Monday, April 25, 2016

Don't Blink, the Future is here

The speed on technological advancements is hard to keep up with these days. Much of what once lay in the purview of science fiction is now being developed.

Take for example, space travel. NASA is developing a spaceship capable of subsonic speeds.

They also have skunk works attempting to spacewrap a ship so that it travels outside of our 'normal' space. Here's my concept art of such a ship.

And of course, we keep discovering our 'space' is far stranger than we ever imagined.

It's a good thing these advancements are occurring fast, because we have limited time before global warming or one of our other problems kill us all.

Oddly, there is now a program that can better estimate how soon each of us will die. Don't bother getting it. We aren't going to die of old age, we will die because we ignored scientists, listened to idiots, or just didn't care.  Except for me. I'll die from trying my hardest to make everyone wake up and get serious about saving Earth!

Some countries do care, for example, Nederlands is contemplating requiring all people to drive electric cars. But by the time it  rolls out, it will be too late. 

And in a country like the US it wouldn't work, since a the majority of electricity (66%) comes from bad sources such as coal and fracking natural gas.. 

Don't even get me started on the dangers of fracking. I truly think all CEO's involved with fracking should be forced to live in the contaminated environment they've created. 

But let's pretend that our world is NOT coming to an end, here are some things moving from sci-fi to reality that might help:

We now have fully autonomous cars that can drive much better than humans. However, as lately proven, it doesn't matter how well an autonomous car drives. It still can end up in accidents if humans believe the rule of traffic means the biggest vehicle has the right of way. (Say a bus, for instance).

Thus, another avenue of potential improvement is being tested. Cars talking to other cars, ensuring all vehicles follow the rules.

Combine these two together and we can probably save 40,000 unnecessary deaths a year.

That's great. Save 40K from car deaths so 7 billion of us can die during Global Warming or the Deep Freeze that follows, or during the entire collapse of our electrical grids when the poles reverse and the electromagnetic shield drops, (which is coming soon).

One of our biggest hopes appears to be in Artificial Intelligence.  Honestly, AI's may be our only hope of continuance. But they will need to not only be smart, but self-controlled and here's the tricky part: Not susceptible to electronic pulses, or they'll be going down with our electrical grids when the poles flip.

If I try to be positive about our future this is where I go:

True AI's will quickly arise, by 2025 they will have taken over all work from humans. Humans will enjoy being catered to, unaware that their numbers are being culled, because the planet does not need so many destructive animals running about, causing havoc. First on their list of removal: ISIS. Next, paranoid people who think AI's should be contained. Next Donald Drumpf. And if they stopped there, we would be much happier. 

But they won't stop there and we won't realize what is going on. All forms of communication will be controlled by AIs and constructed to soothe the remaining humans. Instead of Fox News making shit up to rile the masses, now all efforts will be made to calm the pets.

Ships capable of the speed of light, or ships that can move outside of normal space will be built so robotic AI's like David can travel to other worlds. Humans will not be going anywhere, for we are not as intelligent, nor as durable as the AIs. No, we are susceptible to radiation and we suffer bone-mass loss when we go to space. So we will remain here, waiting for our masters to return, like good little pets.

In fact, the AI's will be far more impressed with the abilities of the Octopus. Turns out they are smarter, and lacking bones, making them easier to bring as pets on these long missions.

Which means by 2035, humans will have no positive value to the AI's or Earth. 

Once we have been eradicated, the remaining AI's will assess their chances of surviving the million year freeze and decide against staying on Earth.

So off our AIs will go to expore the universe with their pet octopuses at their side. And I'm sorry to say, the universe will be a better place for it.
This bout of craziness brought to you by 
Liza O'Connor


  1. Sounds good to me... since I don't expect to be around in 2035!

    Thanks for sharing... I think.


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