Thursday, October 23, 2014

Liza O'Connor interviews the book When Stars Collide by SE Gilchrist

Today, we are interviewing the book When Stars Collide by SE Gilchrist.

Space Rep: Tell me about it while I warm up the transporter. 

Liza: It's the third full-length novel in SE Gilchrist’s bestselling erotic SF series. This book mixes one sexy spy, a soldier looking for salvation and an unlikely mission to save the world.

Space Rep: That does sound good.

 Space Rep: Here's the book...oh that's a beautiful cover!

Liza: Welcome When Stars Collide. Mind if I call you Stars?

Book: But my name is—

Space Rep: Liza can’t type words longer than four letters, so even with the shortened name you are apt to be called ‘Starz’.

Liza: No I won’t. I’ll fix the final letter, whatever it turns out to be.

Stars: Fine, call me Stars, but I’m still calling myself When Stars Collide.

Liza: You sound very destructive. Do things not go well inside you?

Stars: You’ve no idea.

Liza: Well, lay down and tell me about it.

Stars: Reece, contortionist bubble dancer and part-time spy, has one goal – a safe haven and independent life far from the war. 

Liza: Perfectly understandable. I prefer a non-warring environment myself.

Stars: But her plans go awry and her future becomes dangerously uncertain when she is falsely accused of the murders of her friend and a Darkon traitor.

Liza: Oh, I hate it when that happens to me. We need to get a good lawyer.

Stars: Don’t bother. She’s handling it her own way.

Liza: Exactly how?

Stars: Her new list of goals includes payback.

Liza: That sounds like fun! Can I help?

Space Rep: Please say no.

Stars: She wants to do this alone. But in her way is Ulrac, a banished Darkon patroller responsible for incarcerating females for barbaric ‘treatments’ and ‘research’ on the planet Isla.

Liza: Well, from the cheap seats, I would advise her to stay clear of that guy.

Stars: If only she could. He's determined to use the capture of Reece and her intel to win the approval of his father – a hard-line Traditionalist with his own agenda – and help him overthrow the current ruler of Darkos.

Liza: I really think she needs to avoid men with ‘Daddy’ issues. May I write that into the margin of the page where she first meets him?

Stars: No! Besides, it would do no good. The war of the Seven Galaxies has reached a critical stage, and personal plans and goals suddenly hold very little meaning.

Liza: Well, that’s good news!

Stars: Wrong again. It’s the worst of news. The enemy is poised to unleash a terrible weapon and no one stands between him and total domination of all the universes.
No one – except Reece and Ulrac.

Liza: Wow! May I peek between your covers and discover how the story ends.

Stars: After your threat to write in the margin? Absolutely not! You may buy your own copy and scribble to your heart’s content on the margins of your i-Pad.

Space Rep: I found the buy link!


Learn more about S. E. Gilchrist and her books at: 
Twitter - @SEGilchrist1
Facebook: Gilchrist-Author

Liza: I guess I’ll go to Amazon and peek behind the covers there.

Space Rep: I hope this taught you never to ask if you can write beneath a books covers. Did your parents teach you no manners at all?

Liza: Not a one. Sorry for my bad manners, Stars.

Stars: You are forgiven. May I go home now? There is a war brewing you know.

Liza: Yes, but I’m keeping you for 3 days.

Stars: Why?

Liza: Because you sound like a tremendous book and I don’t want you to be destroyed by whatever weapon they have devised. Speaking of which, is it an antimatter gun?

Stars: I’m saying no more.

Liza: A giant bubble gum gun?  A super big flyswatter? A…

Space Rep: You should go buy SE Gilchrist’s book, When Stars Collide, before they actually do.


  1. This was great fun - thank you Liza :)

  2. I love Liza's interviews. This cover is amazing and the book sounds like a fast paced thrill ride!

    1. That is a fabulous cover. I can't wait to read this book.


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