Saturday, October 11, 2014

Liza shares more about our little space aliens.

I know, I've been so gloomy on things I've recently learned, you are probably terrified at what upcoming disaster I'm going to share now.

No worries. I'm going to find something lighter, if it kills me. Oh, let's check up on the Tardigrade. One can never know too much about our space aliens. 

I love Tardigrades.
I even have my own suit.
It's very hard to walk in because there's a porta-potty that's attached to my butt. But the claws are pretty fierce. The thing that looks like my nose is actually my food extraction system. Inside are seals that prevent air from the outside to enter my space suit environment. No one warned me how stinky this suit would be.  

But it'll come in handy if the end of the world comes.

There I go again. Miss Gloomy butt!


  1. I could use the potty strapped to my butt right now... Kidney Stones and antibiotics... Whew! Good thing those stinkers are so cute!

  2. Since kidney stones and antibiotics are not cute, I must assume you are talking about the tardigrades. The safety conscious of the species do retain their poop inside them until molting season, in which it get's dropped with their old suit after another has formed beneath it.So most of the time it truly must stink inside.


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