I broke protocol with the human female. I should not have touched her without telling her first what would happen---especially an Earth female human.

I knew better, but I was too elated on top of being rescued to think about anything but claiming her. Earth humans had different criteria for mating. Even so, by exposing her to the pheromones, I gave her no choice as to whether she wanted me as a mate. We could both die if she didn’t.

“What do you know about Earth?” demanded one of the other women. “Do you know where it is?”

“I do, but not how to get there from here.”

In my excited state, I don’t remember all that was said.  Her friends pulled her away for a moment to speak in secret, and Nora kept looking at me with an expression between fear and longing. She did not know me yet so I could understand her reluctance. I had waited all my life to find her, I could wait a little longer to make her mine.

Had I met Nora on Earth before my months as a slave in the mines of Breskaa, I probably would have followed protocol. But my soul had known such despair in my months on Breskaa, I was like a man hanging on a cliff grasping for the hand of the one person who could save me.

I am a Narovian feline. We are an ancient race, at least as old as homo sapiens. It is not known if we originated on Narova or if our kind were seeded there. But as long as there have been felines and humans living on Narova they have interbred, long before we ever became spacefaring.

We have been spacefaring for about a thousand years. The United Galactic Alliance of Planets is even older than that. The Alliance had been watching over Earth for over four hundred years, trying to protect them from alien slavers. We built a secret base in the mountains of West Virginia on Earth before the pilgrims came over on the Mayflower.

Feline humanoids have been serving there for all that time and have mated with Earth humans all that time. Most matings between humans and feline result in offspring that appear to be purely human. With over four hundred years of fraternization, many Earth humans are genetic soulmates of felines.

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